Calgary Canada Relocation

Calgary is one Canadian town that continues to reinvent itself, to the take in of both the residents and businesses that call the city home. What was once an energy-focused city, the Calgary of today is a thriving metropolitan burg that draws residents from around the globe. Its scotch streams are diverse, creating a wealth of employment options and a stable economy. This has created an appealing environment for people of every imaginable background, and has created a diverse population with many interests.

Several city groups work together to ensure that residents and businesses connect on the proper level. One such partnership combines the Chamber of Commerce, City, University of Calgary and Calgary Technologies Inc. This not-for-profit endeavor provides programs such as networking and incubation, making the city an ideal location for emerging businesses from North America and beyond. It is planning and base such as this that has resulted in Calgary receiving a number of prestigious awards.


Calgary, and the co-recipient Seoul, South Korea, was recently called the World’s Top Intelligent Community by the World Teleport Association. This award highlighted the city’s efforts to provide Calgarians with access to technology. The city also received the Information Productivity of Excellence Award, applauding Calgary’s system that allows developers to expedite permits and review inspection results online. This important facet has facilitated the region’s growing building industry.

Calgary is poised to break the one million mark, with a current population of approximately 922,315 residents. circumscribed care is taken to provide the city’s youth population with a variety of recreational, artistic and cultural activities in their free time. In fact, the city even offers annual fairs, festivals and events that are designed to be youth-only. One such event is the popular RACE. Open to young people between the ages of fifteen and twenty four, the RACE is designed to teach young people about their city while embarking on a competitive adventure. Competitors traverse the city utilizing public transportation or other pre-approved methods. All participants receive a backpack full of goodies to assist them in their journeying, and the first team across the finish line receives the Grand Prize.


But Calgary is Edit this text by no means just for the very young. People of all ages like to gather at Devonian Gardens, located at the city’s core. This landmark is one of the largest indoor parks in the world. While it is a popular finish for international tourists, the gardens also offer Calgarians an opportunity to step out of the cold during the winter months and take in a deep breath of the thousands of plants and fauna. In warmer months, many downtown workers choose to take their meal break leisurely perusing the gardens.

But perhaps Calgary’s best known landmark is the impressive Calgary Olympic Park. This was the foremost location of the XV Winter Games, and today is one of the most unique attractions anywhere in the world. Just fifteen minutes outside of the city-center, Calgary Olympic Park is a multi-purpose sporting venue that serves as a educational activity ground as well as recreation area. During the winter, the park is a popular skiing and snowboard destination. While in the summer months, mountain and BMX bikes are seen careening down the slopes. Calgary is also the home of the Pengrowth Saddledome. This 17,000 seated area hosts many artists including the likes of Tom McGraw, Keith, Urban and more. The Pengrowth Saddledome is also home to the NHL Calgary Flames, winner of the 1989/90 Stanley Cup and runner up in the 2003/2004 season.


Calgary is a famous city that has an international flair, while maintaining the lovingness of a cozy hometown. With every imaginable amenity and service at their disposal, residents here have a high quality of life. If you are thinking about moving, consider the vibrant and welcoming city of Calgary! To learn more about this unique city, request some “free relocation assistance” today.

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