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6 Common Debt Collection Traps Kill FICO Scores!

Tuesday, September 28th, 2010

Debt collectors are turning up the heat by threatening, bothering & scaring consumers just just like you with litigation and police arrest. These “low-lifes” are pushing away all stops to profit from the landslide of lousy credit hammering the pavement.

These days, as part of your before, bill collectors strongly pursue collections, without regard to Fair Financial debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA). Many callous, law-breaking debt collectors are likely to threaten, harass, lie & phone up your own loved ones members & others who live in the area unless of course you intend to pay them.

43.4 MILLION US citizens suffer from (nasty) fico scores below 599. Somewhat totally obvious, bill collectors are happy as clams, realizing you do not understand your legal rights. Not knowing your protection under the law or how to stand up for yourself gives them carte blanche to threaten, frighten & bully you until finally you settle up…no matter if the personal debt is your own…absolutely no matter what the statutory limits…absolutely no matter whether you already paid them once.

If you decide to pay off a bill collector, you should know that settling a debt is not going to increase your credit history! Ok, I’ll tell you once again what I just stated just in case it neglected to sink in: paying off a debt collector will not help to increase your credit rating!

Believe it or not, paying off a bill will likely very well Lower your credit scores 30-80 points. Get this, you hand money to a bill collector and your scores fall.

Exactly how is that fair?

Oh but it will get even worse: debt collectors are regarded for harassing you to reconcile a personal debt which is not your own or a personal bill where so long as legally need to pay. It’s different to pay back a debt you realize is actually yours…or pay off a debt accurately reported…or possibly pay a financial debt that improves your customer credit score for doing right.

It’s ludicrous to pay off a buyer debt & watch in horror as your fico scores Drop. Should not seem to be realistic, does it? The following is exactly what goes on:

1. (Numerous) debt collectors will break the law to get money by frightening; calling when you have instructed these people not to call; re-aging; reporting inaccurately…to say the least.

2. Most credit card debt collectors KNOW you do not have a clue what your rights are, and these debt collectors easily scare, intimidate & threaten people exactly like you into paying. The Fair Credit card debt Collection Practices Act should really protect us from debt collection violations…(but) only if you fully grasp your legal rights.

3. Some credit card debt collectors will call your family and neighbors, trying to humiliate you into settling Debt collectors may try to recover on bad loans that may not be yours or which could possibly end up being outside statute of limitations. You undeniably need to recognize your legal protection under the law if you’d like to keep collectors from banging down your front door, trying to humiliate you in front of your friends or destroying one more dinner with the family. Think very carefully before you choose to hand even one dime to a bill collector. It might seem less difficult just to eliminate them to make all of them disappear. I’m unfortunately it isn’t going to work like that.

4. You will settle a debt & end up having one more debt collector bugging you for the very same debt.

5. You will fork out the total amount of a debt & get lower credit scores coming from negotiating your debt.

6. Most people don’t understand time limit. They think time limit means something bad MUST stay on their reports for 7 or 10 years. That’s just Wedding party statute of limitations. You will negotiate a credit card debt that’s outside Statute of limitations, and I’m not referring to the 7-year statute of limitations. In many states, the limit on collecting financial debt is 4 years.

Repair credit fast happy talk and scams neglect strategies for coping with bill collectors, settling credit card debt & facing the results. Paying off bill collectors with no strategy is one expensive, uncertain slip-up. Every day, more and more people go past due on personal debt, no matter whether house mortgage, motor vehicle or pickup truck or charge cards. If you think you can whip out your billfold and pay for credit repair services, this can be a entirely different can of worms. Click on over to my bad credit repair blog for the inescapable fact about credit (dis)repair companies before you make a decision to toss money at your credit problems.

