NC Mountain Property: Tips before you buy.

Whether you are a Floridian who is seeking cool refuge from the summer heat or a New Yorker planning for retirement in the Carolina Mountains, there are things that those getting started with there search process need to understand. Although the fact remains that the beauty of this region of the United States is unequaled, thorough due diligence is required to make the purchase of your piece of mountain land.

First, there are four distinct regions of the Carolina mountains. All four differ slightly based on climate, access and amenities:

Area One is the Northeastern part of the chain which is anchored by the Boone and Blowing Rock region. This area of nc mountain land is the most accessible of the regions for Floridians, those in eastern Carolina, mid-Atlantic states and the Northeast. This region is the closest in proximity to a major airport hub in Charlotte. This area includes quaint mountain towns, out door recreation and probably the best skiing. The eastern side of the mountains which comprise this region can have a marginally mild winter comparatively but can also be slightly warmer in the summer.

Area Two in the South Mountains including northern South Carolina are not anchored by your typical mountain town. They are best for year round living with the mildest of winters. The access from most areas of the United States is good. There is no primary skiing in this region and the area lacks your core outdoor mountain recreation.

Area Three is the Asheville region. Asheville provides a cultural core to this region. For those who are not willing to get to far away from all the modern creature comforts of urban living, the Asheville region suits you. With a ton to do, skiing and outdoor amenities, the Asheville region provides great real estate alternatives. The access is good but can take a little longer to drive to than areas one and two. Asheville does have an airport with transfers from both Charlotte and Atlanta.

Area Four is in the far western reach of North Carolina. Access is inferior to other areas of the mountains and the winters can be harsh but with the towns of Highlands and Cashiers at it’s core, this area is extremely popular for Floridians who are looking to escape the summer heat.

In sum, most understand the beauty of the Mountains. For me, I am a big fan of the Boone/Blowing Rock region. To each his own. Look for me at The Coves of Round Mountain. After thorough due diligence, that is what I call home.

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