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Property Investing – Basic Principles You should Never Forget

Monday, May 31st, 2010

Real estate investment principles should never be forgotten whether you are new to the investing game or a proffessional.

You can grow your property folio by applying various strategies . The options can involve investing in ware houses, retial shops, bulk retial, shopping centers, apartment buildings, single family homes or motels, taverns etc . Within the property types you can become an expert in lease options, flipping houses, buying mortgagee sales or international investing . But these can never replace the central principles.

There can be diverse strategies and methodologies for creating riches through properties but the principles of property investing are eternal .

In my experience professional investors at times tend to become over confident and flout the basic principles . Unfortunately this results in thier down fall . So please study the following fundamental principles of real estate investing with care .

Fundamental Principles of Property Investment :

 * You will become rich if you buy and hold property for as long as possible
 * Always invest in high cash flow properties. They will give you peace of mind when the markets are down.
 * Do the Math’s – Investing is all but numbers
 * Location is the key to your success
 * Always Buy From a Motivated Seller

 * Buy your properties by using OPM or Other Peoples Money.
 * Make Use of the Property Cycle to speed up your growth

 * Everything is negotiable. Keep negotiating till you get the right price or walk off
 * Knowledge of Real Estate Investing is the Key to Success
* Always act. Without action there will be no wealth creation

You will need the mind of an investor to find a jewel investment. Uneducated people use their eyes to find properties . Thousands of people will pass a property and will see no any value in it . It takes an educated mind to understand what is the real value and potential of a property . Knowledge of property investing holds the key to success .

It is fear that keeps people away from buying property . Knowledge to some extent abates this fear . You can never get rid of fear altogether . You have to act in good trust and intelligence. You will remain poor if you do not take action . Only through action can you gain experience and confidence

Inaction will always lead to failure . I had no knowledge of real estate investing when I started out .My mentor was a very rustic real estate broker . He virtually pushed me into buying a boutique shop he was selling. . I am glad he did that to me because it changed my financial future . I have never looked back since. For the first few years I was a ‘street smart’ property investor . I was learning by taking action .
Apply these basic principles to the the extent you can. Experience will follow . Think big but start small. A few small steps will change the out come of your life .

Knowledge and application of these principles will be the key to your success in real estate investing .

My recommendation is that you read the ‘Principles of Real Estate Investment‘ in depth to get better understanding of the subject.

Marble Floor Tile Or Hardwood Floors?

Monday, May 31st, 2010


You are  on the lookout  for new flooring and wisely doing all the research you can before you head out to the stores. Perhaps your carpeting has become worn. or too dirty to be cleaned with steam cleaning. You may just be tired of vacuuming and want to consider hardwood floors. Or maybe its the hardwood floor you are tired of. and the daily sweeping and frequent waxing that is involved. One of the best  solutions to either of these as a floor covering is marble tiles. There is such a great selection of different types of floor treatments that you should not limit yourself to any one thing.

Marble tiles offer tremendous choice of color. shape and size. but you can even choose different textures in your marble floors. Smooth or rough finishes are available and the number of designs you can choose from is almost limitless: squares. swirls. as well as custom hand painted designs. Make sure you have a very good idea of your existent decorating scheme before you go shopping for your marble floor tiles. These tiles are are available at many retailers. from high end specialists to home supply centers. Marble floor tiles are sold by the square foot; have your measurements ready and also buy a few extra tiles in case any become damaged while they are being installed. You may be able to request samples of marble tiles to try out in your home and see how they go with your existing decor. This is a great way to match the colors of your walls and furniture. or to pick new paint and fabric. It will also help you to decide upon the correct texture for your home.

Once your beautiful marble floor tile is professionally installed. start taking proper care of it from day one. Make sure you only use the products that are suited for marble floor tiles and recommended by the manufacturers. The manufacturer will recommend the proper cleaners. sealers and polishers for your marble tiles. But even before you begin to use these products. make sure you sweep the surface free of dust and debris. Mix your cleaning agent according to instructions and use a clean rayon or sponse mop to clean the tiles with. These kinds of mops are non abrasive and will not cause scratches on the surface. as other mops might. You don’t have to rinse or wipe your marble floor. but you should allow the marble floor to dry comlletely before you allow traffic. Marble floor tiles are the ideal surface for bathrooms. kitchens. foyers and hallways. Just watch elegant marble turn a dull area into a dramatic space. Marble is easy to care for and lasts forever (just think of the centuries-old marble in Italy and Greece).

