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Your Real Estate Team

Saturday, May 29th, 2010

by U.S. SBA Entrepreneur of the Year & Marketing Director of Fears & Clark Tulsa Real Estate Group

I understand. Selling or buying a new home can be a stressful and confusing process. Here’s a quick overview of the kind of team you’ll need to assemble to clear some of the fog and simplify the experience.

Bank / Lending Institution

Our recent economic cataclysm showed us truly how dangerous it is for an entire country to blindly trust an entire industry. Although most lending institutions are extremely reputable, it is significant to do your research before choosing your lender. Lenders make their money by charging fees. Many of these fees are negotiable and you should not feel pressured to only go with one lender simply because they talked to you first. Compare companies. Meet the people. Examine the fees. Then choose a lender that is right for you.

Professional Contractors:

After buying a house and before selling a house many people are in need of a quality home renovator. Unfortunately quality contractors are hard to come by. Make sure that, when it comes to choosing your contractor, you make the most informed decision. References, recommendation from friends, and time in the market are all important factors to consider.

Title/Abstract Company

Buying and selling a home is a huge financial committment, thus it is very important that you hire a quality title company and abstract company to help guide you through the home purchase process. Each and every title company in Oklahoma is now required to actually have an in-house legal team that knows the ins and outs of Tulsa real estate law. If you deglect to hire a reputable company to handle these details relating to the purchase of your house, you could find yourself in a bad situation. Your title and abstract company will work on your behalf to insure that your home has a clear title and that back-taxes are not owed on your home. All lenders will also require you to have Title Insurance. Title Insurance will protect you in the event (on the extremely rare occasion) that your title does have issues with it that your title company was unable to uncover previous to the purchasing of the home.

Home Inspection Company

Although it is absolutely impossible to have a home inspection conducted on your house that will be 100% precise, we always believe that spending a small amount of money to uncover a major issue is well worth the investment. Imagine buying a luxury home with an immaculate build out only to discover two years after you move in that the home has massive foundation issues that were covered up by the seller. Imagine life in a home that is virtually unsellable because you skipped over paying an inspector a few hundred dollars to uncover some structural issues.

Your Agent

If you are going to buy or sell a house don’t go it alone. Marketing a house is a full-time job, and the longer your home sits on the market, the less money you will generally be able to get for it when you do get an offer. A realtor will market your home and talk terms with the buye to get you the absolute best price possible. A realtor will show your house when your on vacation. A realtor will handle all of the contracts. A realtor will mastermind your deal and push it through from the initial calls to the concluding close.

Clay Clark
U.S. SBA Entrepreneur of the Year
Metro Chamber of Commerce Entrepreneur of the Year
U.S. Chamber National Blue Ribbon Quality Award Winner
Cofounder of Fears & Clark Tulsa Real Estate Group

About the Author:
Clay Clark is an award-winning serial entrepreneur and business coach. At the age of 18 Clark started his first successful business, DJ Connection. In 2002 at the age of 20, Clark was named as the Metro Chamber of Commerce Entrepreneur of the Year. At age 27, Clark was again recognized nationally with the U.S. SBA Entrepreneur of the Year Award. Today, Clark is the owner and coowner of several successful small businesses including Fears & Clark Realty Group.

Clay Clark serves and has served as a consultant and trainer and speaker for numerous small and large businesses including: Farmers Insurance, Valspar Paint, Ubuildit, Cherished Traditions Videography, the Tulsa Bridal Association, Rogers State University, Oklahoma State University, Epic Photography, Dress-A-Chair, the United States Government Accountability Office and many others…

Used Backhoe Information and Purchasing Tips

Saturday, May 29th, 2010

The backhoe loader is a type of large apparatus which installers are choosing to obtain and also personal as a result of manufacturing features on the equipment. Trades-people have soon discovered that purchasing a employed products will make them cut costs but still be considered a great help for development companies. Yet before selecting employed gear, you’ll want to use a careful plans as well as information about your employed appliance.

