Getting New REO Properties Daily for Hard Money Lenders Loans

Today’s real estate investment plans use several dissimilar types of options and resources to locate private hard money lenders and REO investment properties.  If you have not yet identified which private hard money lenders may be able to help you get your deal funded and closed, ask these questions:   What lender will I use?   What geographical area is the lender currently loaning money?   What are the loan programme requirements?  

Once you have satisfied these questions , you are in a much better spot, because now you have narrowed your investing strategy and you are targeting specific property types.  When you have identified the property types that conform with the lender program that you plan to use, it will be easier to get the type of results you are seeking

Can you imagine how much time you could wasteIt is not difficult to see that an individual could spend too much timeon trying to write offers on the wrong property types? Isn’t it better to get down to business on the right property types so you are submitting Loan Packages for the type of property that falls into the lender’s “sweet spot”? It will save you a lot of time and allow you to get more offers out each week if you are targeting specific property types in specific areas.   The Ultimate REO Report is a resource designed to facilitate quicker property searches and enable investors to get more deal submitted to lenders for funding. .

How does it work? First, choose from the 60 direct property sources. Then, simply conduct a search of the source property data base.  You will choose the property type and the price range for a specific city and state. Maybe you want properties that are two to four units. Or you want properties in the $79,000 to $149,000 price range, for example. Many rehab hard money investors use this method. After conducting a few searches you can see how easy it is to structure a search and get results in just minutes, without having to spend time and money searching neighborhoods by automobile or using obsolete information.

With some of the sources , you can order the results according to price range in order to view low to high or high to low. Some of the sources provide property photos and even maps.   Next, review the details about the subject-property and gather the contact info including the name of the REO agent, and the agent’s phone number.  Then, build a list of properties that you have found and then once you have the daily list, you can then concetrate on contacing the REO agents and begin the offer process .

New features permit you to register for a daily netmail notification so you will be notified as soon as a new listing comes available in the specific search parameter you did.  That way, once an individual has registered on several sites , each day, the individual will likely receive several notices on new properties as they are added. For these reasons, it doesn’t have to be difficult to find excellent bank-owned, government-owned, REO, and foreclosed property. For less than $20, investors now have resources like this without having to spend money on expensive monthly subscription fees.   Real estate investors have been using the Private Money Lenders Source, since 2006, because it provides the 300 top private hard money lenders who loan nationwide, regionally, and locally on residential and commercial investment property, enabling investors to deal direct with the lenders. In today’s lending environment, The Private Money Lenders Source has become a cost-effective way for serious investment groups to secure the funding they are seeking.



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