Water Related Damage Scenarios in Your House

Damage to the house is a natural occurrence and is usually quite manageable. One of the most common when it comes to the need for repair are caused by burst pipes and leaky roofs.  Water damage can be quite a sensitive issue because depending on the extent of work needed to be done, it can be quite expensive. Property owners may not even realize that their insurance policies are not up to par with their needs.


A frequent reason of flooding in the home is because of burst pipes . When the temperature drops to freezing levels, the water inside the pipes can freeze and cause damage. Homeowners can usually make a claim on the damage by the burst pipes. However, an exception to the ability to make an insurance claim is when the home is left unoccupied and without any heat. The ratio behind this is that the owners did not do their part in ensuring that their home is protected.


Pools can sometimes leak and overflow resulting in flooding in the lawns and even the cellar . It is recommended to make the damage report as honest and detailed as you can . Accurate language increases the probability of the claims being approved. It is important to find out how the insurance companies define what a flood is. It is not as simple as having the home submerged in water. For insurers, usually flooding is the overflow of water from a lake, stream, or other body of water. Avoid calling the scenario as a flood without more information. Instead, describe the situation to the insurer and let them make the classification.


In cases where household appliances are the cause of the flooding such as when a washing machine breaks down, a claim can be made against an insurance policy. However, this would depend on whether or not the water damage was accidental. If t was found that the machine malfunctions because it is not properly maintained or is too old, the property owner may have a problem. The insurance may be able to pay for the repair of the basement but not of the broken appliance.


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