Seeing a in close proximity community utilized gear dealer is the better as well as easiest way of getting a  high-quality backhoes. It is just a good option for that reason that you buys a car to some car shops, a number of them offers dependable used equipments. It indicates that this backhoe you possessed purchased vanished with a total as well as expert inspection after which distributed with extended warranty. Having this warranty may ease your mind when some thing travelled completely wrong throughout the very first few months of having your utilized appliance.

Sellers as well as companies generally give you a quality associated with reduce and higher hr rates to the tools for you to get various pricing options for the devices. Larger several hours can offer you devices which have been lower in rates compared to those tools sold in a decrease time.

An individual will be involved inside building business, you might be certainly secure in order to buying several types of weighty pieces of equipment. Gonna dealer could be a good place associated with discovering and getting a good along with high-quality bargain of the backhoes. Nevertheless prior to going on dealer, do your homework on the appliance that you’re gonna buy and accumulate more details up to it is possible to therefore that you will be educated on the equipment before the sell. This could guarantee an individual of having device apparatus that will gratify the targets.

Suggestions inside Purchasing Used Backhoe

• Analysis for that backhoe’s price and have your retailers together with internet shopping to watch out for an acceptable cost backhoe containing a good addition of a front-end loading machine a minimum of.

amazing . Analyze your backhoe before deciding to acquire the idea, check the whole equipment and show off for some indications how the products is correctly consumed cared regarding.

another is Check the particular gas as well as the electrical technique thoroughly. If your utilized backhoe cable connections functionality at this technique, each with the technique functions well. Additionally confirm the battery power or connector if their particular any kind of gestures associated with corrode.

another is Attempt to analyze or function the backhoe. However with no the data regarding looking at like devices talk to to the specialists.

another is Finally, try to make use of the emotions from the equipment, the idea have to be working properly.

Read a lot more very effective easy methods to purchase used backhoes with

3 Pitfalls to Avoid When Playing in the Real Estate Game

Saturday, May 29th, 2010

So you’ve seen your umpteenth infomercial with the guy in his neatly pressed button-upped white T-Shirt grinning ear to ear waving his rock-solid no-money-down rags-to-riches real estate investment course for 3 easy payments of a gazillion dollars (but only if you call now) and now you are thinking, “wow this looks like a great deal, I better get it fast before the special offer expires.” You notice how there’s always a special offer? Anyway, I am not saying this guy isn’t telling the truth, however regardless of which course or school of thought you buy into there are several key areas that one must avoid when engaging in any real estate related transaction.

Pitfall Number 1: Don’t Overpay!

The whole point in investing is to find properties that are undervalued. How does one find out what is undervalued versus overvalued? Without getting into technical details, the bottom line is you need experience. Yes much like shopping for anything else, real estate is essentially one of the highest ticket items in the shopping center of life. It’s advisable to stick with one market, perhaps the one closest to you in proximity as a starting off point. Through your experience and asking the right questions, you will eventually have a feel for the pulse of the market you are looking after, and of course identify what is considered a good buy.

Pitfall Number 2: Know the Market

Yes, you are actually going to have to do more work! This part is really common sense though, but executing it where the beauty and the payoff comes in. How do you make money in real estate? The most basic way is to buy low and sell high. So from the first step, you have identified general trends in the value of homes, and are pretty good at spotting undervalued homes. Assuming you acquire that home, you may want to profit from it by selling it off to someone else for a higher price. How can you do this? Well there are many ways. For one, most markets appreciate in value over time so if you want a longer term approach that will work. Making upgrades to the property will automatically raise the price of the home as well. Think in terms of what the market wants, not what you personally want. You aren’t the one buying it; you are trying to sell it to someone else for a higher price than you bought it.

Pitfall Number 3: Know Your Budget

It may be a fine philosophy to go through life on a whim, but real estate is serious business, and thus diligent financial planning and budgeting is critical to your success. Don’t worry you don’t need to be a finance geek, however you need to be disciplined and know your budget from the onset, or you may be finding you are learning that you need to make certain renovations or upgrades, and didn’t anticipate it going over to a certain cost. Think ahead as to what is needed before actually going forth with investing in real estate.

