Real Estate Investing Trends to Know

Today I took note of some serious real estate developments. There was a lot of action in the real estate world. I had trouble getting my top three narrowed down.

You must know the real estate news in order to succeed. You might need the information for networking. You can never predict what types of real estate you will need to understand. You could have to talk to a tax lien investor even if you are in commercial. A basic knowledge will help you network knowledgeably with anyone.

However, there will be times when you do not have time to read. They are just too busy with other parts of the job. However, they can benefit from news summaries. With this in mind I am publishing my real estate investing notes.

You can review trends I noted below if you like:

* The next big thing appears to be Bulk REO investing. – Due to lending practices, the market will soon flood. You need to be ahead on your training. You will find that there are more lenders working in more ways with investors. You will find yourself “mini” bulk reo investing if you are not ready.

* Short sale losses are creating a number of real estate investing culprits. – That is right: once again you should not make too money. If you do, lenders may come after you for more of their losses. In fact, it seems a little too unfair personally to me. Some estimates say that lenders are out nearly 310 million.

* PACE tax lien investing programs are stalled and even halted in some cases in California. – A number of officials are very mad. It appears that the GSE’s have targeted the program entirely unfairly. They will not buy homes with a certain type of tax lien on them. The green initiative, as a result, is biting the dust.

Make sure that you check in every day. You can be certain that you will get all the real estate investing news you need.

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