What Does a Temecula Real Estate Buyer’s Agent Do For You?

There has been a trend in the Temecula real estate marketplace recently where homebuyers are trying to increase their chances to get into properties by contacting the listing agent directly.  In any market, there is often this belief that by working with the listing broker a client has a better possible deal.  I won’t say that isn’t true in some very restricted sense, but it is usually one of the worst home buying tactics I have seen.

I am pointing this out as an representative who works with both prospective buyers and sellers regarding Temecula homes in Southern California.  I just took a call from an all cash purchaser that thought they would get  a superior deal by working directly with me.  What they don’t realize is that I am currently employed by the seller.  As far as conflict of interest, representatives can deal with that and do their best to stand for both parties fairly.  Nonetheless, it is essential to realize that since the listing broker already knows the seller so they are often one of the worst ways to present an offer to invest in a residence.

In most cases, the specialist is already assuming what the seller will accept and that will influence any offer a buyer wants to make.  But a buyer’s specialist won’t know anything about the seller and it is their obligation to stand for only the buyer – totally free most times as well. As a result, if the buyer wants to present an aggressive offer, the devoted buyer’s agent will just do it while a listing representative may react by saying the seller won’t accept and so on.  The issue is often the seller will settle for it if there are no other offers.  Sellers hardly ever tell the listing specialist their bottom selling price because they don’t want to advertise it. The house owner fears if they tell the listing broker on the residence, then they will pass it along attempting to make a deal.

So a market savvy buyers making an attempt to buy a Temecula home for sale can outthink themselves.  They feel by contacting the listing representative that they can knock cash off the cost but usually when they go to present an offer the listing representative says no way!  Then the purchaser assumes the agents knows the seller closely and they listen, generally costing themselves a lot of excess money and getting inadequate representation.

When searching for Temecula homes I clearly advocate using a buyer’s broker unless you have received a individual referral to the listing representative.  Too many buyer’s are getting financially punished and a limited home selection when working with listings agents.  There may be 100 homes for sale on the out there but they want to sell you theirs first and foremost where a buyer’s agent will show you all and is fully committed in your success.  They stand for you first and foremost and it doesn’t cost you a cent!

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