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Real Estate in Albuquerque, NM

Sunday, August 29th, 2010

New Albuquerque readily became a neat southwestern town. By 1900, it boasted a population of 8,000 inhabitants and all the modern amenities, including an electric street railway connecting Old Town, New Town, and the recently established University of New Mexico campus on the East Mesa. In 1902, the famous Alvarado Hotel was built next to to the new passenger depot, and it stayed a symbol of the city until it was torn down in 1970 to make room for a parking lot. The Alvarado Transportation Center was built on the site in a manner resmbling the old landmark in 2002 . The large metro station functions as the downtown headquarters for the city’s transit department. It also serves as an intermodal hub for local buses, Greyhound buses, Amtrak passenger trains , and the Rail Runner commuter rail line.

New Mexico’s dry climate brought many tuberculosis patients to the city in search of a cure during the early 1900s , and several sanitaria sprang up on the West Mesa to serve them. Presbyterian Hospital and St. Joseph Hospital , two of the largest hospitals in the Southwest, had their beginnings during this period. Influential New Deal-era governor Clyde Tingley and famed Southwestern architect John Gaw Meem were among those brought to New Mexico by tuberculosis.

The first travelers on Route 66 appeared in Albuquerque in 1926 , and before long, dozens of restaurants, hotels , and gift shops had sprung up along the roadside to serve them. Route 66 in the beginning ran through the city on a north-south alignment along Fourth Street, but in 1937 it was realigned along Central Avenue, a more direct east-west route. The intersection of Fourth and Central downtown was the principal crossroads of the city foryears The bulk of the surviving structures from the Route 66 era are on Central, though there are also some on Fourth. Signs betweenLos Lunas and Bernalillo along the old route now have brown, historical highway markers denoting it as Pre-1937 Route 66.

In 1939 the establishment of Kirtland Air Force Base , Sandia Base in the early 1940s, and Sandia National Laboratories in 1949, would make Albuquerque a key player of the Atomic Age. Meanwhile, the city continued to expand outward onto the West Mesa, reaching a population of 201,189 by 1960. In 1990, it was 384,736 and in 2007 it was 518,271. In June 2007, Albuquerque was listed as the sixth fastest-growing city in America by CNN and the U.S. Census Bureau.

Albuquerque’s downtown entered the same phase and development (decline, “urban renewal” with continued decline, and gentrification) as nearly every city across the United States. As Albuquerque spread outward, the downtown area fell into a decline. Many historic buildings were razed in the 1960s and 1970s to make way for new plazas, high-rises, and parking lots as part of the city’s urban renewal phase. As of 2010, only recently has downtown come to regain much of its urban character, mainly through the construction of many new loft apartment buildings and the renovation of historic structures such as the KiMo Theater, in the gentrification phase

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Jargon to Know for Mobile or Manufactured Homes

Sunday, August 29th, 2010

Mobile and manufactured homes, since they are different than stick-built homes, have a few of their own unique components and systems. Most of the terms are unfamiliar to the uninitiated. The article below will deconstruct some of the language associated with these homes.

If you are a Glenhaven real estate professional, and list or sell mobile or manufactured homes, there are a few terms that you should know that are not familiar to the everyday consumer. For example, usually nobody can see much underneath these units because they have built in vapor barriers. These are under the floor and go by numerous names: bottom board, road barrier, rodent barrier. The lowest board obscures much of the plumbing, electrical and structure. However, if it is all cut up around toilets and sinks that might present a hint that there have been issues with the plumbing.

Another term that is used with manufactured homes is “ribbons”. Some manufactured homes merely rest on soil held up by concrete blocks that may be sinking into the earth. The better installations have ribbons or even full concrete slabs. Ribbons are strips of poured concrete that support the piers. The narrower ribbons, or a slab, are a great developement over blocks that are resting on bare earth.

