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Lenny Kravitz to design new Miami hotel

Tuesday, August 30th, 2011

The pop star well-known for his lavish way of life has agreed to style the suites for Miami’s new SLS hotel, more fully proof of the urban renewal which is leading to the metropolis to lead Florida in housing industry recovery.

Kravitz will join main developer Phillippe Starck to produce the second in Sam Nazarian’s elite SLS hotel chain, which commenced lifestyle in Beverly Hills. The singer, who runs his own style agency and has previously had a give out the fit-out of the neighbouring Delano hotel, could style the hotel’s much more exclusive accommodations, such as a luxury bungalow and a penthouse suite.

Despite the entire cave in of property costs in Florida, the city of Miami, particularly the hip, modern neighbourhood of South Beach, continues to retain its values somewhat well, and the new hotel should no doubt underscore its value as a destination for American celebrities and sports stars. Rooms at high-yielding neighbour hotels the W and Gansevoort start out at $800 a night in high point season.

Since the preliminary property crash in 2008, revenue in Miami possess rebounded strongly and though international students have still most discounts to be found, it looks to be main the Floridian housing market recovery. Top line of single family properties increased by 18% year-on-year in December 2010, and have been up 70% from December 2008, in accordance to the Miami Association of Realtors.

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Disney House goes on the market

A building firm in Salt Lake City, Utah, have built a full-scaled replica of the famed flying house from the hit Disney-Pixar movie, Up.

Portugal & Bulgaria flights scrapped before they start

Charter airline Tor Air has scrapped its summer programmes to Portugal and Bulgaria just over two weeks before they were due to start.

PWC says prices could take a decade to recover

Average UK real house prices are unlikely to recover to their previous peak levels until around 2020, according to analysis by PwC in its latest UK Economic Outlook report.

Scotland’s delicate economy continues recovery

Scotland’s economic recovery is still extremely fragile, according to new research.

Istanbul is fastest growing tourist destination in the world

Undoubtedly one of the world´s greatest cities, Istanbul has seen a 30.1% increase in tourist revenue, generating an estimated $10.2 billion in 2011, surpassing New York and Amsterdam in terms of the number of visitors according to a city index developed by MasterCard Worldwide.

Aer Lingus announces 10 new winter routes

As part of its effort to increase its winter timetable, Irish airline Aer Lingus has just announced 10 new routes for 2011/2012, with a new route from Cork to Las Palmas, Gran Canaria due to commence a weekly service as of Sunday 30th October 2011.

Cuba and Russia sign new action plan

Business representatives from both Cuba and Russia signed an action plan on Wednesday to strengthen bilateral economic and trade cooperation.

Europe believes China will overtake US

A new poll has found that most Western Europeans believe that China has either supplanted or will supplant the US as the world’s leading power.

Latin American and Caribbean Growth forecast to be 4.7%

According to an ECLAC report, in 2011 Latin America and the Caribbean will maintain the recovery that began in the second half of 2009 following the international economic crisis, and will grow by 4.7% thanks to the boost of internal demand.

1.2 million visit Albania in first half of 2011

According to Albania’s Deputy Minister of Tourism Suzana Turku, Albania was visited by 1.2 million tourists between January and June of this year while revenue from tourism increased 8.5% in the first half of 2011 compared to the same period last year.

6.2 Million UK in Debt Risk Warning

New research commissioned for national debt charity Consumer Credit Counselling Service (CCCS) has identified 6.2 million households as financially vulnerable.

Inflation stays at 2.7% in Eurozone

Official figures show that euro zone inflation was steady at 2.7% in June, unchanged from May but above the target set by the European Central Bank.

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Visting Dry Tortugas Park Florida

Saturday, July 23rd, 2011

So where is Dry Tortugas National Park, and how did such a beautiful place get such an odd name? About 68 miles off the western tip of Key West, Dry Tortugas National Park is a group of tiny islets known for their sea turtles. Tortugas is Spanish for turtles, and that explains a portion of its odd name.