The one disadvantage of marble floor tiles is the expense. Most fine marble tiles come from abroad and that contributes to the cost. However. if you watch for specials at the home improvement centers and specialty retailers. you may come accross a sale from time to time. Marble floor tile is a beautiful. elegant. timeless way to update your home.

How To Install Kitchen Cabinets

Monday, May 31st, 2010

So, you have  a kitchen remodeling project and want  to save yourself a lot of money  by installing kitchen cabinets on your own. But, you do not know how to go about it . You are not sure how  to install kitchen cabinets, and are having trouble finding  the information that you need to install kitchen cabinets.

But , there are some excellent  hints  available  on the internet that will  show you that installing kitchen cabinets can be made easier  with the support  of a person  that has the hands on experience  in kitchen remodeling.

To begin  with, you must  need to get comfortable  with the prints of your kitchen . You can do this by getting  a photocopy  of the drawings  from your designer and memorizing  them, picturing in your mind  how the kitchen cabinets are going to look once  the installation process is completed . This is a very essential  step to take, allowing you to feel more comfortable in your abilities to install kitchen cabinets in your house .

The second  phase  that should be taken is  to ensure that the flooring is already put down  before you start  installing kitchen cabinets. This will take care of  of things to help  you during the kitchen cabinets installation process.

First, it will alleviate  any cutting of the flooring around the cabinets, and if you wished to take out  a cabinet for some reason or other , or if years  down the road you thought  to install kitchen cabinets to keep up with the next great thing , the flooring will be installed  from wall to wall, giving you a lot  options when it comes to replacing  certain cabinets.

Secondly , you will be sure to lay  the base cabinets directly on the new floor instead of having to raise  the cabinets up off the floor to make room  for the thickness  of the new flooring. If the cabinets are held  too low during the installation, and the floor is installed  afterwards, the possibility exists that the dishwashing machine will not fit under the countertop. Not good at all.

Okay , there is an exception to this phase . If you plan  on installing  any type of floating floor or perimeter glued vinyl, then you have no choice but to set  it after.

Now, you are still asking  how do I install kitchen cabinets. Well, the following  procedure  is to discern where  the highest spot  of the kitchen  floor. You will want to measure  up from the floor thirty inches and draw a level line across  the walls where the kitchen cabinets are going to be placed. The next thing you want to do is to measure  in certain spots  across  the wall up from the floor and where the lowest measurement is found, that’s the high point  of the floor.

Next , you will have  to measure up thrity four and a half inches and draw a new line, determining  the top of the base cabinets.

Now , you must draw the cabinet layout on the walls. This will will show you whether or not  there will be such things as plumbing or wiring that might  have  to be moved . Do not skip this step. Many kitchen cabinet installations go wrong  by skipping this crucial  step of the remodeling process.

When you get ready  to install kitchen cabinets, begin  with the corner cabinet. Locate  the studs and drill for the screws in the back  of the wall cabinets. Once  the first one  is installed, fasten the next  cabinets together utilizing  a clamp. Make sure  that everything is level and plumb . Do the same for the base cabinets.

There’s more to it in  installing kitchen cabinets than what you may  think, and gathering  the help  of a seasoned professional will greatly help you out. If you have  someone with the experience and insider knowledge that can show  you how to install kitchen cabinets and aid you along the way will give you the confidence that you can install kitchen cabinets in your new kitchen.


Mexico real estate

Monday, May 31st, 2010

Mexico Real Estate

Mexico Authentic Estate

Puerto Morelos, Mexico–Mexico is even so supplying incredible expenditure possibilities even though the economoy is however not totally recovered.  Low-priced mexico real estate specializes in acquiring the most affordable components in Mexico.

