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Why use a Guaranteed Rent Scheme?

Saturday, April 30th, 2011

What is a Guaranteed Rent Scheme?
What is a guaranteed rent scheme? Over the last 6 months many people have asked me this question. My hope is that this article will help to answer this question for landlords and estate agents.

Contractual Agreement
A rent guarantee is a contractual agreement that can be made between a landlord and a estate agent. The purpose of the agreement for the landlord is to get a recurring long term guaranteed rent payments for a property or a property portfolio over a defined period of time. The rationale for the estate agent is to have a property or portfolio under their management for a specified length of time in that  they will work to make certain that they are delivering a revenue by means of keeping the property rented out to suitable clients.

Property Inspection and Maintenance
The estate agent will take on the role of managing the property, this often time will incorporate carry out regular inspections of the property to keep the property in a rentable condition and sourcing reliable tradespersons to maintaining the condition of the property to a appropriate condition for the duration of the contract. Always be aware that wear and tear is taken into account.

Landlord Payments
The estate agent will plan for the rental of the property to suitabletenants. The rental payments will be paid to the estate agent by the tenants; meanwhile the estate agent will be having to pay the agreed month to month payments to the landlord in spite of any differencesin the marketplace price for rent. If the occupant defaults on their on their rent payments, the landlord will have to continue to make payments to the landlord as fixed in the agreement.

A guaranteed rent scheme will ensure month-to-month payments to a landlord while the estate agent will inspect the property furthermore maintain the condition of the property. The estate agent will have the advantage of possessing a long term contract to rent out a property. The landlord will have the advantage of a recurring month to month income, without the hassle of running the property or the tenants.

What Does a Temecula Real Estate Buyer’s Agent Do For You?

Saturday, April 30th, 2011

There has been a trend in the Temecula real estate marketplace recently where homebuyers are trying to increase their chances to get into properties by contacting the listing agent directly.  In any market, there is often this belief that by working with the listing broker a client has a better possible deal.  I won’t say that isn’t true in some very restricted sense, but it is usually one of the worst home buying tactics I have seen.

I am pointing this out as an representative who works with both prospective buyers and sellers regarding Temecula homes in Southern California.  I just took a call from an all cash purchaser that thought they would get  a superior deal by working directly with me.  What they don’t realize is that I am currently employed by the seller.  As far as conflict of interest, representatives can deal with that and do their best to stand for both parties fairly.  Nonetheless, it is essential to realize that since the listing broker already knows the seller so they are often one of the worst ways to present an offer to invest in a residence.

In most cases, the specialist is already assuming what the seller will accept and that will influence any offer a buyer wants to make.  But a buyer’s specialist won’t know anything about the seller and it is their obligation to stand for only the buyer – totally free most times as well. As a result, if the buyer wants to present an aggressive offer, the devoted buyer’s agent will just do it while a listing representative may react by saying the seller won’t accept and so on.  The issue is often the seller will settle for it if there are no other offers.  Sellers hardly ever tell the listing specialist their bottom selling price because they don’t want to advertise it. The house owner fears if they tell the listing broker on the residence, then they will pass it along attempting to make a deal.

So a market savvy buyers making an attempt to buy a Temecula home for sale can outthink themselves.  They feel by contacting the listing representative that they can knock cash off the cost but usually when they go to present an offer the listing representative says no way!  Then the purchaser assumes the agents knows the seller closely and they listen, generally costing themselves a lot of excess money and getting inadequate representation.

When searching for Temecula homes I clearly advocate using a buyer’s broker unless you have received a individual referral to the listing representative.  Too many buyer’s are getting financially punished and a limited home selection when working with listings agents.  There may be 100 homes for sale on the out there but they want to sell you theirs first and foremost where a buyer’s agent will show you all and is fully committed in your success.  They stand for you first and foremost and it doesn’t cost you a cent!

Cape Town Property Investing

Saturday, April 30th, 2011

Successful property investments can be made from as little as R750,000. Contact Mor Property Investments ( for personalized advice: what to expect from an investment, how the market operates, risks, cautions and more. Benefit from our up to date information on challenges, issues and opportunities relating to both leasing and investment. Our focus is firmly fixed on maximizing client opportunities and returns.

As the world’s property markets recover from the effects of the recession, there’s never been a more rewarding time to invest in Cape Town property – and commercial property in particular. Cape Town remains one of the top destinations for business and leisure travel in South Africa, and as such, the demand for good quality commercial property continues to be high.  