But what makes it dry, given that Dry Tortugas Park is surrounded by the waters of the crystal clear blue Caribbean? The name actually comes from the days when the Spanish settled the islands, and they soon found out that there were no fresh water springs available. So the islets eventually came to be known as the Dry Tortugas, or “dry turtles.” Even now, because the islets are a popular tourist destination, visitors must bring their own water.

First designated a National Monument by FDR, the Dry Tortugas islets were named a National Park in 1992 at the tail end of George H. W. Bush’s term. The home of the previously unfinished Civil War era Fort Jefferson, a brick structure later used as a prison to house accused conspirators in President Lincoln’s assassination, the strip of sandy beaches and shallow, colorful reefs has become a destination for 80,000 tourists each year. Everyone leaves in amazement at the fascinating history of the former fort originally thought of as a defense against the real pirates of the Caribbean.

Visitors to Dry Tortugas can enjoy a large array of activities, from educational tours of Ft. Jefferson, to lazy days on the beach, to spectacular wildlife snorkel tours of the corral reef.

Of course, visitors can only arrive by chartered boat of sea plane. So if you want to book a trip, a Dry Tortugas charter will be necessary. There are some great discounts available on Dry Tortugas charters, Key West hotels, Key West snorkeling, and other recreation packages at Gold Card Key West.

What Types of Sewage Clean Up Services Exist in Florida?

Tuesday, July 5th, 2011

The sunny, gorgeous state of Florida generates images of limitless palm trees, picturesque shorelines and towns made up of cute and cozy homes. When thinking of Florida, you will never really think of dirty sinks or sewers, which is the exact opposite of its charm and beauty . However, sewage problems are all too common among Florida homes, often needing the help of professional sewage cleanup in Florida.


Perhaps you are a homeowner who awoke one day to see extreme water-related damage in your basement because the sump pump failed . Or maybe you are a building administrator whose tenants have complained about the faulty sewage system. Whatever your case , it will be important and sometimes even imperative to know what sewage cleanup companies do should you need them in the future. In extreme cases, sewage companies are needed on an emergency basis.


Structural Drying

No form of sewage cleanup will be complete without drying. Drying is the first and most important step in sewage restoration . This removes all excess water that could be lodged in walls and other porous material such as wood, even cushions and rugs .


Water Extraction

Sewage cleanup in Florida also requires water extraction in cases where there is flooding. This is because standing water can become a potent enemy when kept too long in Florida homes, whose temperatures not only encourages molds, but even mosquitoes and strains of bacteria. The water extraction services offered by professional companies is considered a considerable help, since they can remove all water within the span of hours compared to the days or weeks it might take if water was left to dry naturally .



Disinfection will involve completely cleaning all contaminated items. This may involve washing the items or spraying them with industrial chemicals to efficiently kill any invisible bacteria.


Equipment Rental

In some cases of sewage cleanup in Florida, homeowners may want to carry out the cleanup on their own, but not have the equipment to do so. Apart from actually offering the services themselves, some companies also offer rentals of their blowers, fans and other equipment . However, when deciding to do this, remember to consider the benefits of hiring a professional versus doing it yourself .

This Land is Their Land? How the Government Owns America

Friday, May 27th, 2011

Does the Government need all that it owns? This question is being asked more and more with increasing frequency by the public and members of Congress. To answer this question, one needs to ask what does the Government own? What is it worth? And is it being managed efficiently?

According to “What The Government Owns” a recent General Accounting  Office (GAO) report, revealed that as of September 30, 1979 (the date of the last General Services Administration Inventory (GSA),  the federal government owned 744.1 million acres, or 32.7 percent of all the land in the U.S.  405,147 buildings (2.65 billion square feet of floor space) and $52.3 billion worth of structures and facilities such as power development, flood control, and navigation projects; roads and bridges; reclamation and irrigation projects; airfield pavements; harbor and port facilities; and miscellaneous military facilities, monuments, and memorials.


There are disparities between the states with respect to Federal ownership of public lands. For example, 91.2% of Alaska is federally owned.

To answer the question of what is it worth is more difficult to conclude because establishing value is subject to market fluctuations. Additionally, the extent to which an asset is valued is also contingent on investor perception and location.