“Tie-downs” are metal straps that hold the home to the foundation/ground. These are mostly for wind, tornado, and hurricane safety in some states. In Washington State the concern is flooding and that, during a major flood, the units might float away. In most parts of the country that have building codes, newer installations have ribbons or slabs and tie-downs. However, make no mistake about it, there are still many mobile and manufactured homes out there that are not acquiescent with the new standards. They are not on solid footings and likely do not have tie-downs either. For more information contact a home inspector in the Whatcom County real estate market.

Facts about Asbestos

Sunday, August 29th, 2010

Many  building products, over the years, have contained asbestos. Many of these products are still present in homes that were built prior to the mid-1980’s. So what exactly do you need to know about asbestos?

Homeowners in Bellingham Washington are terrified of the word “asbestos.” The most common places to find asbestos are usually old asbestos-cement siding, old asbestos flooring or asbestos that was used as insulation on heating ducts and heating systems. The basic guideline is that as long as asbestos is restrained – so the fibers cannot escape and become airborne – it is not much of a problem. Of course if, down the road, a remodel is in order, any asbestos material has to be treated as hazardous waste.

There are two very ordinary household products that might – or might not – contain asbestos. It is hard to guess. Those products are vermiculite attic insulation and popcorn textured ceilings. While vermiculite is a mineral that is unlike asbestos, the issue is that vermiculite mined prior to 1991 came from a mine near Libby, Montana. The mine had a natural deposit of asbestos, which tainted some of the vermiculite with asbestos fibers. While it is not for certain that all of this insulation will have asbestos fibers, it is considered probable that it will. Essentially, the EPA suggests that, if you have older vermiculite, leave it alone and do not disturb it. Modern vermiculite, since 1991, comes from three other facilities and is considered to have a low potential for asbestos contamination. Popcorn textured ceilings, installed up into the mid 1980’s, may also have asbestos fibers present.

If vermiculite insulation or popcorn ceilings are identifiable in the home, to establish whether or not they contain asbestos, one must collect samples and send them off to a lab. A cheap and easy lab tests will confirm the presence of any asbestos. For more information on asbestos or asbestos testing, you should look at the EPA website. The site is very helpful and has a number of guidelines and suggestions regarding general safety and the use or cleanup of asbestos building materials. Never take a chance on asbestos; a little test can make a giant difference in your health. For more information contact a Point Roberts real estate expert.

Removalists – How Trained Consultants Will Make Your Relocation Easier

Sunday, August 29th, 2010

Finding the right removalists  services  to meet your particular needs is a major  step in planning to relocate your belongings . Having a moving house checklist is a good start, but your first step is to contact a removalist company with a consistent high level of customer service  – one that has trained consultants that have the first hand experience  to help  you. Following  a few simple questions they will quickly determine  whether they can provide  an estimation over the phone  or whether it would be best to visit you in your home.  Either way a consultant can explain the entire move  process and tell  you about all of the services  that are available. This will include issues  such as:



  • Packaging & wrapping
  • Transportation modes and storage options
  • Destination delivery services including unpacking and reassembly of furniture
  • Special requirements for pets, vehicles or fragile items
  • Transit protection insurance

A consultant will help  you choose  the service delivery that best suits  your needs , explain what to expect when you arrive at your new destination  and answer all of your questions. jointly, you can discuss the best  packing and delivery dates.


You will need special  packing materials and removalist boxes to pack your possessions  to the highest of standards. Depending on your circumstances, your destination and the goods you are moving, you must be certain  that you have the correct  materials that maximise your protection. For example, do you need?


  • Cushioned Craft Paper
  • Custom crating
  • Tissue and corrugated bubble
  • Contour-packing
  • Lay-down cartons
  • Upright wardrobes
  • Purpose made packaging.