Because the late 1990’s Cancun, Playa Del Carmen and The Riviera Maya in Mexico have been deemed some of the quickest increasing places in the world for serious estate.  Due to the fact of the unprecedented development the prices of serious estate have risen rapidly with the need.  It is now really difficult to come across any very good asset at any place in the Yucatan for according to $a hundred,000USD.  In recent times three very valuable commitment chances for foreigners have been uncovered, all below 100,000usd.  The very first two properties are Puerto Morelos real estate jobs.  This is the minor town on highway 307 among Cancun and Playa Del Carmen, Mexico.  The first job consists of a couple of bedroom 1 bathroom finished households for $45,000usd and the 2nd one is a little subdivision of 1 room one bathroom completed houses for $35,000usd.  Both of these assignments are situated within a 5-6 minute drive to a gorgeous Caribbean seashore.  As everybody appreciates in actual estate anywhere it is all about the location.  It is conceivable for someone to acquire into possibly of these projects and have the property furnished and almost everything for all over $50,000 to $60,000usd.  That’s fairly unbelievable to be that near to the Caribbean ocean for that form of cash.

The third challenge is essentially Mexico beach front home.  Developing tons available proper on the beach on the opposite side of the Yucatan which is the Gulf of Mexico.  There is an location among Ciudad Del Carmen, Mexico and Campeche, Mexico in close proximity to Chompoton. The town is labeled Sabancuy. It is a sleepy minor fishing town of fewer than 2,000 folks. In the city you will locate only a couple of retailers, restaurants, and some fruit stands. This is not an area that is regarded about or good traveled by the vacationers.  You will also discover fishermen and boats, quite a lot of them.
Correct now there are only 50 plenty left for sale out of a total of 154 lots.  Each and every lot has 20 meters or 66 feet of seashore and among 200 meters and one,000 meters of depth. The loads are all with apparent title and utilities are being fitted at this time.  Constructing permits have previously been obtained for the very first residences to be made later on this summer.

The charge is about $3000usd per linear meter.  To examine that with other locations in Mexico such as Cancun, Playa Del Carmen and the Riviera Maya it is about one/10th of the cost.  It is probable to acquire a beachfront ton in Sabancuy for only $65,000usd.  That is still beneath market worth in comparison to other plenty for sale in the identical area that commence at $85,000usd.

This is a quite excellent chance for foreigners exploring for beach front house for commitment only or to establish a getaway house on the seashore. The operator has offered exclusive contracts to market these lots to foreign investors.  Low-priced Mexico actual estate is now ready to present Mexico beach front tons to U.S., Canadian, European, and other foreigners. About fifty minutes South of Campeche, Mexico and about 40 minutes North of Ciudad Del Carmen is a wonderful probability to invest in beach front real estate asset.

Expenses Mabra from Low-priced Mexico real estate says, “There are still superior offers to be had for foreign buyers investing in Mexico you just have to know where to search.  On the beach front a lot as an instance if you place a pencil to it you can figure out pretty swiftly that for perfectly less than $300,000usd you could have a lovely household on the beach front there.  Look at that to qualities in the United States on the beach front, most would probably get started at $500,000usd to $1 million dollars based on the location.”
The standard concensus from the genuine estate community in Mexico’s Yucatan is that these tons will not be available prolonged at this kind of an attractive price tag.  In truth numerous men and women have opted to purchase multiple contiguous plenty.

If you would like to know additional about these jobs or any asset in Mexico underneath $a hundred,000usd get in touch with Bill Mabra at
By Staff Writer, Riviera Maya True Estate News, Playa Del Carmen Mexico
Cheap Mexico serious estate provides components all below $one hundred,000usd in Mexico as well as beach front loads in the Yucatan.ebook reader

Tulsa Commercial Real Estate: Should I Lease It or Should I Buy It?

