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A Must See Copacabana Attraction, The Palace Hotel

Monday, May 30th, 2011

Rio de Janeiro is famous for its countless tourist attractions and draws hundreds of thousands of travellers each and every year. Every traveller to Rio de Janeiro should really check out and see one of the 7 wonders of the world, Christ the Redeemer upon the Corcovado mountain. It’s definitely one of Rio’s most well-known tourist attractions.

In addition, Rio de Janeiro is the official city for one of the biggest occasions in the planet, Carnival. For 5 days the streets of Rio, Ipanema and Copacabana are one major party with live bands, parades and loads of dancing. The official location for the samba schools competing carnival parade is the Sambodromo. It is a long block with grand stands along side it specially developed for this yearly celebration.

When vacationing in Rio de Janeiro think about having a high-class hotel such as the Copacabana Palace. And if vacationing there is not a choice, then elect to rent a aparthotel afterwards at a minimum think about going to and viewing the hotel’s excellent surroundings or enjoy an exquisite meal. The Copacabana Palace Hotel Rio de Janeiro is conveniently located in the center of the Rio Copacabana beach district perched proudly in front of the beach.

Since it launched back in 1923, Copacabana Palace Hotel has been welcoming famous and rich men and women from all around the world. Treat yourself to the very best Rio de Janeiro massage experience or enjoy the fine food that was developed by a world renowned Chef Francesco Carli. The Copacabana Palace Hotel in Rio de Janeiro also is a fantastic place to hold wedding, anniversary or other celebration functions.

Four kilometers of remarkable white sandy beaches are readily available for you to have fun with whenever you stay in either a Copacabana apartamento or hotel. You may decide on a plethora of places to eat, pubs, discos and shopping areas. The Copacabana beach area is a perfect adult playground for having fun with beach soccer, volleyball, surfing or simply just soaking in the sun. Furthermore, let us remember Copacabana’s next door neighbor, Ipanema. Ipanema is globally renowned for its especially sexy beach and choosing to stay there within an apartamento or hotel is yet another wonderful alternative.

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For some tenants of apartments in Rio de Janeiro rodents could be the other white meat

Friday, March 25th, 2011

Initially, I must disclose, the place that I was dwelling can’t truly be characterized as an apartment. I’m among those kinds of individuals who needs to go so far off the beaten path that I can’t find it again. Hotels and Apartments? Not truly my bag. So certainly, when anyone like me goes to travel to Rio de Janeiro I’m prone to face some unique difficulties. Especially if you go to look at the kind of rentals I looked at. If you are taking unconventional actions, you are almost certainly going to have some unconventional situations, as I found out.

I’d actually identified some flats located in one of the favelas of Rio de Janeiro. This specific favela was located within Copacabana, however it was also very close to Ipanema. While a lot of people would be likely to search for hotels or apartments, I actually found this unique piece of real estate to be embedded in the culture. Funk parties, loud music, samba, low budget fireworks at all times of the day and night. If this is actually the holiday you look for, then a favela is for you. If not, you may contemplate a different strategy for your vacation.

After I migrated into my new accommodations, it wasn’t a long time before I noticed I had an unforeseen guest. Or you could possibly would refer to him as an invader. Though it could be contended as to who was the actual invader. I imagine to this rodent, I had been in fact encroaching on his territory. Possibly he was there a long time before I showed up. Also, this isn’t really something that occurred to me while I had been seeking flats and rentals in the local slums of Rio de Janeiro. But what else could you do?

One may perhaps ask, what’s it like living with a rat? Well, almost everyone has had that roommate who is “that guy.” You recognize the sort. The ones who make noise when you’re attempting to sleep. They eat your food and don’t clean up their messes. Though I must acknowledge, when compared to other roommates in other apartments I have stayed in, this rodent was quite well mannered. But then again, the bar may be set low, very low.

Maybe next time I’ll accept the approach of staying in hotels. Although for the money, there’s no way I’d have gotten anywhere as close to Copacabana or Ipanema beach had I not moved into some accommodations that may agree to my furry four legged pal with a tail.

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