The Advantages Of RV Awning

Tuesday, September 28th, 2010

Awning are used to cowl home windows, doors or any sorts of retailer fronts or balconies. Awnings are generally connected to the walls of the house to present protection against sun and rain. RV awning can be utilized in your leisure vehicle for defense in opposition to sun and the rain. It guards against the UV rays each inside and out of doors of your vehicle. RV awning could be of many varieties and designs and many individuals use it for various reasons. The materials used for making RV awning is specifically made of acrylic or vinyl . You may additionally add a further patio awnings that will give you shade whereas having fun with the out of doors environment. In addition there are also slide out awnings that helps to shield the slide roof from rain or waste. Awnings in your RV assist you to have a constant problem free action. It could be very easy to scrub and clean and likewise it is rather simple to handle. Installing RV awning in your trailer will give you a extra basic and stylish look. There are something that you must keep in mind in case you are serious about purchasing a RV awning in your trailer. To get better result as far choosing the proper RV awning to your trailer you need to make the best choice. Here are some the things that you need to think about before you shopping for RV awnings. 1. Buy solely from these trusted corporations that provides warranty throughout purchase. 2. Try to purchase from those firms which has a great help crew for doing all the installation and can help you in any kinds of technical works. 3. Remember that excellence is the important thing for any product. Select a superb quality as an excellent quality will last for 25 years or more. A properly reputed company generally use excessive class supplies in their products. Those company who sells rv awning should have a excellent repute within the industry

The Truth About Milan Doshi

Tuesday, September 28th, 2010

Milan Doshi is often a popular speaker on investment property and famous for his coaching regarding how to be considered a millionaire in three years time. He often gives talks on property investment in hotels and seminars and lots of individuals have gained many insights from him.

What exactly is indeed special about Milan Doshi seminars? Well for one, he practices what he teaches. As a leading investment mentor, Milan himself has earned quantities from property investment throughout South East Asia. He understands the property market well and capable of foresee whether the property he invests will give him a good return or otherwise. To date, he’s got yet to make a mistake or lose money in property investment since 5 years ago.

Secondly, Milan Doshi is quite as a result of earth and easy going. In his seminars, he teaches students and participants detail by detail his activities without leaving anything out. He’s also very patient in teaching and can take some time explaining things to ensure everyone understand his course. The way he presents is fun and never boring and there are lots of practical examples he will show during his seminar.
Milan always emphasizes never to use own money for investment but always take loan from bank to pay for the many cost. By doing this, you might be using people money to create money which enough to pay for the bankPercentinterest as well as your profit. Needless to say to acquire a loan from bank you will need to have a very good financial background so start with cheaper property investment and come as much as accumulate more properties in years into the future.

Thirdly, he’ll almost certainly go the extra mile that may help you. Even with the seminars plus you’ve got questions in connection with property investment, he can do his best that will help you.  Milan even offers a team of qualified experts to help you with questions if he could be not around. All you have to do is just send him an email and usually within one day you’ll get a prompt and nice reply.

With countless testimonials and established past record, Milan Doshi is definitely probably the most recognized speakers today and you must attend his property investment course if you are looking at being a millionaire in three years.

Tips To Avoid Loan Modification Scams

Tuesday, September 28th, 2010

Loan modification was invented to give homeowners an alternative besides filing for foreclosure. A loan modification basically means asking the lender to alter the terms of your mortgage for good. Frequently, changing the conditions means lowering interest rates. Also, extending the time of the loan is frequently done to keep the damage for the lender to a minimum. Lenen was able to inform me about foreign solutions.

Naturally, the con men have also noted the foreclosure boom and inflated demand for mortgage loan modification. Unqualified people will promise you anything in exchange for an upfront payment. You will need to learn how to avoid these cons.

Usually, when you apply for loan modification, you’re looking for fast results. The wrong kinds of businesses will play to these desires and promise you all kinds of things to get you to sign up with them. Don’t go for these empty promises and guarantees, because in the end the lender decides.

Don’t buy into the hype of getting your mortgage loan modification approved within a week or two weeks. It normally takes lenders thirty days minimum to consider a loan modification application. Some loan modification companies will promise you anything, because they don’t care if they can make it work or not. They will agree with any condition you have, because they only care about their upfront payment.

Don’t be lazy in finding out facts about the company you want to deal with when doing mortgage loan modification. Don’t be too hasty in signing with a company that doesn’t feel entirely right. There are scammers around everywhere and you need to be careful.