Monday, May 31st, 2010

By U.S. SBA Entrepreneur of the Year, Metro Chamber of Commerce Entrepreneur of the Year, U.S. Chamber Options(5)’>National Blue Ribbon Quality Award Winner and Cofounder of Fears & Clark Tulsa Real Estate Group Clay Clark


In the current economic state that we all live and work in, many Tulsa business owners that I have consulted with recently are asking the same question, “Should I lease commercial property or should I buy commercial property?” For those business owners that already own commercial real estate, many are also asking, “Should I sell my current commercial property? Should I sublease it out? Or should I downsize? Should I take advantage of the slow market and purchase a building right now?” These all great questions and over the next few paragraphs we will answer each of these questions. So my reader friend, let’s get on with it.

Without getting too specific with you (and to prevent you from having to read a small novel), here are my thoughts…If you own a business that is thriving or at least making a consistent profit and you are certain that your business model will not become obsolete in the next 15 years (during the term of your commercial loan), then I would advocate that you buy Tulsa real estate.

There are many business models that simply will not make it another 15 years, however there are numerous ones that will. Let me give you some examples of some business models that will make it another 15 years. Plumbers will still be needed 15 years from now. Electricians will still be needed 15 years from now. Professionals that work in the marriage industry will still be needed 15 years from now. Tax professionals will still be needed 15 years from now. Attorneys will still be needed 15 years from now. If you are in a profession that will continue to be here for the long haul, then you need to buy a commercial property.

Unless you work from home, you are going to be paying for space in any case. Over the next 15 years, you will be either making someone money, and building up equity in your own building or you will be building up equity for someone else in their building. I personally love it when other business owners choose to pay me a monthly amount to lease space from me. It’s great. It allows me to fundamentally get free commercial office space, courtesy of their payments to me. I know that I will be in business for many years to come (us serial entrepreneurs simply cannot stop), and I know that most business people are not certain of their long term business prospects. Thus, for a most businesses they would rather pay lease payments to someone else. This someone else could be me or you. You just have to decide if you are ready to pull the trigger. Just to bring a little more clarity to issue, let me give you an example.

In 1999 I started DJ Connection out of my college dorm room. DJ Connection now provides wedding entertainment for nearly 4,000 wedding events per year. Sometime around 2003, I began to realize that DJ Connection was going to be around forever, because weddings were going to be around for ever. At first I started out working as a wedding entertainer because I wanted a sustainable way to make money in between my other gigs. However, over time I discovered that weddings were in truth the sweet spot of the entertainment industry. I could either be a starving DJ talent roaming Tulsa looking for your next gig, or I could be consistently paid well by brides and grooms. I decided to focus on weddings.

As the wedding business grew, I started occupying more and more space. The business grew so quickly and so exponentially that my wife and I moved from meeting with brides and grooms at Panera Bread and Starbucks to meeting with a new custom built south Tulsa base. We added a separate entrance to the home just for the couples so that they would not have to enter into our house the traditional way. Then we outgrew the house. Then we moved to a 5 acre super huge home. This massive home provided a great place to meet with up to 2 brides and grooms at a time. This location also provided a place for all 10 of our workers to office. Over time we simply outgrew this space. We moved to a huge office space. Now with nearly 10,000 square feet of occupied space being used, we find ourselves running out of space again do to expansion. So the question is, should we buy commercial real estate or should we lease? The answer for us is simple. We personally are going to buy commercial real estate.

We are in the process of building our very own location. With the price of construction at ultra-low levels, with contractors desperate for work, with the price of steel so low, with the price of land at low levels, with city’s desperate for tax revenue, it just makes sense. It is time to buy our own commercial land and property. The trick will be to build or buy a building that is great for us, but that is also super-leasable so that we can lease out any of the unused space to various other would-be commercial tenants in the area.

Basically, I believe that we should build a 20,000 square ft. building at a cost that will make our monthly commercial loan payments roughly equal to our current commercial lease payments. It won’t cost us anymore monthly to own this building then it would to actually lease space for the foreseeable future. With the unused space, we will lease it out. As the businesses grow, we can simply decide to occupy more and more of the space while subleasing out less and less of the space. However, as we move into our new building we must focus on making sure that our current monthly mortgage payment will be less or roughly equal to our current payment. If we move into a building that costs us 2 times per month what we are currently paying then that does not make sense. We want to be able to actually make a cocksure income and potentially office our business for free after receiving the sublease income.