On your pack day , your removalists should have a team leader that will confirm all the details that were  discussed and agreed with your consultant. You should also indicate  out those items that must not be packed including important documents, clothing, toiletries and other essentials that should be set aside. Find a special location for these items and tell  your team leader that these items must not be packed. Once your goods have been carefully wrapped and packed they will be labeled and individually numbered . Your team leader will note each item on a “packing inventory.” At that point all items  can be removed from your home and loaded for transit .


On arrival at your new location  you will be able to use your copy of our packing inventory as a checklist.


Of course international or interstate removals aren’t just about relocating your household goods. There are many other treasured possessions that can be equally as important such as: motor vehicles , boats, trailers, caravans , motorbikes  and family pets. You may have particular concerns  for high value items, collections or antiques. Your removalists should have the expertise  to cover all bases for your relocation .


Your removalists will exercise a high level of care when packing, transporting, delivering and unpacking client goods. Still, make sure that you take every care  to eliminate risk. Any relocation of personal belongings comes with inherent risks. Obtaining a complete  transit protection programme for interstate removals offering full replacement cover is always recommended .


Choosing the right  local, interstate removalists or international removalists will give you confidence of a successful interstate removal, local or international relocation and that your belongings will reach their new home.


Arranging things

Sunday, August 29th, 2010
This work was created by 
Robin Callan

As we begin , let me simply say that I think this is a fabulous   work . She did a superb job creating a calming, sophisticated and yet even so fun environment . What a wonderful dining room. However there is one issue I would like to focus in on in this space . The following is the designer’s notes: 

“The design plan for this dining room is inspired by fabric in a unique shade; it isn’t quite red, pumpkin or spice, but very rich and sure to whet the appetite. A rich chocolate brown on the walls creates an atmospheric mood and complements the warm tone of the curtains and ceiling color. The real star of the show is a mammoth bookcase, painted a high-gloss white and customized with a modern baroque wallpaper.

Can you guess what I want to write about yet? The one thing that sort of  entirely makes this room. The bookcases. These are things that can make or break a room. We’ve all seen our fair share of over-cluttered bookcases that in some way make the room seem littler. I love a good upwards eye draw. Especially when it comes from hefty book cases with a elementary but darling design of books. Some of you probably just thought to yourself, “design books?” Yes . That’s what I said. The pattern that you use in putting books and knick-knacks into shelves really does matter. Note that the shelves are not full. And all the books are not upright. This is not your grandma’s house (no offense to the grandmothers out there- My grandmother is quite design-savvy as a matter of fact). Point: Get creative. Not cluttered. I love the colors in this place. So original and yet simple.

So are our homes at College Station Houses  or  Lake Travis Real Estate .  

sincerely yours,

Your friend, the Cortiers blogger. 

Exactly Where To Find Las Vegas Foreclosures For Sale

Saturday, August 28th, 2010

Foreclosure investment is getting immensely popularly accepted today, and lots of individuals are choosing Las Vegas to attain incredible specials on foreclosures. It is because Las Vegas delivers many of the top foreclosure premiums at low prices. One can find various methods for you to set about locating the financing to acquire foreclosed houses:

Ask people around you whether they can assist you in funding a Las Vegas foreclosure. You could possibly come across someone who doesn’t always have the needed time and energy to manage a investment, and be able to offer to give them half of the actual benefit in exchange for you managing the home.

Take into account that real estate management is not any picnic, and therefore to become prosperous, you must possess all the time to continue to keep the residence maintained, no matter if there is a paying tenant living there. As you are looking to determine whether real-estate foreclosure investing is perfect for you, give consideration to your current business orientation. You’ll need a stable career together with the funds necessary to spend money on foreclosures. If you are someone that is married, you will need the backing from your significant other in addition.

Now is an excellent period to invest in the foreclosures market because there is a lot of stress in the current niche. Fees for foreclosures in Las Vegas NV are certainly low at the moment, which means it’s a bit more economical compared to previously. Now this makes it much simpler to find yourself in a position in which you have earnings coming in, in excess of what will go out. Nevertheless, there’ll always be financial risk linked with investing in Las Vegas foreclosures for sale, however for quite a few, it’s outweighed by way of the likely gains.

