Things to do During Fire Damage Restoration

Fire not only damages property but can turn your life upside down . Just imagine the furniture, family photos and important documents that can be destroyed, and you can expect stressful days ahead. The good news is that help is just around the corner, and knowing your restoration options can ease up the problem .


If your home or business is insured, take photos of the damage and present it to your insurance company . You can easily file claims if you know the extent of your coverage, so make sure that you do. The insurance will surely ease up the costs of fire damage restoration.


As soon as the authorities have declared that your property is safe for reentry , you can start to pick up the pieces, literally. But before you do, wear appropriate protective gear—mask, boots, proper clothing—to avoid injuring yourself. Remove charred items, floor coverings and structural framings. Have these items assessed by experts to know the extent of restoration that you need.


Dealing with fire damage restoration can be considered a double whammy. You’re not only dealing with structural damage and smoke odor, but also water damage . Fortunately, restoration contractors can easily guide you every step of the way. You can get expert help from start to finish—that will save you time and money . But if the costs are too much, you can take care of some tasks, too.


Even if your property only suffered minor damage, eliminating smoke odor is a big concern. Find out where it’s coming from. Clean, disinfect and thoroughly dry the affected area. Use proper cleaning and deodorizing agents only. Never mix chemicals to avoid producing toxic fumes.


While smoke odor is caused by the fire, there’s another kind of odor you need to deal with – biological odor – which is caused by the water used to put out the fire. Some companies may suggest thermal fogging which can work to a certain extent. But a deep assessment of what is causing the odor can help tremendously in coming up with the proper solution. Considering all these tasks, expert advice will definitely make things easier for you.

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