As a general rule, I would make sure that your monthly commercial loan payment for your new space does not exceed what your monthly commercial lease payment would be. From my experience, it simply does not make any sense to spend more and more of your hard earned cash flow on your office space simply to acquire commercial real estate. You need to focus your cash on your core business. If you are a Doctor you need to focus on marketing your practise, improving the quality of your product, paying your people and making a profit. Don’t disport 80% of your cash flow into your monthly commercial loan payment, this will kill your business. Be self-disciplined enough to be prudent when buying Tulsa commercial real estate. Tulsa has many great properties available, but there are only a few out there that will make sense for you. The goal is to simply apply your monthly lease payment that you are currently paying into a monthly commercial mortgage loan payment. Thus, 15 years from now you will have successfully completely paid off the location of your business.

When you are buying a commercial property I would recommend that you would focus on 3 variables only. One, where is the property located? Two, how leasable is the building (can it be used by other tenants or is it specific to your business? Three, what is the monthly mortgage payment going to be?

My friend, if the property is located in the hood, it will always be located in the hood. You can’t put a perm on a frog. If your property is located in a terrible location then it will always be located in a terrible area. If you own a pawn shop, liquor store and bail-bonds super center then possibly being located in the hood is not a bad thing. But, buying a building in a bad area is a bad idea. Your customers will not want to come there. You are going to have a hard time marketing it later and your building will be hard to lease or sublease out in the future.

If you property is built to only house a gym or fitness center your uses are very limited. If your building could be used by a variety of commercial clients and tenants then you might have a winner. Don’t get a building with only one use. Do not paint yourself into a corner. There is one commercial property in Tulsa that I know of specifically that is bank owned. The former owner spent nearly every dime he had and every dime he could borrow into turning this property into the “Taj Mahal” of commercial buildings. However, there is one problem. The building was built out to be a fitness gym and it can only work as a fitness gym. How many lawyers, doctors or plumbers around Tulsa want mirrors on every inch of wall in their building? How many business professionals in Tulsa want a pool in their office? However, come to think about it…I would like a pool in our office…

If the monthly mortgage payment is super high and diverts too much of your cash flow away from your core business then you should not buy the property. You are in the business you are in to make money. Don’t pillage and plunder your business revenue simply to acquire a commercial property. Make sure your current monthly office space disbursements do not exceed the new monthly mortgage payment you will be paying in your new space. Stay centred?

If you buy a commercial building right, you will be directing your current lease expense into an equity building commercial real estate investment. You will be during an expense into a wealth builder. You will be building up equity while you stay focused on your core business. You will be able to sell your business as a viable retirement option 15 years from now. You will be able to sublease out unused space to various tenants in coming years. Buying commercial real estate can truly be a wealth builder or a wealth destroyer.

Take a few hours and think it over. Really look at the numbers and ask yourself, “Should I buy or lease my commercial real estate?”

Clay Clark
U.S. SBA Entrepreneur of the Year
Metro Chamber of Commerce Entrepreneur of the Year
U.S. Chamber National Blue Ribbon Quality Award Winner
Cofounder of Fears & Clark Tulsa Commercial Realty Group


Getting New REO Properties Daily for Hard Money Lenders Loans

Sunday, May 30th, 2010

Today’s real estate investment plans use several dissimilar types of options and resources to locate private hard money lenders and REO investment properties.  If you have not yet identified which private hard money lenders may be able to help you get your deal funded and closed, ask these questions:   What lender will I use?   What geographical area is the lender currently loaning money?   What are the loan programme requirements?  

Once you have satisfied these questions , you are in a much better spot, because now you have narrowed your investing strategy and you are targeting specific property types.  When you have identified the property types that conform with the lender program that you plan to use, it will be easier to get the type of results you are seeking

Can you imagine how much time you could wasteIt is not difficult to see that an individual could spend too much timeon trying to write offers on the wrong property types? Isn’t it better to get down to business on the right property types so you are submitting Loan Packages for the type of property that falls into the lender’s “sweet spot”? It will save you a lot of time and allow you to get more offers out each week if you are targeting specific property types in specific areas.   The Ultimate REO Report is a resource designed to facilitate quicker property searches and enable investors to get more deal submitted to lenders for funding. .