When purchasing a foreclosed house, it is recommended to buy property that is found in reputable communities. Any time there are numerous houses inside the vicinity that are abandoned, this tends to render your task of reselling the property noticeably more difficult. Regardless of what residence you select, double check that it really is cash positive to help you properly balance the costs of the mortgage. To determine the right Las Vegas foreclosure for sale, try this advice:

  • You may see awesome foreclosed residences if you take foreclosed properties bus tours, that will highlight each property or home a real estate office has available. This may be a great technique to see how many different houses are in fact available, and their costs too.
  • Next, choose the right house or family home
  • Execute a title investigation – If the suitable house has been discovered, one must perform a property title query on the home, to be certain there aren’t any liens against the particular home before you buy it.
  • Discussion – Spend some time to get a lesser down payment, reduce interest, less costly asking price, or perhaps a reduction in how much settlement costs you spend. And then, come up with an offer with the actual seller.
  • Safe financing – Well before a deal is created, you ought to be positive that you can find the proper capital. Along with a good credit score, you can often find bank or investment company borrowing products for the entire deal, however this will be influenced by the lender.

With the ideal knowledge and work, you also can be successful at purchasing foreclosed properties in Las Vegas Real Estate Trends.

Jessica S.E. Bitts is an expert on Las Vegas foreclosures for sale. Learn more about Las Vegas foreclosures from her by going to her site.

Learn To Make Good Decisions When Purchasing Investment Properties

Saturday, August 28th, 2010

If you are seeking a way to expand your finances, then there is most likely no greater way to realize this than to purchase income real estate. Becoming a property owner and renting out real estate has forever been an established system for even the everyday man to earn an additional avenue of income and to build wealth. Before you decide to do this, there are some prevalent hazards you should be cognizant of. Here are a number of the most important matters you need to be mindful of when making the decision to buy your first investment building.


The most basic aspect of becoming affluent landlord is that you need to absolutely produce a positive cash flow. This necessities that the sum of money you earn every month from renters has to exceed your monthly expenses. The costs you need to pay are items such as property taxes, insurance payments, maintenance expenses, and your mortgage payment. Liability insurance should also be thought about for cottages in places like the Wasaga Beach real estate market and similar areas. If those overheads are higher than the money that is collected from the renter, then you have a hinderance – not an investment property.


It is common knowledge between real estate investors that you earn all your money when you buy a house – not once you sell it. It is important to buy real estate at a value that makes sense, or you have lost the game before it has even begun. In New York City, many properties are selling for approximately sixty percent extra than you might be able to regain in rental costs. This means that you would need to charge sixty percent more rent than other property owners are charging to receive a positive cash flow – and it is difficult to attract tenants with that model. Search in less renowned regions like Etobicoke real estate can provide solid cash flow for less initial cost.


The cost of maintaining an investment property is one thing that many novice property investors fail to think about. Homes require continual care in order to retain their value. Drains break, plumbing leaks, and roofs will start to decay. A way to mitigate upkeep expenses is to intend to hold your properties for a shorter period of time. If you plan to have a home for many years, then you can just about count on the roof will need to be replaced at some date in the future. Although, if you plan on having each of your properties for five years at a time, then you will frequently avoid a lot of these inescapable issues.


When working out your cash flow, it is important to take into account the durations of time when your property may not have any tenants. This could be devastating to your bank account if you fail to plan properly. Every area is a little different so if you are looking for Brampton properties for sale as an income property step back to analyze what a standard vacancy rate is. Before purchasing any rental real estate, you should calculate a vacancy rate of about 5-10%. It is also critical to plan for these periods ahead of time so that you can keep making your mortgage payments while you are looking for a new occupant.


