There Are Several Ways to Set Your Home Sales Price Without a Realtor

You don’t need a Realtor to determine the price you offer on your asset for sale on the cyberspace. However, you must learn about how to do it yourself and how to seek out help from several places.

real estate agents will tell you that you need them to figure out the right cataloging price by using a Comparative Market Analysis (CMA). A CMA does offer a lot of solid information about real estate transactions in your community. However you don’t need to register your property with a real-estate agent to gain one, since flat-cost websites and FSBO web pages offer them.

The key fact in setting your home asking price is to look at what other properties have sold for in your location. The ideal price is set by the housing market, meaning actual sales.

I know a man who sold a home on a free advertising online site who had set his price by driving around his area and finding out what the asking prices were for all houses registered for sale. He adjusted for different factors like:

  • HouseReal estate condition
  • Age of the home
  • Amenities and special features
  • Location

Then he determined an ideal price for his FSBO registering compared to the other real estates on the housing market. He decided he careed to register his house at slightly under fair housing market value. His reasoning was he careed some offers rapidly and he thought he might be able to receive multiple offers. Sometimes competing customers will bid up the sales price by bidding against each other.

If you sell a building that will be mortgaged then the lender will request a formal appraisal from a certified a qualified person. You may as well go ahead and gain one sooner than later since it have the ability to support you set your ideal lisingt price. This is not something property agents pay for anyway.

You could go one step further and find out what valuator is used by a quality home loan lender in your location. Then you could talk to the lender and make arrangements for a home loan for your eventual real estate buyer. Your appraisal will already be done.

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Leo J. Vidal, JD, MA, CPA is a real estate marketing expert, owner of an internet marketing company, and a Realtor who helps owners sell their real-estate fast.

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