Commercial Cape Town property: Why it’s a good time to invest 

At present, Cape Town is also experiencing a significant slowdown in property construction, which means that investors have fairly slim pickings when it comes to buying business property in Cape Town. Prices are currently low, and thus, for those with the resources to do so, now is an ideal time to purchase commercial property in Cape Town. Bargain property opportunities are being snapped up quickly, and investors who wish to take advantage of the present buyer’s market are encouraged to act quickly. 

Finding the right Cape Town property investment for your portfolio 

To find the most rewarding property opportunities in Milnerton and Century City – two of the city’s upmarket business areas – contact Mor Property Investments. As a leading Cape Town property brokerage, Mor Property Investments are experienced in matching investors with the right opportunities for their budgets and investment goals.  

About the Author: Mor Property Investments is a top Cape Town property investment company specialising in Century City and Milnerton retail and commercial property. Contact Mor Investments today to discover the latest investment property opportunities in these sought-after commercial investment areas.

DMX512 controller Can make your club a rage

Friday, April 29th, 2011

Do you want your nightclub to be standing out from the rest in the town? Have you constantly wanted solely the best lighting for your club or stage? The search ends at the DMX512 controller. Digital multiplex or DMX is a really typical function in any night clubs, night clubs, stage shows, parties, and many others. We provide the greatest software to go with the controller so as to generate spectacular effects. 

The use of DMX is that it can control various digital inputs and outputs so as to provide numerous lighting visuals concurrently. The significance of the number 512 depicts the total channels the DMX can run at the same time. For any nightclub or bar, lights and music form a very important part. It is essential that these two exist in sync for the most extraordinary experiences. In a club, where most of the time the DJ has to play music on special requests, the DMX512 controller, with its adaptability, makes sure that the whole program is sleek with no glitches.

If you are looking at generating effects like fog, miasma, LED light shows, etc. ensure you use only DMX wires for all the equipment. However the other electrical wires are cheaper, they cannot provide you with a foolproof end result and you might have to deal with malfunctions. The DMX cables are particularly developed so that they transfer all the programs in a well timed and correct manner. Using the appropriate software is additionally as important as using the finest DMX controller. There are many choices available to choose from. Get the very best value for the money and we will make sure that all your needs are fulfilled.

The founder of our company, Peter Yordanov was an knowledgeable DJ who has travelled a lot of countries. It was his concept to produce the best lighting solutions to all and hence, he has designed world class products. And what’s much more, all his solutions are straightforward to prepare and can be completed by any electricians. Our charges are competitive and our customer base extends to numerous countries. We have offices in various parts of the world so that we are accessible to more number of people. Check our site for our catalogue and the exclusive features in our items. We guarantee that we have something for everybody, be it discos, pubs, bars or restaurants.

Real estate investing

Friday, April 29th, 2011

Real estate investing, specifically fix and flip type investing , has become very popular lately .  With the influx of REO’s and foreclosed properties , many people are able to purchase a fixer , do a little work to add some curb appeal, and sell to an end user buyer .

When dealing with these types of proceedings, many investors find themselves looking for a hard money rehab loan , only to be rather surprised by the requirements needed to line up money of this type.  In this case , a number of investors will turn to a private money lender to help them leverage their existing cash .

A private money investor is much more conciliatory than a bank may be in today’s market .  This is particularly true if your project includes any type of construction or rehab.  The banks simply are not lending money for these deals in the market today , but private money lenders are.

Private money lenders will give you the power to structure this type of funding in a fashion that will allow you to leverage your existing cash.  Typically, you can obtain hard money rehab loans using the after repair value of a property.  In addition, financing for all of the purchase price is realistic, provided you have the cash to cover the cost of repairs and interest on the loan.

In the event the real estate sector continues to experience stress, these types of investor loans are going to allow more and more investors the ability to get into the fix and flip business .  

Most of these loans are structured as short term loans, perhaps twelve months to twenty-four months at the longest .  Typically there is no pre payment penalization on these short term loans , and you can expect to pay an interest rate of anywhere between twelve and fourteen percent.  It is not cheap money, but California rehab loans are much less expensive than taking on a partner!   If you are in the market for this type of money, consider hard money lenders as a good avenue to go when looking for this kind of money .

Prioritizing Sewage Cleanup in Cincinnati OH

Friday, April 29th, 2011

Sewage cleanup in Cincinnati, Ohio is an important issue for the local government, primarily because of the displacement and damage it causes to many households in the country today. Overspills and sewage backups normally occur when the sewer systems overflow and suffer from blockages due to high concentration of oil-based products. These products include cooking oil and paper which are common household items. While regular garbage disposal upkeep can help prevent the occurrence of sewage spills , these unwanted disasters become unavoidable when they are caused by natural events such as stormy weather and excessive rainfall.