If you have a desire free up your time and become wealthy, then there is no greater way than income properties. The most encouraging part is that following your first success, you can purchase another and then continue the cycle.


It Takes A Bit Of Skill To Price Your Home For A Quick Sale

Saturday, August 28th, 2010

 When it comes time to set an adequate value for your home, you must set aside emotional attachments and engage in the tedious steps of seeing the house as a marketable item. Some tried-and-true strategies can give you a good estimate of what your house will command on the open market.  Take the time to consult with Realtors, neighbors and neighborhood leasing agents to get an idea of how well houses in your neighborhood are selling and what elements are most attractive to purchasers.

 The Comparative Market Analysis (CMA) is a listing provided to real estate agents that you can study to evaluate the present list prices of homes in your neighborhood that have been recently sold or are still available for sale. agents are the leading source for this examination since they attend real estate training courses that deal particularly with evaluating homes.  You can use this to calculate the average value per square foot in your area which helps you determine your home’s primary value. Be certain to focus on homes within your area and no more than 1/2 mile radius, except for a rural property. Examine the listings to see for any expired or withdrawn properties and determine if they had to be repriced to go back up for sale to determine if you are dealing with a “hot” or “cold” market.

 Once you have an idea of your property’s worth, ask some expert appraisers and real estate professionals to tour your property and give you their opinion of its possible selling price on the open market.  Because you have studied the CMA, you can draw good comparisons between the CMA averages and their opinions to establish your range.  Be sure and ask their opinion on the present real estate market, mortgage rates, and favored buying seasons to ensure you have picked the correct time to sell your property.  Take all suggestions about things you could do to make your property more attractive to buyers by doing some minor repairs. Your home could be a piece of Barrie real estate in which case it would be beneficial to play up the proximity to Lake Simcoe.

  It is no surprise that professionals have a tough time anticipating the housing market, but even regular homeowners are able see if values are falling — which indicates a cooling trend and means you might have to think about a 3% price cut if you have to sell quickly.   If you see any indicators that the market is about to adjust, review the wisdom of holding back instead of asking too little in a rising market. Naturally, you risk having prices decline even more with this plan.   Now if you are dealing with a hot market with a large inventory of low priced homes, you might have to consider how you can lure in more buyers. If you have a Brampton house for sale you have to ensure your home stands out for others that are being marketed.

Regardless of the memories a home may have, and regardless of all the hard work you have put into it, you must take an objective look at your property and ask yourself how it would look to a potential buyer. Think about whether you can see any flaws that might be used as negotiating tools by a sharp buyer. If you have compelling marketing points such as a great view or desirable area, make sure and estress this in your marketing information and use these value added attributes as a bargaining tool yourself.

Your Lifestyle Will Dictate Which Home Is Right For You

Saturday, August 28th, 2010

To uncover the perfect property for your lifestyle, budget and future plans, make some key decisions early in the search to save you and your real estate professional a lot of unnecessary work.. Taking the time to understand current market trends can assist you take smart choices and realize the best return on your investment. To avoid the risk of buying a property on impulse that has challenges you had not thought of, carefully think through your long-term requirements prior to placing your signature on the contract. 

As they say, location is everything, and most real estate markets divide along organic divisions that set the value for a particular locale. Therefore one of the primary decisions you have to make is what kind of neighborhood suits your needs best.. Are you looking for a country home with space to grow, or is it more valuable to have a smaller home but be near your place of employment to cut down on your commute? A small city could be appealing for its tranquilness however purchasing in the Halton Hills real estate region when you work in Toronto may not be a smart choice. By examining the ramifications of various areas, you can select your most ideal locations. Narrowing the field by location criteria also helps you concentrate on the next set of parameters based on what the market in that area has to offer..