Avoiding Extra Finance Costs (σπιτια)

Saturday, May 29th, 2010

Did you know that there are ways for you to pay much less whilst you unique more? In case you know exactly how to work from the real estate (σπιτια) market, then you can also discover methods to avoid extra financing costs. By finding the right area to focus on for your investment, you happen to be able to pay lower amounts without the need of additional charges.

One on the easiest ways to avoid additional prices is to create certain that you just pay your loan on time. Usually, mortgage corporations will add in additional finances if you do not pay by a date that they’ve set for you. On the specific quantity of time, this can result in you to pay hundreds of extra dollars in financing at one time. Staying ahead and consistent will assist you to to hold prices stable and lower.

Of course, knowing the loan choices which are offered for you can also allow you to to avoid financing (αγγελιες ακινητων) costs. Some homes will require that you simply invest more, and some loan programs will also ask that you simply invest a higher amount. You’ll either want to make certain that this will be great to you in the long run or you will need to appear into a different sort of plan. The plans that you just pay for for mortgages will make a big difference in how a lot you pay overall and how much you pay each month.

The finances (αγγελιες ακινητων) don’t stand alone whenever you are trying to avoid extra costs. The significance from the property you’re investing in will also make a difference. The goal for any real estate (σπιτια) investment is that there needs to be a top quality household for your lower price. You desire to get as around this goal as you can. Even in case you pay on a property in your while, it’ll assist you to benefit later on with the investment that you have made. You’ll have the capacity to obtain a lot more returned to you whenever you decide to obtain some thing larger and better.

real estate (σπιτια) financing (αγγελιες ακινητων) is also good should you method it correctly. Understanding how all of the parts of one’s loan, your property and your individual need works together can allow you to to discover one of the most deal. Over time, you’ll not only have a home to live in, but will also have an investment that may help you to create the most of what you have.

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Keys to Finding Foreclosure Properties

Saturday, May 29th, 2010

In this current market, buying a foreclosure can be a great way to pick up a property at below market rate .  In fact, if anyone is considering buying real estate, I would recommend that they at least consider what kind of a deal they could get if they bought a foreclosure. Many people are skeptical of buying foreclosures because of the unknowns, and rightly so .  There are definitely pitfalls to avoid because you are not buying a property in the traditional sense where you can get a feel for how the home was kept by the homeowner or even have a home inspection in many cases (the utilities are usually off in a foreclosure, so you can’t check appliances and systems).  Hopefully, I haven’t scared you way , but I do want to share with you some great strategies to find foreclosed homes

Getting a foreclosed property list.
There are foreclosure property lists that you can find by searching the web , but one thing to be aware of is the the difference between a free foreclosure list and one you have to pay for.  Also know that most “free” foreclosure list sites require you to enter your credit card information and then if you don’t cancel within the free period they will charge you .  A great site where you can find both residential and commercial foreclosure listings without having to enter your credit card information is (they also have a paid option). Sibscribing to a list will often get you other services such as email alerts from your specific area and more in-depth information on the properties so if you are serious about buying a foreclosure or if you are looking to buy several, the paid features are probably going to pay off for you .

Using a Trusted Real Estate Foreclosure Expert
This individual could be a real estate agent or just a consultant.  The obvious reward of working with a real estate agent is that often they have relationships with banks and know when new foreclosures are about to be listed . They can also write your contract and help you with the negotiations ; assuming they don’t represent the banks best interest (just ask them who they represent ). Working with a consultant, you will still be responsible for negotiating your own contract and you could use the services of a real estate attorney if needed. The advantage of working with a consultant is that you might be able to negotiate a slightly better deal if the bank is not going to have to pay a sales commission which could be up to 7% or more.

Going Solo
You can do this process all by yourself although it’s not recommended if you are a novice.  All you need to do is run ads to connect with distressed homeowners and ideally connect with them before they lose their home . 

In any case, locating the property is just the start . You want to have a team of professionals on call to help you with all of the specifics.  These include title search experts to check on property liens, a handyman to make repairs affordably, and might include a real estate agent to help you sell the property if your goal is buying to resell .

The great news is that this can be a good way to make money by investing in real estate.  If you live in an area that has been hit hard by the foreclosure dilemma (such as like Phoenix or Las Vegas) you are at an advantage because there are so many bank owned properties to choose from .

