The Differences between Flood and Fire Restorations

There are two major hazards to a property: fire and flood. It can cause immeasurable inconvenience and financial burden on the property owner when either one of these situations happen. While preparation and knowledge can make fire or flood less likely, there are some circumstances when these are unavoidable. The only hope then is to give the home or business the proper restoration treatment.


Fire restoration is much more formidable than flood because it has the capability to destroy the entire house. Contrary to this, the water from putting out the fire can also damage contents that can be salvaged. Some people have the impression that flood works more quickly, but the truth is both kinds of damage can be quite instantaneous .


In both situations, it is necessary to act fast , otherwise there is a risk of causing even more damage. The effects of fire make it necessary to contend with other factors such as soot and smoke. Fabrics also have to be given special attention to because smoke and soot cling to the porous materials. The equipment used in the fire restoration range from vacuums to pick up the dust, oxygen treatments to remove the smell , and dehumidifiers to help dry the water used to extinguish the fire.


Fire should also be treated differently from water damage because the risks are not the same. In the former, a major danger is that the structure may be unsafe. Fire can significantly weaken the beams or structure of the property, making it likely to tumble down . On the other hand, water damage can soften the foundation, making it unstable. A good rule of thumb when dealing with either situation is to think “up” during a fire and think “down” during a flood.


The ability of the residents of the property to be able to breathe is a major concern in both fire and flood. Fire usually includes smoke which needs to be cleared. On the other hand, the flood can bring about excess moisture in the property and cause mold to flourish. Thus, there are different ways of dealing with the air quality and restore it to its original condition.

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