Property Investing – Basic Principles You should Never Forget

Real estate investment principles should never be forgotten whether you are new to the investing game or a proffessional.

You can grow your property folio by applying various strategies . The options can involve investing in ware houses, retial shops, bulk retial, shopping centers, apartment buildings, single family homes or motels, taverns etc . Within the property types you can become an expert in lease options, flipping houses, buying mortgagee sales or international investing . But these can never replace the central principles.

There can be diverse strategies and methodologies for creating riches through properties but the principles of property investing are eternal .

In my experience professional investors at times tend to become over confident and flout the basic principles . Unfortunately this results in thier down fall . So please study the following fundamental principles of real estate investing with care .

Fundamental Principles of Property Investment :

 * You will become rich if you buy and hold property for as long as possible
 * Always invest in high cash flow properties. They will give you peace of mind when the markets are down.
 * Do the Math’s – Investing is all but numbers
 * Location is the key to your success
 * Always Buy From a Motivated Seller

 * Buy your properties by using OPM or Other Peoples Money.
 * Make Use of the Property Cycle to speed up your growth

 * Everything is negotiable. Keep negotiating till you get the right price or walk off
 * Knowledge of Real Estate Investing is the Key to Success
* Always act. Without action there will be no wealth creation

You will need the mind of an investor to find a jewel investment. Uneducated people use their eyes to find properties . Thousands of people will pass a property and will see no any value in it . It takes an educated mind to understand what is the real value and potential of a property . Knowledge of property investing holds the key to success .

It is fear that keeps people away from buying property . Knowledge to some extent abates this fear . You can never get rid of fear altogether . You have to act in good trust and intelligence. You will remain poor if you do not take action . Only through action can you gain experience and confidence

Inaction will always lead to failure . I had no knowledge of real estate investing when I started out .My mentor was a very rustic real estate broker . He virtually pushed me into buying a boutique shop he was selling. . I am glad he did that to me because it changed my financial future . I have never looked back since. For the first few years I was a ‘street smart’ property investor . I was learning by taking action .
Apply these basic principles to the the extent you can. Experience will follow . Think big but start small. A few small steps will change the out come of your life .

Knowledge and application of these principles will be the key to your success in real estate investing .

My recommendation is that you read the ‘Principles of Real Estate Investment‘ in depth to get better understanding of the subject.

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