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Problems in Real Estate

Wednesday, April 27th, 2011


So you have been thinking about selling your property but have been listening to the media and have decided not to sell. Or maybe you still want to sell your property but you are not sure on what to do and how to do it in today’s market. We have been hit by the changes in the market. It has in fact slowed and gone flat and many spout gloom and doom. I thought I would share a few positive thoughts on one of the main things a seller is up against.

With tens of thousands of forclosures out there, this is absolutly terrible for the overall status of the property department. That foreclosure is out there at a price well below market. It may even be priced 50% less than market value. If that home happens to be anywhere near yours then, your value just took a hit. Now that forclosed home selling at an unrealistically cheap price in compatition for you if you decide you would like tel sell your home. You have to match price or at the very least be close to the sales price of the property. Even once the home sells, it will cause future issues with the market being able to look at the sell price of the surrounding area, offering an overall degrade in asking value for the neighborhood.

Sounds bad right? Well it can be bad but if you get creative you can still command a fair price for your property in a down market. Or some would say a buyers market. Personally I like to think of it as a buyers market with no buyers since very many of them have low scores.Let’s get back to being creative on getting that price. Try appealing to to the customer himself instead of the agent. If you were to design a real estate sign, you could search for sign phoenix, or sign arizona, or even signs az for different sign companies that let you design your own signs. Get creative and attack the market!