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Are Vacation Homes A Good Investment?

Monday, August 8th, 2011

Second homes are literally a second home purchased by city dwellers in country villages or areas with magnificent view for holiday or weekend use only. Having a second home for some is just a luxury since it can only be occupied only during the holidays.

Since it can’t be occupied regularly all throughout the year, the homeowner has to do some maintenance and repairs. Aside from that s/he has to pay for some extra taxes. Having two homes to maintain is perhaps one of the main reasons why some would rather find hotels or rent a vacation property in popular areas like Homes in Laguna California during the holidays than buy a second home.

However, some second home owners have learned to turn their second homes as a rental investment. Not all the time that you will have to spend the holidays on your second home so, why not allow some people to rent it. Not only that you get some people to maintain the place for free while you are away, but you get to earn some even when you are away. Another advantage of renting your second Leesburg VA Homes for Sale is that the home pays for its own maintenance, taxes, and repairs.

The other side of the story that need to be read by every second home owner is the fact that they have to pay for extra taxes, or have a full coverage insurance. Another source of headache is when some renters destroy some things in your second home.

Second homes can be a steady source of income especially if the renting is on a regular basis. The income from your second home will help pay for its own expenses, as well as add to your personal income. There are a lot of agencies available that can get tourists or manage the whole rental process for you if you are interested in turning your second home as a rental vacation property.

When all is said and done, vacation homes are worth the investment, but you have to check your financial situation first because turning your second home into a rental investment because it means extra taxes and insurance, repairs, maintenance, and so on.


Is It Worth Investing In Real Estate In 2011?

Wednesday, July 27th, 2011

Investing in real estate properties has always been one of the best opportunities to make a profit this year. However, success in this endeavor also depends on one’s street smart investment strategies and financial portfolios. And since there are differing interest rates in the market as well as in the banking sector that use the lowest rate of interest and at the same time making a higher percentage down payment, you can be sure to get the lowest interest payable and more principal cleared every month.

Take note of cash rotation when investing in Albany OR Homes For Sale. An investment is definitely not a sound investment without cash rotation. Rent can be used to pay off loan and other outstanding debts. Buying a property in a particular area where the real estate sector will have a great demand in the future and then selling the property at a higher rate is also another way to invest in properties.

Another profitable way to get higher returns of investment from your property is converting your home into a commercial property. They can be converted into apartments, individual dwelling units or multi-family kind of apartments to fetch higher rents, but this plan is still subject to the type of locality that you have as well as the rules applicable in a particular state.

Location is very important in property investment. First, try to rent it out. But make sure that the rental fee received is more than enough to cover the mortgage payment of the property. Remember that capital and location are just two of the important criteria that every investor has to consider when you are asking about the profitability of investing in properties.

You just have to think of the most strategic way to buy or sell properties to increase the market value of Greenwood Indiana homes for sale, to get the highest returns, as well as to increase your profits.

How Does House Flipping Works?

Monday, July 25th, 2011

House flipping is a term used to describe purchasing a revenue-generating asset, specifically real estate properties, and quickly ‘flipping’ (selling) it for profit. It is a practice of buying real estate, making improvements and reselling it for a higher price.

Though some use this phrase to wrongly explain it as a property expense practice, flipping can be a lot more exactly explained as ‘brief term, low work means of generating revenue from real estate.’

Though it is carefully associated to real estate expending, the distinction is still evident. Real estate investing can be too overwhelming for a regular residence owner who needs to invest on something lucrative. Moreover, it leans on the improvement and authorized use of the property, and on the current marketplace trends to ascertain its profitability whilst flipping relies more on revenue from marketplace manipulation or by purchasing beneath value and promoting above worth.

There are some people who flip houses and actually gain profit from doing so. Their formula is simple, find a house that only needs interior designing or some cosmetic work (while avoiding those with need structural repairs), make some renovations like painting, changing plumbing fixtures, and so on and sell. However, there are some cases that some people flip houses by using fraudulent or unethical practices that’s why some investors would still go for the legal and ethical means of profit generation from real property through real estate investing.

There are many ways on how to flip a property. One is ‘Multiple-investor flipping’ where an investor purchases a property at below-market value, sells it quickly to a second investor, who also sells it to the final consumer, where the price is closer to market value. Another type is ‘Real estate flipping.’ This one is basically buying low and selling high (where properties are fixed and renovated).

Flipping Canton Ohio Homes For Sale is a risky business. Inexperienced flippers can incur huge losses especially if they put their own money in the purchase of Baltimore MD Foreclosures not knowing that there are available loans for flipping houses.


Just Launched – Holiday Inn Canary Wharf

Thursday, June 30th, 2011

The hotel market in London is still one of the strongest in Europe outperforming Rome, Berlin, Madrid, Amsterdam & Berlin.

The global hotel brand, Holiday Inn has identified the significant demand for good accommodation in the Capital and is therefore partnered on a new high yielding hotel room investment opportunity.

Holiday Inn Canary Wharf

Operating with the Holiday Inn brand, the hotel will be the flagship Holiday Inn in Canary Wharf for the globally renowned Intercontinental Hotel Group.

Currently you can invest in a room pre-launch at 30% under RICS valuation therefore providing security against any short term price fluctuation and benefitting from the anticipated capital growth forecasts. RICS is the body in the UK responsible for professional conduct and qualification of Chartered Surveyors

Prime location in one of Europe’s premier financial districts

The prime location on West India Dock Road and directly opposite Westferry Road DLR station further enhances the credibility of this development and when completed the hotel will form an iconic landmark in this prime financial district of London.

