Nellie Gail Ranch Estate and Homes

If you’re looking for a classy home, check out Nellie Gail Ranch Estate & Homes For Sale.

The Nellie Gail Ranch twenty miles exquisite equestrian trails are very fascinating. Since the community’s houses are situated on a vast space in the grand Laguna Hills, it is no wonder why this has become one of the most preferred places in the entire Orange County for equestrian lovers. The ranch covers over 1,350 acres, exciting sports such as equestrian have become everyone’s favorite outdoor activity. In fact, most of the homes have personal equestrian facilities.

 This community is also a perfect realm for other sports such as tennis, soccer, football, skating and swimming. With large swimming pools, several tennis courts, football fields, a soccer field and other sports sites similar to big sports fields, you might feel you’re preparing yourself for a prestigious Olympic games. It is definitely a tough and exhilarating site for sports enthusiasts.

If you are an outdoor lover, a romantic poet or a self-made artist, the tranquil loveliness of the hillsides, wonderful valleys and the breathtaking sight of the Saddleback Mountains are some of the fantastic landscapes you will never want to miss. Apart from this, you’ll also enjoy perfect nights overlooking dancing flashes of city lights.

Yet, Nellie Gail Ranch is not all about luxurious homes, huge sports camps and amazing landscapes. It’s also an interesting archaeological site. If you are interested in primeval objects, then you’ll certainly love to be in the Fossil Reef Park, seeing and learning about fossils. The Fossil Reef Park is the best site to learn about the prehistoric times.

The community also gives students attending elementary school, middle school and high school best access to quality education. Schools offered by the Saddleback Valley Unified School District provide smart options for your kid. These include Linda Vista Elementary or the Valencia Elementary School. For middle school, it’s the La Paz intermediate School. While the Laguna Hills High School is the smallest in the area with the smallest student population.

There’s also good news for passionate shoppers. The Laguna Hills Mall is especially designed for leisure and satisfying and comfortable shopping. Then for great breakfast and romantic dinners, you can go to outstanding restaurants and savor world-class cuisines.

The community’s good medical services complete the package. The Saddleback Memorial Medical Center and other private medical centers save lives and meet patients’ different needs through quality services such as diagnostic laboratories and patient service centers, rehabilitation programs, and other emergency services.

Thousands of homes are enjoying wonderful and exciting life in this upscale community. It’s really rewarding and worthwhile to invest in a comfortable and elegant home in an extraordinary setting. In fact, thousands of homes are enjoying wonderful and exciting life in this upscale community.

 And what’s best with this is that it offers a bargain to those who choose to reside in the community. In spite of the first class location residents are offered low tax charges. You will surely find yourself grabbing this surprising chance to experience Nellie Gail Ranch.

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