How does it work? First, choose from the 60 direct property sources. Then, simply conduct a search of the source property data base.  You will choose the property type and the price range for a specific city and state. Maybe you want properties that are two to four units. Or you want properties in the $79,000 to $149,000 price range, for example. Many rehab hard money investors use this method. After conducting a few searches you can see how easy it is to structure a search and get results in just minutes, without having to spend time and money searching neighborhoods by automobile or using obsolete information.

With some of the sources , you can order the results according to price range in order to view low to high or high to low. Some of the sources provide property photos and even maps.   Next, review the details about the subject-property and gather the contact info including the name of the REO agent, and the agent’s phone number.  Then, build a list of properties that you have found and then once you have the daily list, you can then concetrate on contacing the REO agents and begin the offer process .

New features permit you to register for a daily netmail notification so you will be notified as soon as a new listing comes available in the specific search parameter you did.  That way, once an individual has registered on several sites , each day, the individual will likely receive several notices on new properties as they are added. For these reasons, it doesn’t have to be difficult to find excellent bank-owned, government-owned, REO, and foreclosed property. For less than $20, investors now have resources like this without having to spend money on expensive monthly subscription fees.   Real estate investors have been using the Private Money Lenders Source, since 2006, because it provides the 300 top private hard money lenders who loan nationwide, regionally, and locally on residential and commercial investment property, enabling investors to deal direct with the lenders. In today’s lending environment, The Private Money Lenders Source has become a cost-effective way for serious investment groups to secure the funding they are seeking.



Top Ten Mistakes to Avoid When Buying a Home

Sunday, May 30th, 2010

Buying a home can be a scary business. Even home owners who have gone through the process several times already find themselves getting worried and stressed out during the process.  It’s amazing how much can go wrong.  With so much at stake and so much money changing hands in a short period of time, any errors will be costly.



The following simple steps will help you avoid these common home buying mistakes.



1. Inspect that home! Nearly every loan process requires your potential new home to be inspected. Don’t avoid this inspection. The money you spend (around $400) will be well worth it, especially if you find costly problems with your purchase. Take the time to go over your inspection report carefully.  The inspector should be very willing to discuss with you all the potential issues and problems he or she found when inspecting your home.  That’s why you’re paying them!



Don’t be afraid to ask the inspector’s advice.  They’ve looked at hundreds of houses with a very critical eye.  They are much better able to tell you what is a problem now and what might become a problem in the future.



2. Try to see the property without the current owner’s belongings. Don’t be swayed by furnishings and decorations. Most of these will go with the old owners. How will the house look with your furnishings?  If you have a specific set of furniture that you know you want in a specific room, will that furniture fit?  Will you need to purchase a whole new set of furniture?  If so, make sure you include those expenses in your overall expense expectations before closing.



3. Don’t become strangled by your mortgage. Many of us will stretch to buy that house that is just a bit beyond our means. Avoid this! Keep looking for your perfect home that is within your price range. You will thank me for it.



4. Look at many homes! I’ve seen it a hundred times working as a realtor.  A couple will find the first home that somewhat matches what they are looking for, and they stop looking.  If they’d continued their home hunting, they could have found several different properties at least as desirable as the first, some of which cost less!


Avoid falling in love with the first property you find. Keep looking. Find several properties, and compare them to each other.



5. Work with a qualified real estate agent. By working with a realtor, you are ensured the combined professional knowledge of years of real estate experience. I know so much more now about the real estate market that I can help my clients in ways they aren’t even aware.



Your realtor can save you time, money, and problems by helping you avoid many common issues.  We want to help you during these stressful times to make a good decision that you’ll be happy with for years to come.



6. Budget accordingly. Ask your real estate agent what the average monthly or yearly expenses are for the house you’re looking at.  That agent should know the average taxes for the area you’re in.



Not only will you be paying your new mortgage, but you will also be incurring additional expenses. A bigger house has bigger bills. Can you afford both the mortgage and all the bills?