3 Top Tips and Trends in Real Estate Investing Today

Tuesday, September 28th, 2010

Today, as always, there was a lot going on in the housing market. There was a great deal of movement in training and education. I definitely found my fill of real estate investing news I could put to use. I even found a lesson how being a real estate investor if you hate buying and selling houses.

This info will be extremely useful for you. You can definitely bring it up while you are networking. Being informed certainly impacts your level of credibility with clients and colleagues. You can also use it to enhance your own investing performance.

Real estate investing news is really fascinating. Each day I learn something that I can apply to my real estate business. Fortunately, I have at least an hour each day to read and research. However, lots of people do not. You can use my notes, though, if you do not have time to do the reading yourself.

Check out today’s tips and trends:

* Your ability to invest in real estate could be hurt by loan modifications. – You could be unaware that loan modifications could tank your credit. In fact, you might learn too late that you cannot even buy property any more. Before you modify, make sure you understand all the ramifications. In some cases, there are better solutions.

* You can be a virtual real estate investor even if you do not buy properties. – People often think the only way to be involved in real estate is to buy and sell. However, you can be a real estate investor via other avenues. Many of these options work whether you have experience or not.

* You could miss out even if you win if you make this mistake with your tax lien bid. – As a tax lien investor, you have a lot to keep track of. This tiny fact can slip through the cracks if you are not careful. Make very certain that you know this information and are planning around it when working on tax auction preparations.

So there are the real estate investors’ tips for today.

Real Estate Agent – How To Know If One Is Good

Monday, September 27th, 2010

If you choose to invest in something especially something that can involve a lot of money like a house for instance, you need to make sure that before you shell out your money, you have considered all the options and you are aware of all the things that need to be done. When you decide to buy a house, you may probably have a hard time. That’s why a lot of people hire real estate agents to help them in making the right decision. These are experts in this field so they can guide you through the entire process including all the legal matters.

But it doesn’t mean all real estate agents are capable of delivering the best results. When hiring an agent, there are things that a person should look for so one can be assured he is making the right choice.

When hiring an agent, you need to know whether he has enough experience. This is the most important thing that an agent should have. An experienced agent knows almost all, or probably all the things that are related to real estate and they have all the skills, resources and connections that can help clients get the best deal as possible.

When a real estate agent has the needed experience, he can be able to tell easily just by looking at it wheter a property is a bad or a good investment.

Dedication – Dedication is another important factor that will determine much of an agent’s capacity to do well in his job. It is already a common practice today for an agent to just send his assistant in his place when dealing with clients. The problem is, as a client, we may not always know what this assistant is capable of.

We don’t even know if he’s just a little more knowledgeable than ourselves in terms of real estate transactions. Having an agent who is devoted to his job assures you that you would get the best possible deal available.

An agent is considered to be effective and efficient when he can deliver results the soonest possible time. This means that you need to consider the speed or how long it will take for the agent to get the job done. An agent has to have intitiative so that results can be delivered faster.

Honesty is another important quality that an agent should have. Remember, you are entrusting a very valuable thing to this person, thus, it is crucial that this person is trustworthy and honest. Honesty involves informing you everything about the house including the pricing or whether there are a few parts that need repair or whatnots. When we talk about “informing you everything about the house”, this includes all the positive and negative aspects about the property that you are eyeing on.

An agent is effective when there is an open and regular communication between him and the client. Communication is very important which means that in case a client has some concerns or perhaps a question about the property, the agent should be accessible for the client. He should be reachable anytime the client needs him.

Make sure that when you hire a real estate agent, you consider all the qualities mentioned. Doing so can guarantee that you will get the best deal possible.

If you’re planning to settle in Missouri, there’s quite a good number of Saint Louis homes for sale you may want to take a look at. You might want to hire one of St Louis realtors though who can walk you through the whole process from finding a property to actually buying it. After all, you can’t argue with an expert.