The cleanup processes for sewage spills have become a top community priority because of the many harmful diseases caused by the spread of raw sewage in residential neighborhoods. The local Ohio Health Center reports thousands of cases of infection and other fatal ailments caused by exposure to parasites, germs, bacteria and viruses found in filthy sewage waters. These harmful elements can reach the interiors of homes whenever flood waters rise and carry them into the house.


To reduce possible exposure to these harmful waters , it is recommended that children are immediately removed from contamination areas. This is to prevent children from touching any items that may have been exposed to raw sewage. Before doing any sewage cleanup in Cincinnati OH, it is a must that residents wear the appropriate protective gear such as gloves, boots, masks and long pants. This will prevent any unwanted exposure and prevent contact from the disease-causing bacteria.


When doing cleanup inside the house, it is best to get as much ventilation as possible before performing cleanup operations . Open your doors and windows to let in plenty of fresh air. Call your professional sewage cleanup company and ask them to assess the situation before you do anything. You may not have the expertise to evaluate the situation well and could harm yourself or others if you do not seek professional help.


Once you have sought the advice of the professionals, you can now proceed with the cleaning process . If you are advised to stay put and let the experts finish the job, you must avoid any contact with the affected areas until the job has been completed . Sewage cleanup in Cincinnati, Ohio has always been a top concern in this community because of local government efforts to curb the spread of diseases in many residential areas that periodically get excessive rainfall. As the 24th most populous city in the United States, the local officials cannot afford the spread of diseases in the homes of many residents .

Why Would You Need Excavation Services?

Friday, April 29th, 2011

It is highly recommended to the readily contact of earthmoving company during the time of living in Australian Capital Territory.
Since most of the houses are solo houses type wherein families live in larger homes all by themselves, it entirely become an essential of knowing someone who would give the earthmoving services when been needed.
Since, a good company will look into the Excavation Canberra Company.
These guys will provide support if searching an excavation, bobcat services and along with the entire commonly employed earthmoving services.
Its quite possible to rubble unto the estate that been wanted to remove.
Or might need clearing off trees as to make more finances yard space.
Perhaps, searching the different type of landscape design intended outside its own home.
In addition, the Earthmoving Canberra is also quite essential when looking for mere suggestion upon developing the inside or outside portion of its home that includes when building a newer driveway.
Since, these people are not just earthmoving operators, they also need counsel.
When choosing the earthmoving services, it becomes an absolute important of checking out whether the companies have the right type of equipment.
The aspects that the company must have are those skid steer bobcat, the tip trucks and the excavators.
The tip trucks and excavators are specified based on weight that they can lift and cost of the earthmoving hire will depend on what been require for its needs.
If chooses an Earthmoving Canberra, then able to select between an 8 and 14 ton tip truck and excavator that will be getting for the 5 ton.
This Earthmoving Canberra is well known for its basic services, but also support if been searching of cleaning the exteriors from the heavy refusal and gardening matter.
They will also be taking off shop fittings and for household stuff from its property if entirely don’t want it anymore.
One of the best aspects in regards to this particular company is the waste disposal into their most optimal manner as much as possible. In additional setting, the company have praised in the proper way that they have disposes for that matter.
They are not just only removing things for nature friendly manner but actually do it in a way that benefits its nature.
They got a proper insurance and are fully licensed.
The company is very much open of giving quotes after an assessment of a property for anyone who will be contacting it.
They will also providing a free quotes in online setting especially upon knowing accurately what been wanted and getting free quotes from over the internet.
They also give free quotes online.
Just mention on some details that this online form and they will come back with a mere quote as soon they will.
The only restriction that this Excavation Canberra got to its services is that materials that been needed must be handled in non-hazardous manner.
Also, there will be a separate protocol upon moving any liquid matters.

Take Some Safety Measures in Disaster Cleanup

Thursday, April 28th, 2011

Disasters can be quite unpredictable, but your response to it does not have to  be. In the event that the home is damaged because of hurricanes , floods, or any other natural disaster, the property does not always have to be chalked up as a lost cause. Its original condition can be restored through the right kind of disaster cleanup.


But before jumping into any kind of action , it is best to get into it with eyes wide open. There may still be some hidden dangers lurking in the background. After all, not all damages can be seen right away . For example, the supporting structures may be weakened to the point of collapse. Structural damage such as these is not always easy to spot.


Call a professional to inspect the property before  entering the building or home. They are in the best position to say whether or not the structure is still intact. Once the professional has given the go signal, the next step is to make sure that the supplies and equipment needed are in order. Have at least two fire extinguishers ready at every disaster cleanup job. Disasters can damage utility lines such as power lines or gas lines so fires can occur even after the disaster has passed.