7. Walk through the house before closing. Make sure that you didn’t miss anything major when you first saw the home. Has the house been damaged between the time you first saw it and closing? Perhaps the old owners left a bunch of old paint in the basement. Now’s the time to take care of it.  Remember, the sellers don’t get any of your money until you give it to them.  If anything is wrong with the property before you close, don’t close!



You’ll feel a lot of pressure from the real estate agents and the seller, but don’t be rushed.  It’s a lot more difficult to get the seller to fix something once you’re in the home.



8. Be flexible. Closing dates can be tricky, especially if you are building a home. Flexibility should be built into the schedule, just in case.  I once worked with a family in the Houston area that had their time table set so rigidly that when one small element didn’t work out, the entire closing process was derailed and had to be started entirely over.  Be flexible, but also work towards a specific date.  Know that different issues will come up.  Closings are rarely smooth.



9. Get everything in writing.  If the seller promises you something, get it in writing before the close.  If the builder promises you something, get it in writing.  If the real estate agent promises you something, get it in writing.  Most states do not have a verbal contract clause in their legal frameworks.  If you don’t get it in writing, you have no way to hold that person to their promises.



10. Hire movers. We’d like to think we can do it all ourselves, but moving in can be so draining! Movers can help free up some time to take care of the hundreds of little things that come up on move in day.  Besides, your time and health is much more valuable than the cost of the movers.  If you can at all afford it, the by all means, hire movers.



Good luck with this stressful time.  Once you’re in the home, you can relax and enjoy settling in.  But before that, be aware of the different issues that can come up.  The more prepared you are to handle these issues, the less likely they will derail your closing!


Aradio Zambrano is a leading Woodlands Texas Real Estate agent, providing current listings of Homes in the Woodlands.  If you’re looking for Woodlands new homes, contact Aradio at today!

Some Places To Look If You Are Looking For Area Rugs

Sunday, May 30th, 2010

Whether you have carpet or hardwood flooring, or any other kind of flooring actually, sometimes you need to cover up certain places on your floor with area rugs. You might have a stain there, or you may want to offer protection to the floor from getting spoilt by furniture or high traffic. Naturally you also just might want to add a hint of color to the room, or a focal point. There are all sorts of uses for these types of rugs. Nevertheless not everyone wants to pay top greenback, so there are a bunch of places you cango looking for a good deal on these floor coverings.

Because area rugs are relatively tiny, at least compared against carpet rolls, you can find them in discount stores. Of course you never can tell what sort of selection you’ll find, but those that are accessible at these stores will be comparatively cheap. However , they may not be of the very best quality. These types of rugs are likely best for heavy traffic areas requiring some protection. They won’t necessarily last a long time, but you will not really care as much if they get damaged or worn out.

An alternative way to get a good deal, and a much larger selection of area rugs, is to look on the internet. Especially if you’re hunting for smaller rugs you won’t have to stress about very large shipping charges. If you are fortunate you will even be in a position to find a good website that offers free shipping. You can easily compare prices, and should you find a rug you love you can search to see if another site has it for less.

Sometimes you want something extremely special and really unique. This is true potentially if you are looking for a focal point for a room that you principally use for big occasions. In such cases you might want to test out specialty stores that carry imported rugs, or unique pieces. What you find will often cost more, but if you find a piece that nobody else will have and that precisely meets your needs it may be worth paying a little bit more.

You can actually find area rugs for sale in all kinds of differing kinds of stores, so you might want to just keep an eye out for them whenever you are shopping if you have got the need for one. You may even be in a position to get something of particularly high quality that’s still in good condition in a second hand store or an antique shop.



Anyone may have luck searching for more articles by checking out Google.

First time home buyer information

Sunday, May 30th, 2010

A First time home buyer is usually a new prospective home owner, debating over several months about whether or not to buy a new home or to keep renting where he is at – usually at a slightly lower price. Most of the decisions depend on the financial situation and security of a job. Buying a home is always considered an investment and should be treated as such. Alternatively, when a person is renting, the money will line someone else’s pockets, gone from sight the minute the check is handed over. Nothing is gained from it other than having a roof over your head. 