It should be noted that while the sale of public land to reduce the Debt is significant, the amount will not be large enough to make a significant impact on the capital markets. Keep in mind that those purchasing the property must raise the billions it would cost from the same national capital markets, so pressure on interest rates would not be reduced dramatically. The sale of public land would however lend credence to the perception of government accountability and to the reduction of waste.



  • · 744.1 million acres or 32.7% of all land in the U.S. is owned by the government.
  • · 405,147 buildings containing over 2.65 billion square feet of floor space is owned by the government.
  • · $52.3 billion (valued at acquisition costs) of structures, facilities, power plants, roads, bridges, etc. are owned by the government.
  • ·Over 50% of Idaho, Oregon, Nevada and Colorado are held by the government.
  • ·47% of the Western U.S. is publically held land.

Who is Daniel Webster?

A family man and small-business owner, Daniel Webster has dedicated himself to serve the citizens of central Florida with honor and integrity. From his first day in leadership, Webster worked to reform the way the Legislature did business, and his sweeping conservative reforms earned him widespread praise from the people of Florida.

He has worked to improve Floridians’ lives and their opportunity for success by championing policies based on the following five principles: less government, lower taxes, personal responsibility, individual freedom, and empowering family.

Daniel Webster still holds his faith, his family, and his principles as his biggest assets. These are the same values he will rely on to guide him as our U.S. Congressman.

Leadership Record

Daniel Webster’s legislative record is a story of service – putting Florida and its people first.

  • As the state House Republican Leader in the 1990s, Webster engineered the successful Republican takeover of 1996, ending 122 years of Democrat control and becoming the first GOP Speaker of the House in over a century.
  • As Speaker of the House, Webster required each proposed law to meet specific criteria that would determine its effectiveness in advancing conservative principles.
  • Daniel Webster was elected to the Florida Senate in 1998 and served as Majority Leader his final three years.  Being known as a man of his word, Webster continued to gain respect and acclaim on both sides of the aisle for his solid principles and trusted leadership.

Daniel Webster’s record of true conservatism, principled leadership and common sense is exactly what Floridians need in Washington.

Main Reasons to Buy Florida Real Estate in Today’s World

Tuesday, May 10th, 2011

Most people consider this current situation as pretty comparable to the nineteen sixties and they’ve got a lot of reasons to come to this. Back then you may well finance a two-bed property for below seven thousand dollars. Approximately Ten years after, a normal Florida property ended up being somewhere around $16,000. As a result of monetary inflation alone, the home will have been around $33K by the beginning of the 80s. Yet, in actual fact, an average Florida home was purchased for approximately 45 thousand by the beginning of the 80s. It turned out much the same story during the nineteen nineties. If home prices acted upon inflation, your normal house could have cost you $67K at the end of that period. However in the year 2000, Florida houses were being valued at an average of over $300,000. The period created property value increases around 60 percent higher than inflation. Now in the modern market, a three bed, 2 bathroom house in Sarasota is around $150K. If you wanted to choose the equivalent home not too long ago, it might in all probability have gone for a price of greater than $250K.

Though this is often bad news for people selling, we simply cannot disguise the truth that this is a fantastic bit of data for prospective home buyers. Speaking of, the number of folks that want to purchase a house in Sarasota Florida and in all Florida is very large. At this time there are logical reasons for purchasing as Florida offers great weather conditions throughout the entire year, fine seashores, welcoming areas and a good deal extra. As far as the overall state is included, home prices have fallen roughly 20 percent during the past twelve months and this movement will keep going into 2011.

Speaking of the nineteen sixties, the actual mortgage rates are readily equivalent to those times which suggests that the prospective home buyer carries a considerably better monetary potential. Even the tiniest fraction tends to make a crucial impact. For example, a one hundred thousand dollar property in Florida, a 0.5% could possibly help save the homeowner almost five hundred dollars per year; it isn’t a great deal, yet, it’s money in your pocket. Potential buyers may get even more home for the money, which can be a great scenario for people hoping to move up.