Buying or Selling Property Time For Change

The British property industry  is remains unchanged for years and with no signs of change ahead in the close future . This tradition sees those buying and selling a property having to spend more and more money with a lack of choice and competition. I am going to show  how you can save money when buying a home and also on the actual sale.

Estate agents have been using the same old tried and tested method to attract buyers and sellers for years and the typical fees and agent charges are all based upon the price of the houses for sale.

This business model has left estate agents with bad press this is despite that the majority are honest and do a good job. The bad feeling is nothing to do with the job that they do but the way and amount they charge. When an agent puts a buyer and seller together they feel that the work involved has been relatively easy compared to the agents rewards.

Estate agents can take some of the running around off your hands, offering advice, acting as a go-between for you and your potential buyer(s). They may offer a number of benefits to the selling  process such as:

  • advertising the property for sale
  • arranging appointments for visits
  • following up buyers to obtain ‘feedback’
  • advice on valuation
  • creation of the property descriptive details
  • collation (from you) of relevant documentation
  • receiving and forwarding offers
  • selling mortgages, insurance, legal or other services

This service comes at a cost and you have to ask yourself is this a cost you can afford and if not what is the alternative.

Whilst other industries have embraced the internet age and innovated accordingly, selling property   remains a very traditional process.  Estate agents continue to charge large fees for their services and it is estimated that only 2 per cent of all properties for sale in the UK have been put on the market directly by the owner. That compares to 12 per cent in the united States of America

The way to save money is to sell property online and to avoid the agent only websites when buying a property. Private house sales websites or For Sale By Owner websites offer properties at below market value. Owners are saving money on commission and do not need to factor this cost in the asking price.

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