How To Install Kitchen Cabinets

So, you have  a kitchen remodeling project and want  to save yourself a lot of money  by installing kitchen cabinets on your own. But, you do not know how to go about it . You are not sure how  to install kitchen cabinets, and are having trouble finding  the information that you need to install kitchen cabinets.

But , there are some excellent  hints  available  on the internet that will  show you that installing kitchen cabinets can be made easier  with the support  of a person  that has the hands on experience  in kitchen remodeling.

To begin  with, you must  need to get comfortable  with the prints of your kitchen . You can do this by getting  a photocopy  of the drawings  from your designer and memorizing  them, picturing in your mind  how the kitchen cabinets are going to look once  the installation process is completed . This is a very essential  step to take, allowing you to feel more comfortable in your abilities to install kitchen cabinets in your house .

The second  phase  that should be taken is  to ensure that the flooring is already put down  before you start  installing kitchen cabinets. This will take care of  of things to help  you during the kitchen cabinets installation process.

First, it will alleviate  any cutting of the flooring around the cabinets, and if you wished to take out  a cabinet for some reason or other , or if years  down the road you thought  to install kitchen cabinets to keep up with the next great thing , the flooring will be installed  from wall to wall, giving you a lot  options when it comes to replacing  certain cabinets.

Secondly , you will be sure to lay  the base cabinets directly on the new floor instead of having to raise  the cabinets up off the floor to make room  for the thickness  of the new flooring. If the cabinets are held  too low during the installation, and the floor is installed  afterwards, the possibility exists that the dishwashing machine will not fit under the countertop. Not good at all.

Okay , there is an exception to this phase . If you plan  on installing  any type of floating floor or perimeter glued vinyl, then you have no choice but to set  it after.

Now, you are still asking  how do I install kitchen cabinets. Well, the following  procedure  is to discern where  the highest spot  of the kitchen  floor. You will want to measure  up from the floor thirty inches and draw a level line across  the walls where the kitchen cabinets are going to be placed. The next thing you want to do is to measure  in certain spots  across  the wall up from the floor and where the lowest measurement is found, that’s the high point  of the floor.

Next , you will have  to measure up thrity four and a half inches and draw a new line, determining  the top of the base cabinets.

Now , you must draw the cabinet layout on the walls. This will will show you whether or not  there will be such things as plumbing or wiring that might  have  to be moved . Do not skip this step. Many kitchen cabinet installations go wrong  by skipping this crucial  step of the remodeling process.

When you get ready  to install kitchen cabinets, begin  with the corner cabinet. Locate  the studs and drill for the screws in the back  of the wall cabinets. Once  the first one  is installed, fasten the next  cabinets together utilizing  a clamp. Make sure  that everything is level and plumb . Do the same for the base cabinets.

There’s more to it in  installing kitchen cabinets than what you may  think, and gathering  the help  of a seasoned professional will greatly help you out. If you have  someone with the experience and insider knowledge that can show  you how to install kitchen cabinets and aid you along the way will give you the confidence that you can install kitchen cabinets in your new kitchen.


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