How To Buy A House

Monday, September 27th, 2010

When looking at La Jolla Real Estate Listings there are several things that you should take into consideration when you look at buying La Jolla houses for sale.  In this article we will be shoing you many real estate tips that can work in all areas outside of La Jolla to include real estate listings in Miami.

Recommendation 1 – Prior to purchasing your property you will need to conduct the proper research on the location and features you are wanting from your home. The more focused you are in search, the more likely your success. When deciding on what features you will be wanting from your home you need to focus on the features that are a must have.  Features that you would liek to have you can add at a later time.  By looking at the features that you must have you will find more homes that meet your criteria.

Tip 2 – You also need to remain flexable in your hunt. If you must have the perfect home, you may wind up paying too much. Seeing past paint, carpet and clutter and visualizing the home with your finishing touches, often leads to greater financial success.

Recommendation 3 – Have an idea how long you will want to own the property. Realizing you may not be there forever can help you decide on the best type of loan for your situation. Rates on a 30 year morgatage are extrememly low today but if you are going to be selling in a short amount of time you can actually save money by going with an adjustable rate morgatage.

Tip 4 – Do not put the cart before the horse and fall in love with a home before you have been pre-approved for your financing. Once you know what you are approved for you will be able to feel better about the home you are going to buy and you won’t be let down if you can’t afford it later. By know exactly how much you are approved for you can act when you see a home that fits your needs.

Recommendation 5 – Make sure that you work with a professional lender that you can trust and feel comfortable with. Make sure that you know the points, fees, rates and terms, and be sure there are no pre-payment penalties when you are working with a lender.

FHA Home Mortgage – Mortgage Loan Requirements

Monday, September 27th, 2010

When you submit an application for a refinance, debt consolidation or purchase mortgage loan, one of the most helpful factors in qualifying for the debt is your income. That can not appear like much of a surprise, on the other hand you must be surprised at all of the uncommon methods your income must be determined based on how well you should document it, and how much this must affect your debt process.

The Federal Housing Administration (FHA) insures mortgages to allow low to moderate money families to invest in their own home. With government backing, families can purchase a residence at a lower 1st cost. However, you will discover limitations with this first time home buyer program.

In fact, many states are investigating payday loans for possible unlawful activity stemming from usury laws. Whether you cannot afford your expenses one month, you are much better off trying to arrange an alternate schedule of payment with the institutions you owe money to rather than risking your credit score rating through payday loans. Payday loans may be fine in a true emergency, in contrast the payday loans cycle gets very unaffordable very fast and must ruin your credit rating.

The Federal Housing Administration has been helping Americans get loans for more than 70 years. Here’s an overview from the Administration, much better referred to as the FHA.

The insurance aspect in the FHA loan in Alaska  is a fairly well-known tool applied by the federal government to promote a specific behavior. Student loans are a classic example. An 18-year-old individual generally couldn’t qualify in your loan to by a sandwich, but student loans are plentiful and effortless to get. That is simply because the government requirements to promote education and does so by guaranteeing the loans. In case you fail to pay the lender back, the federal government is over a hook. The FHA provides similar insurance to your functionality of advertising and marketing homeownership from the United States. In fact, the FHA is biggest mortgage insurer in the world, making so for more than 30 million mortgages because it was made within the 1930s.

Government Releases New Foreclosure Program To Help ‘Underwater’ Homeowners

Monday, September 27th, 2010

WASHINGTON — The Obama administration is trying to re ignite it’s failed attempts to help the foreclosure crisis with an effort to assist homeowners with upside down mortgages.

The Federal Housing Administration (FHA)  will allow banks to give these homeowners refinanced loans backed by the government. Under the new plan lenders are required to forgive at least 10 percent of the original mortgage. Investors will decide which borrowers are invited to participate in an effort to stop homeowners from defaulting or just walking.The principal reduction plan was first announced in March 2010. Its release represents the latest of numerous efforts by the Obama administration to address the foreclosure crisis. So far, the governments HAMP program has done little to stop the housing crisis and has run into numerous problems. The lending industry simply was not prepared for the onslaught of distressed homeowners, the economy has not improved and millions of homeowners had taken on so much debt there’s no solution other than bankruptcy, short sale or foreclosure.