When you have determined where you would enjoy living, stop to think through the kind of space you will require to make your new home comfortable and enjoyable. Besides the basic requirements of how many bedrooms and bathrooms you require, as well consider about what kind of extra room you may later use.. Will you work from home and need a home office, have lots of stuff that requires storage or is it important for you to have a guest room. Do you have children and pets that could benefit from a fenced yard, or would you rather have a lifestyle that does not include yard upkeep so purchasing a condo or tract property might work better? You may choose to look at buying real estate in Hamilton that will offer you more space for your dollar.

After you have the size and area selected, another factor you will encounter is the various shapes of available properties and their influence on the end price.. If you are skilled at carpentry and have time to work on renovation projects, buying a distressed home — which are usually quite cheap — allows you to move in for less and conduct repairs as your finances allow.. If you are in a place such as Brampton there are plenty of Brampton properties for sale however ones that are a little rough around the edges will have less buyer competition. But if your busy life demands that your home time is not spent on home repair assignments, it would be better to target slightly pricier homes or condos that do not need repairs or modifications in the near future.

Of course, it all comes down to price, and to make sure you do not get in over your head, you will need to believe in your realtor with the particulars of your economic circumstances so they can help you make informed decisions. Take the time to understand all the economic ramifications of current lending rates, find out if you qualify for financial help and understand the real estate trends that can affect your purchase later on.. 

One Of The Most Important Factors In Home Buying Is The Neighbourhood

Saturday, August 28th, 2010

Naturally, choosing just the right neighbourhood is critical factor in any house purchase, and purchasers are displaying rising interest in communities that support healthy, sustainable lifestyles. Community planning is starting to display this holistic approach by incorporating design features that emphasize green spaces, lessen residential traffic and recycling services. Subdivisions that emphasize a village-style ambience where activities and services are community oriented are also becoming increasingly popular. choose early on what factors you want in a neighbourhood to keep from wasting time and resources on unacceptable areas.


Be certain to visit any prospective community yourself to evaluate the possibility of a damaging area effect on your future property. Be conscious of streams or run-offs that could classify the region as a flood plain and record any overt indications of bug infestation or mold. Keep alert to adjacent transportation hubs that could affect your acoustic environment, such as airports, fire stations or train stations. As well drop by at night to survey if the noise level increases and if the streets are well-lit. It simply requires a small bit of real estate education for you to determine which factors are going to influence the properties in the region.


An additional important factor to consider is how easy your community is to access via different transportation modes. See if foot traffic and bicycle traffic is supported with wide sidewalks and street crossings. Note how traffic flows through the streets and if there are places where possible traffic jams could impede motorists during peak hours. Notice if there are bus stops or subways nearby that could get you to work and back if you so choose. This where a local expert can assist since a ReMax Burlington agent will know more about these factors than a realtor from a different city.


Obviously, communities consist of the individuals that live there, so make sure that you are well matched with the types of people currently living in the area. For instance, if you are preparing for a serene lifestyle with peace and quiet, selecting a property neighbouring a college campus or daycare center might be a mistake. On the other hand, if your interested in having an busy household with lots of guests and events, think about a location that attracts people who will embrace your energetic outlook. Smaller regions such as the Milton Ontario real estate district will have a contrasting outlook than a central Toronto neighbourhood.


People have different lifestyles that they are most comfortable in, so take the time to review the general atmosphere of a community to determine how well it matches your personality. Check into the location of security and law enforcement by getting in touch with any homeowners’ associations that have been set-up in the area. Learn about the local traditions and how they normally celebrate holidays, seasonal events and other activities that incorporate the entire community.


Sustainable communities have structured plans in motion today that slow down encroachment by creating restrictions on development by regulating population density and lot size while implementing green corridors as buffer zones. Inquire about any future plans to undergo city or industrial projects like new streets, continual road maintenance or even new train stations or shopping malls that could dramatically impact the quality of life. Do not forget that you may wish to purchase a more sizable home in the same neighborhood, and find out if there are options at hand for moving up so your children would not need to change school systems just to have a new house with room to grow.