Let’s Learn About General Contractors

Friday, May 28th, 2010

A general contractor is the main contractor you have to hire for a major renovation project.  The general contractor though, has other subcontractors that he oversees for the renovation of your home.  The repair and maintenance contractors you need are very different from the general contractor.  A maintenance contractor might be for gutter cleaning Kennesaw while a general contractor is not so specific.

Typically the General Contractor does not provide the labor to build the house.  The laborers come from the subcontractors or the trades. This may include carpenters for roughens, excavators, flooring, painting, concrete sub, plumber, electrician, roofer, and the finish carpenter.  The general contractor hires the subcontractors and holds their contracts. Holding the contract means that they are working for him, they are under contract to him and he pays them directly.  When you hire a general contractor you only have a contract with him not all the subs.  The general contractor marks up the subcontractor’s fee a certain percentage of the construction amount.

For this fee the contractor does all the managing and scheduling of the subs.  He also pays, provides supervision of the construction, provides dumpsters, port-a-john, insurance and other miscellaneous things involved in the construction project. The contractors make money by charging for labor and by marking up the materials.  The general contractor is referred to the generalist and the subs are the specialist.  Whenever you need just a specific thing fixed in your home you would always hire a specialist.  A specialist would be for an example a plumber or electrician.  When hiring someone for maintenance task some people just hire a guy with a magnet advertising on the side of his truck but in reality he is not licensed at all.  This could be people like gutter cleaners, painters or lawncare.  Usually using these types do work out but you must be careful because you do not have the legal protection as with using a licensed contractor.  It’s just better to use common sense and keep yourself protected by going with someone who is licensed.

It’s usually easy to tell the unlicensed contractors or scam artist or possibly someone who is just trying to get in your home.  Use wisdom and do your homework to avoid the following pitfalls.

1. Unlicensed contractors often go door-to-door claiming they “just finished a job down the street and we’re in the neighborhood and noticed your roof needs patching.”

2. They may rush you and twist their words stating, “If you act now, you’ll get a special price.”

3. Unlicensed contractors either neglect to pull construction permits or they ask you to do it for them. If you do this, you are assuming liability for the project as well as the contractor’s mistakes.

4. Some states require contractors to list their license numbers on their vehicles, their estimates and their advertising. If a contractor has not done that, this is usually a bad sign.

5. If you see a license number in an ad, and it has a different number of letters, numerals and digits than all the other licenses, this probably means it is a bogus license number.

6. Be wary if a contractor provides only a PO box or cell number. That may mean he does not have credibility in the community and could skip town when people start to complain.

7. Unlicensed contractors often ask for a lot of money up front if not the whole amount. Consider this a red flag and try not to pay any money in advance. If you must, keep the amount to a minimum.


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Homes For Sale Hoschton, GA – Small Town Flavor, Big City Convenience

Friday, May 28th, 2010

When looking for the best options in new homes for sale Hoschton, Georgia offers choices that are part of the small-town atmosphere, yet an easy drive to Metro Atlanta, which is only 30 mins. away. Many people that decide to move to Hoschton want to get away from the hustle and bustle of the big city, and they want a great place to raise a family, which Hoschton has to offer.

The Hoschton, Georgia history dates back to the town’s founding in 1865 with the building of the first store by the Hosch brothers. Today, the town has become an improved suburbia with city municipal water and sewer systems. With 7 residential subdivisions several hundred new homes are being built at the current time: Century Oaks, Legacy Oaks, Towne Park, Deer Creek Farms, Quail Crossing, Panther Creek and The Village at Hoschton.

The community is well-balanced with varied choices in residential subdivisions, along with conveniently-located choices for shopping, restaurants and light  industry . Some of the most popular new homes for sale that Hoschton, GA offers include features that set them apart from others.

Buyers can find a mixture to suit their particular needs and budget. While the communities share certain benefits, like lower property taxes and utilities costs than surrounding areas and other communities, the subdivisions offer a variety of new homes.