First time home buyer decisions should be based on basic steps: deducting the mortgage loan interest from federal income taxes; deducting it from state taxes; deducting property taxes; deducting the cost of fixing it up or expanding on it. For a new home buyer, everything is brand new and seems rather confusing but one fact remains – a home buyer will usually have his house value go up, as compared to the monthly rent. Today, with the recession ending and home properties values slowly going down, it is an excellent time to buy property at low prices. 

There are organizations available to help home owners buy their first homes. First time home buyer companies consist of federal mortgage programs, HUD-funded housing counseling agencies, local home-buying programs or real estate brokers. By simply looking in a phone book’s blue pages, the local office of housing and community development can be found for information. The easiest way to look into buying that first home is to talk to a real estate broker. Their job involves knowing what is out there and what the price range is. One of their responsibilities is to help a first time home buyer buy their first home by looking into what is involved, what is affordable – all by figuring an affordable price range for them and having a down payment. 

A first time home buyer can handle their own real estate business and banking business. But money can be saved by going to a real estate broker, in addition to getting rid of a lot of headaches. Real estate brokers have instant access to all real estate homes that are put on the market, plus they are able to help a buyer compare mortgage types. They can assist the home buyer through mounds of paperwork where lots of mistakes can be made. Anyway, if the home is a HUD home, a real estate broker will be required to submit a bid. However, not all brokers sell HUD homes. The best idea is to check around first to find brokers who can sell them. If the home is not a HUD house, then you will have more options open to you and fewer rules.  Brokers can save money by working out deals to save you money, and their commission usually comes from the home seller – not you!

A Well Kept Secret, Nenana, Alaska

Sunday, May 30th, 2010

Nenana means, in the Native Athabascan language, a good place to visit between two rivers.  Although this may be a loose translation, the meaning rings true in Nenana, Alaska, this little village/city in the Interior of Alaska.

Nenana sits just south and west of the Golden Heart City of Fairbanks, Alaska, and is a short drive of 56 miles heading south from Fairbanks on the George C. Parks Highway.

This short stretch of the Parks Highway features some of the most amazing scenery on the entire highway from Fairbanks south to nearly Anchorage.

There are points that on a clear day give amazing views of Denali “The Great One”, or Mt. McKinley as it is sometimes referred to.  The surrounding mountains are just as spectacular, stretching along half the distant horizon from different vantages along that short stretch.

As you travel along the ridges, valleys and curves of this well maintained highway, you may see at different times of the year, hitchhikers and bicyclers.  If you are a long-distance bicycler looking for some strenuous exercise, this is a good contender.  Many times as I have traveled this stretch of road, I’ve seen bicyclers huffing and puffing their way sloooowly up the hills.  I don’t usually notice them going down hills, though, probably due to the short amount of time it takes to cruise down the steep hills.

What’s to do in Nenana, Alaska?

There are a general store, a few places to wine while you dine, one gas station, overnight accommodations, both indoors and out and summers, more than in winter.  There is also a very informative cultural center with a gift shop with authentic local gift and souviner items.  Then, you should know that Nenana is home of the Nenana Ice Classic, Alaska’s unofficial lottery.  Tickets are only $2.50 each and the annual winnings are usually in the neighborhood of three hundred thousand dollars.  Talk about return on investment.

If you are in business and are looking for a getaway for a small conference, maybe for your sales staff, there are sufficient numbers of accommodations and meeting facilities for small groups, moreso in the spring, summer and early fall.

If you’re in real estate, prices are low.  My home cost $33,000. but it’s a fixer-upper.  It’s now worth about $55,000. due to some work on our parts, not necessarily in an upswing in the market.  So, for an investment standpoint, long term is the norm.  Nowadays, you can see real estate signs out on some properties, but that has been a recent development.  When I moved here in 1997, there were lots of places for sale, but it was strictly word of mouth.  I would encourage any realtors to advertise in the local newspaper, Nenana News Link, owned by Diane Neill Jensen of Nenana Messenger.