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For the Newlyweds: How to Shop for Your Dream House

Saturday, September 24th, 2011

For the newlyweds who want to establish their nest egg, buying your own home is way better than renting since not only will it provide you with a sense of ownership over something, buying your own home also means having your own investment of money, time, effort and emotion. Which gives you more reasons why you want to find that perfect home for you and your future family.   

  • Prioritize what you want.  Make sure that you’re on the same page with you and your spouse. As a couple, discussing about your home is very important such as the where it’s located, the kind of neighborhood, and all your must-haves for a particular home. Not to forget the value of compromise and being patient with each other and it’s not unusual that couples want different things sometimes, hence you should know when to compromise.
  • Negotiation skills. And we’re not just talking about the price here, you must negotiate on all levels. For example, you can also negotiate for time. Never show the seller how badly you want a particular home; it will be a disadvantage for your part if the seller feels that you’ll do anything for that house.
  • And also, don’t be afraid to ask—you’ll never know where asking may get you.
  • You should have a good credit standing.     Make sure that you got a good credit prior to purchasing a house. If you have some pending debts, you got to pay off them first and make sure that you can also afford to pay not just the down payment but also the monthly mortgage payments.     This also means not to make common mistakes such as spending too much for furniture to fill the new house, but in the end, only lose it since their credit is now low.
  • Think you’re investing on your future. Take note that you’re buying a home not just for you, but also for your family as well. So there’s a lot of emotional investment attached to it. Then, can you picture yourself and your family living there not just for now, but for a long time? For your dream home, make sure the price is reasonable and practical. If not, the financial stress may not only damage your credit score, but also your marriage.

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The Stress-Free Search for a Real Estate Agent

Monday, August 15th, 2011

A good real estate agent is a must to ensure a stress-free real estate transaction.   So how do you find a good one?   The best agent would have to be an experienced and skilled professional who’s willing to listen to you and really knows your market.   

  • Look for agent listing on the Web. Take note that despite the fact that there are a lot of websites referring numerous agents, there’s still no assurance of quality on your part. The agents these websites refer to are those who paid the site owners so that their names can be listed in their directory. Your best bet is to search online for the top real estate firms within your area, then go to those websites and look up their profiles of agents at offices in your vicinity. Also, read the client testimonials.


  • Look for referrals. Ask around for referrals on some agents who they’ve worked with and let them tell their experiences with those agents. Most real estate agents stay in the business because if their customers are satisfied with their work, they tend to refer them to friends, colleagues and family. Look for an agent with whom you can feel comfortable enough to address your concerns and who’s willing to go beyond their responsibilities to you.  Remember that your agent’s foremost concern is about your needs and satisfaction before their own.


  • Observe the listings signs in your neighborhood. Take note of the day they go up and when the SOLD sign comes out. The agent who sells listings fast could be in fact much better than the one with numerous “For Sale” signs–if you’re talking about results, then this one is a hit.


  • Don’t overlook open houses. This is your chance in getting to know some agents and you can also collect their calling cards. Then you can see how he presents himself. Does he seem polite, friendly and accommodating?  Or he seems cold and standoffish? How does he sell? Does he know what he’s doing? Is he knowledgable enough? Are you dealing with a competent individual If you’re selling your home–will you hire him?


if you are looking for a real estate agent, go for someone you can trust, well-intentioned professional who’s competent enough about your market. And especially someone who always prioritizes his clients’ needs and satisfaction before his own.


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