For example, a subdivision like The Village at Hoschton includes 80 craftsman-style architecture homes that offer reasonable homeowners’ association fees and includes great looking landscaping, with yard maintenance included in the fees. There are buyers that are looking for quality-built homes offering the “Old-world” style with modern floor plans and this is a sub-division that suits the needs of those particular buyers.

Some other communities won’t offer the same benefits, but there are choices available to fit the most ballpark needs and wants of the home buyers interested in taking advantage of the convenient positioning of the town. Hoschton, Georgia is located just off of Interstate 85 in Jackson County, Georgia, making it one of the most desired suburbs right outside of Atlanta.

When considering the options of new homes for sale in Hoschton offers planned communities that fit the needs of those looking for suburban living in a tight knit community. There is adequate variety in homes to best suit the needs of working adults or retired adults that want to be close to a big city .

With recent average home prices of $279,321 and a median price of $232,000, homes are on the market an average of 186 days, according to recent realtor statistics of the Hoschton homes sold.

Whether homebuyers choose the great benefits and floor plans that are offered by subdivisions like The Village at Hoschton, or choose from some of the other Hoschton subdivisions there are a variety of choices in homes for sale. Hoschton, Georgia offers choices in living accommodations that are tailor-made especially for all kinds of personal tastes.

What To Consider When Thinking About Investment Properties

Friday, May 28th, 2010

For those new to property investment it is hard to knowhow tometiculously value those properties.  Property values are generally decided by condition of the property, location and future consistent rental income potential.  Multiple unit investment properties will leave room for the financier to be able to charge higher rents which create a higher rental profit potential than that of single resident rental properties.  People who invest in 2 and three bedroom units have the potential of charging higher hires because these are the kinds of homes families look for .  Families will also remain in the residences for a longer period than a single person does making a good income flow.  

Property investors enthusiastic about researching and buying a multi unit property as an investment in rental property to families desires to take some things under consideration in order to be ready to find just the right style of investment properties.  One thing to keep under consideration is to look around for apartment complexes enormous enough for families with flats that have 2 and three bedrooms.  Multi family units that are located in areas with middle earnings families will generation a way more trusty and higher stream of monthly earnings.  Potential for renters are higher in these districts.  It’s a sensible idea to stay clear of urban or areas with misery level incomes if you want your investment to offer as high a rate of return as practicable.  

When you have found the investment property you wish to purchase, keep in mind that it’s a great idea to start the bid process with an offer roughly twenty  p.c lower than the listed price, keeping in mind that it is very possible that the standard price is already set at or below 10 to fifteen % of the market value.  Whether or not the first offer is accepted, remember you will still have to have the property appraised and inspected.  If the appraisal value returns less than the requested price you could have to ask the vendor to modify the listed price to the price it gauged at or to make an alternate agreement with you for the difference.  Just keep under consideration when looking for multi unit properties, that there are cheapas a property investment out there if you take the time to investigate the location, look closely at the properties condition and last though not least the earnings potential before making that first offer.  

Home Insurance: What is Hurricane Insurance

Friday, May 28th, 2010

Do you genuinely require hurricane insurance? This is an issue lots of folks often think over.

Sadly, there are lots of  states and regions being bothered with recurring hurricanes. A hurricane is no laughing matter as it is among the most devastating weather occurrences in existence. Its stormwinds can blow away and raze houses. It may also bring about destructive floods; it may also damage your belongings and family’s livelihood.

Hurricane Katrina instigated more public awareness about the overpowering might and the destruction hurricanes unleash. So, if you are living in an area where hurricanes frequently occur, it can be somewhat scary as you do not desire to lose your home or have severe damage to your investments and properties. Of course, you may relocate your home but that is just impractical. This is the reason why Hurricane Insurance is essential to possess especially when you’re constantly getting afflicted by hurricanes.

Sadly, hurricane insurance rates have been steadily increasing. It’s not just the premiums, but the deductibles are escalating also. There are also many cases of insurance providers dropping policy holders that stay in high risk regions.

There are many things that cause the escalating rates of hurricane insurance. Major reasons of such rate behavior are the escalating incidence of hurricane-related claims and reinsurance and this is on top of the present economic difficulty. This has affected insurers in negative way and as a consequence, they are required to increase overall rates and become more stringent on hurricane insurance.