Almost half of the 1.3 million homeowners who have enrolled in the HAMP program– overseen by the Treasury Department – have already fallen out over the past year. Most of the homeowners interviewed state the governments loan modification program is an absolute nightmare, with the mortgage servicers constantly losing their documents and then claiming borrowers did not send back proper documentation. Banks say borrowers often didn’t return the required documents but we know first hand that’s just not true. While every borrowers situation is unique, the stories are all to similar.

The governments new refinancing program takes a different angle. It will allow investors in mortgage-backed securities to evaluate their portfolio and choose the borrowers that will be offered refinanced mortgages guaranteed and backed by the FHA. The thought process here is that there are loans investors simply want to unload because they have a propensity to default.

However, when faced with the choice between reducing principal balances on home loans and foreclosing, investors have generally chosen to foreclose on homeowners. Many industry experts doubt the new program will persuade these investors to change their minds. Government officials acknowledge that jump starting the principal reduction plan will be complicated. The Federal Housing Authority Commissioner David Stevens stated that it will “require significant coordination and operational execution by several parties to be successful.”

The government is optimistic and estimates that between 500,000 and 1.5 million borrowers could be helped. But Stevens said the number of homeowners who will actually benefit will be toward the low end of that range. Other industry experts say lenders are likely to only offer refinances to homeowners who have seen their home values sink 40% to 50%. These are the borrowers that are in danger of walking away from their homes or filing bankruptcy. The new refinance program is funded with $14 billion from the existing $75 billion mortgage bailout program.

The problem is to qualify, homeowners must be current on their mortgages and most these people are not. Homeowners who have already received loan modifications may still be eligible. The new government plan is limited to loans in which homeowners owe at least 15 percent more than their home’s current value. The sad truth is, lenders are encouraged to participate but not required to. For homeowners who have 2nd liens such as 80/20 loans or HELOC’s, filing bankruptcy Chapter 13 may be a better option. ” These junior liens in most cases can be wiped out completely through bankruptcy”,says James D. Zhou, California bankruptcy attorney. Zhou is the senior partner of the Law Offices of Zhou & Chini and sees a lot of upside down 2nd’s on California properties. As of the end of June, about 11 million U.S. homes, or 23 percent of those with a mortgage, were in this position, according to real estate data provider CoreLogic.
To see if you are a good candidate for the governments new program or to get bankruptcy Chapter 13 information the bankruptcy attorneys at Zhou & Chini offer free consultations at over 10 California locations. To schedule your consultation please call (888) 901-3440 or visit them online at

Real Estate News for Investors

Monday, September 27th, 2010

It is indisputable that real estate investing news is educational I am careful to always read as much as possible every day. I cover many different real estate topics. In this way I remain informed in my real estate investing.

You will find that real estate arenas are constantly overlapping. Having more knowledge will enable you to be more flexible. If you have flexibility, then you will be able to be creative in real estate. In fact, you will likely spot deals you would never see otherwise.

I read real estate news every day I can. However, I know there is not always time for this. Lots of people invest in addition to a second job. They might discover that there is not time for in-depth research. You might always find that this slows down your real estate investing education.

I plan to publish my real estate news every day. This can help other investors. You can definitely check in here if you need real estate investing updates!

Be sure to review my real estate investing news notes below:

* Bulk REO investing is making a comeback. – In bulk REO, you are buying properties in bulk. The potential profits can be staggering in this arena. This is an ideal avenue into real estate on a larger scale.

* Lenders are discovering that they are losing serious money when they are agreeing to short sales. – Not surprisingly, they are blaming real estate investing tactics. It is hard to draw a line on short sale fraud. Some people actually consider basic real estate investing strategies to be red flags. This could be a problem for all real estate investors.

* You will find sometimes that tax lien investing needs serious creativity. – You may find that your tax lien properties do not sell right away. You might actually find this is good news. You might find that being creative and flexible brings you great success.

Check back in on a regular basis for the latest real estate investing news.