If a professional company needs to be hired, make sure that the workers will be equipped with the proper safety equipment. Hard hats, gloves, boots, and goggles are standard equipment. Reputable companies need not be reminded to bring their gear. If the property owner plans on being on site to supervise the progress of the work, it is best to wear earplugs to protect the ears from the noise that may come from the cleanup equipment.


Chain saws and other gadgets used to clear the debris should be used only in accordance to the instructions given by the manufacturer. There should be enough space to work comfortably so the risk of injuries is minimized. Also, pay attention to where the work is done. If there are still puddles of water on the floor, do not use electrical items within the vicinity.


Washington Employment Security Agency Unemployment compensation

Thursday, April 28th, 2011

Washington Employment Security Agency

Unemployment compensation are developed to offer unemployed workers with an earnings although they actively search for work. So long as you are actively searching for work and also you haven’t exhausted your  benefit weeks, you’re may collect your unemployment compensation during your benefit yr. Most people may obtain in between 13 and 26 weeks of benefits for every base yr.  How a lot of weeks you get will probably depend on exactly how extended you’ve got recently been employed and exactly how significantly you got in wages during your base year. file weekly claim   

Go2UI Weekly Claim Help

A benefit year comprises of 52 weeks in the date your 1st claim. Once you make a claim, you cannot make another claim in Washington State until your benefits year is over. Note that you could not be capable of claim once more despite the fact that you run out of compensation.

However, if you run out of the common Washington State Unemployment compensation, you might meet the requirements for among the extended compensation readily available to long-term jobless workers who cannot discover work after their initial compensation run out. These packages include the Federal Extended Benefits Plan, the Emergency Unemployment Compensation Plan as well as the Federal $25 week stimulus.

Many of these packages have eliminated, but Washington State is still accepting applications in case Congress approves a further extension of these Federally sponsored programs.

Although as of right now there has not recently been an extension for these programs, everything indicates the extension will be approved as part of a broad tax cut deal in between Republicans and Dems. This extension would supply laid-off workers with up to 53 weeks of Emergency Unemployment Compensation, which would likely provide jobless workers with up to 99 weeks of compensation. On the other hand, it could not supply further unemployment insurance policy compensation. In other words, in case you have already claimed your 99 weeks, or whatever your quota is, then you may not obtain any extra unemployment benefits. This extension can only benefit those who are already qualified to get the compensation but arent’ because the program has phased out.

How long you can obtain compensation for will probably depend on your personal circumstances, for instance the starting up date of your federal extended compensation, your eligibility and exactly how many weeks you’ve got already claimed in this base yr.

To ask for certain details on your case call the Washington Employment Security Agency at  877-558-8509 and make clear your circumstances. You can’t apply for extended benefits on the web so if you will need to file for extended benefits take the time to pay a visit to your local employment office.
what the extension seriously means.

“Individuals who had already received the maximum amount of weeks of eligibility would not meet the criteria for virtually any extra compensation,” Don Ingram with the Department of Labor said.

Prior to the new legislation was signed, federal unemployment would likely have run out last 30 days. The extension continues it for another year, but only for folks that have already been obtaining aid for less than 99 weeks.  

Problems in Real Estate

Wednesday, April 27th, 2011


So you have been thinking about selling your property but have been listening to the media and have decided not to sell. Or maybe you still want to sell your property but you are not sure on what to do and how to do it in today’s market. We have been hit by the changes in the market. It has in fact slowed and gone flat and many spout gloom and doom. I thought I would share a few positive thoughts on one of the main things a seller is up against.

With tens of thousands of forclosures out there, this is absolutly terrible for the overall status of the property department. That foreclosure is out there at a price well below market. It may even be priced 50% less than market value. If that home happens to be anywhere near yours then, your value just took a hit. Now that forclosed home selling at an unrealistically cheap price in compatition for you if you decide you would like tel sell your home. You have to match price or at the very least be close to the sales price of the property. Even once the home sells, it will cause future issues with the market being able to look at the sell price of the surrounding area, offering an overall degrade in asking value for the neighborhood.

Sounds bad right? Well it can be bad but if you get creative you can still command a fair price for your property in a down market. Or some would say a buyers market. Personally I like to think of it as a buyers market with no buyers since very many of them have low scores.Let’s get back to being creative on getting that price. Try appealing to to the customer himself instead of the agent. If you were to design a real estate sign, you could search for sign phoenix, or sign arizona, or even signs az for different sign companies that let you design your own signs. Get creative and attack the market!