The present state of events as regards to hurricane insurance is quite discouraging for individuals staying on the course of seasonal hurricanes. Fortunate for other people who does not need the protection against hurricane destruction but there are still many homeowners out there that need insurance.

Basic Home Insurance may Provide Some Coverage

On the whole, your basic policy may already cover or protect you from the possible damage caused by hurricanes. For this reason and based on many aspects, you may not really require hurricane insurance. On the other hand, you can never tell if you don’t assess your homeowner’s insurance policy since damages brought about by hurricanes are now being excluded by an increasing quantity of insurance providers. If you require the coverage, you may have to purchase that extra cover.

Understand that even with the coverage, you may still need to have cash to protect yourself just in case. Keep in mind that deductibles for damage caused by hurricanes are normally a fraction of the cost of your house and this can be rather expensive.

Hurricane Insurance does not include floods

One common misunderstanding about hurricane insurance is the inclusion of flood insurance. On flip side, the two are actually distinctive insurance entities and you may need to pay for both insurances to full protection. Hurricane insurance is often limited to wind damages and doesn’t include flooding even when the obvious cause is the hurricane.

Also recognize that a park home insurance or condominium insurance may have different terms and conditions. So before signing up to anything, make sure that you have done an adequate home insurance comparison. With insurance, cheaper does not mean better.

One Final Thought

Hurricanes can, usually, cause flooding and growth of molds in your homes. Aside from the upkeep, which is usually covered by the vast majority of insurance policies, you may need a change to your living arrangements and displace for awhile but recognize that this isn’t included in the coverage. Mold problems are often excluded as well. These nuisance may very well occur after a hurricane visit and if you want total sense of security and peace of mind, you may need to contemplate about buying these additional coverage in addition to your hurricane insurance.

Apartment Guide : San Francisco

Friday, May 28th, 2010

The City of San Francisco is the one of the most populous cities in California.It is one of the largest and top producing cities in the United States. San Francisco is world renowned for its eccentric “rolling”hills, its wonderful mix of modern and Victorian class architecture, wonderful cable cars and its famous breathtaking Golden Gate Bridge.It is also well known for its immense inclusion of arts and cultural lifestyle and entertainment. Living in San Francisco can be a very rewarding, relaxing and comforting lifestyle that can more then suit the needs of today’s citizen.

People in San Francisco are warm, open and friendly. They are inordinately proud of this magnificent city, and take pride in showing it off to visitors.The citizens walk through the streets keeping to themselves, but don’t be timid to stop and ask a question as most people won’t mind helping you out.

While San Francisco can seem to be a large city , it is however a very welcoming and enjoyable atmosphere with plenty of accommodations to suit your particular renting needs. There are plenty of apartments in San Francisco however finding a job might be a bit trickier. I would strongly advise you to plan thoroughly before making the decision to move to San Francisco You should have a job assignment already located and confirmed. Second save up  one year’s expenses in the bank, free and clear of any debt upon that money, in case your company disappears your job a month after you get here. This is integral to surviving also because rent in San Francisco is quite higher compared to other states based on its popularity. 

You may have a very hard time at finding the right place to move or rent in San Francisco. Its not due to the fact that there aren’t many listings, its due to the fact thats there is so many beautiful and eccentric places to rent. It took me a good few months of browsing just to get through all of the different listings. When i was looking for apartments in San Francisco I used a website called with great success. let me search all the San Francisco apartments in the area I was interested in. I would recommend going to Prop2GO first when looking for a place to rent in San Francisco. You will not be disappointed with the selection.

Weather conditions in San Francisco but the temperate climate is a good thing. The average temperature in San Francisco is 57.1 degrees. While compared to other places such as Detroit’s average temperature of 48.6 and there’s a wide range of varying temperatures. On many days, it can be either below zero or above 100. Likewise, in the summer, it’s usually 65 degrees in San Francisco.

Let San Francisco be your next home. It is a beautiful city, with a warm and welcoming community just waiting for you to be amongst its proud citizens.