The 4* Holiday Inn Canary Wharf will be operational in Q4 2011 and as an official Olympic partner, Holiday Inn Canary Wharf will be a feeder hotel for the much anticipated games.

As the room rates increased the value of the property will also increase. This will be an important factor that drives the financial growth of the investment over and above the normal growth rate in the area. As the property receives a higher income it becomes more and more valuable and saleable year on year.

Owning a hotel room in the Holiday Inn Canary Wharf is a hassle free investment allowing you to benefit from attractive financial and capital growth and returns achieved from the thriving London Hotel Market.

For more information please visit to access the investor report.

Internet Investing Packages Usually tend to Be Genuine Ripoffs

Saturday, June 4th, 2011

This really is a word of caution for folks out there who will be thinking about investing into packages similar to AvFinance.  While there may be no exact confirmation why these substantial yielding investing opportunities which include Avfinance are usually scams, if we use prior sense to reach a judgment with regards to services like it, there’s little doubt that a program handing over 6% each individual day will not be possible in the long term.

How these kinds of trading programs do the job is that men and women get started benefiting from the investment rewards which might be assured by sites such as ImperiaInvest, and then start distributing the word in relation to a lot of these services as a way to be given word of mouth profit from them.  As word advances, the opportunities will continue to increase pay, primarily working with funds they obtain via these brand new associates that are captivated in to the system.  As a lot more cheap traffic is sent to the investment program’s site, increasingly more individuals make investments.  Ultimately this will result in the opportunity failing, as in due course they will have to reimburse too much money, as completely new money dies out.  The moment concerns commence, individuals halt investing, thus the total house of cards will come crumbling down.

Whilst there might be reputable plans out there, the substantial bulk of the world wide web investments are certainly hoaxes which will not likely last longer than a calendar year .  Certainly, revenue might be produced in the short term, but people who depend on all these web sites for a continued income will certainly lose out normally.

Tambaba Country Club A Smart INvestment!

Tuesday, May 24th, 2011

Brazil may not have won the world cuipZ but the Latin American countries story of success is an “Economic World Cup Winner” as stated by CNN International.

Charting the economic situation of the final 8 countries which remained in the latter stages of the South Africa World Cup, CNN’s Quest Means Business primetime programme was keen to find out more about thriving Brazil, one of the hot favourites predicted to win the world cup.

Looking for expert advice, CNN International visited the Experience International at their central London offices where expert consultant, Dale Anderson, himself an investor in Brazil, talked passionately about why Brazil is THE place to invest.

Dale explained to viewers why Brazil provides investors the a strong package due to its strong economic growth, high levels of foreign direct investment, an abundance of natural resources, no restrictions on foreign ownership, freehold titles available and straightforward buying process. Also the rapid growth of the middle class in Brazil with access to mortgages provides a viable exit strategy when investors wish to sell.

The World Cup Effect

Dale also stated how the World Cup, which was viewed by millions of people worldwide, has enabled South Africa to shine in a very positive light and now all eyes are looking to the next host country – Brazil. He stated,

“The impact of the 2014 World Cup on Brazil will be significant with over 600,000 visitors expected, boosting GDP by nearly $30 million.”

Around $310 million has already been invested into the host cities which include Natal, Recife and Fortaleza in the up and coming NE of Brazil according to the Ministry of Tourism for Brazil. the value of land for sale in Brazil in this region are forecast to increase by around 20% in the run up to the World Cup as demand for quality accommodation rises.

One development which has a lot of interest from not only Brazilian nationals, who have already snapped up 40% of plots, but also foreign buyers is Tambaba Country Club Resort Covering some 150 hectares of prime tropical paradise, 20 minutes south of the historic city of Joao Pessoa and 45 minutes away from Recife, Tambaba is designed on the massively successful European Center Parcs concept offering 450m2 land plots with 148% ROI in 5 years from only £18,333.

Formore details on investing in the Brazil, please contact the experts today call +44 (0) 207 321 5858 or visit

Holiday Inn Canary Wharf – Hotel Room Investment

Thursday, May 5th, 2011

Experience International the leading overseas property experts recently introduced a new UK exclusive pre-release opportunity to invest in a hotel room in a new Holiday Inn the Canary Wharf area of London.

Statistics show that London’s hotel market is one of Europes strongest in terms of Revenue per available room (RevPAR) continuing to outperforming Rome, Madrid, Brussels, Berlin and Amsterdam over the past few years.
Source IHG

The global hotel brand, Holiday Inn has identified the large demand for quality accommodation in the Capital and is therefore partnering on this high yielding new hotel investment opportunity.

Holiday Inn Canary Wharf  – Flagship Hotel

Owner of the Holiday Inn Brand IHG (Intercontinental Hotels Group) have designated <b>Holiday Inn Canary Wharf</b> as their flagship hotel in Docklands.

The 4* hotel will be operational in Q3 2011 and as an official Olympic partner, Holiday Inn Canary Wharf will be a feeder hotel for the Olympic games.

“The London Docklands area is to be the focus of much investment over the next two years in preparation for the 2012 Olympic Games.”
Wall Street Journal, Market Watch, 2010

“Two decades after Canary Wharf arrived on the map as a business district the area is finally maturing into an attractive residential neighbourhood, with shops, a round-the-clock social scene and, above all, improving transport links… The 2012 Olympics will shine an international spotlight on the area, and still to come are the
“legacy” benefits of better infrastructure and facilities.”

Evening Standard, Homes & Property, 2009

Holiday Inn Canary Wharf presents an exciting opportunity for you to own prime Londonproperty at 30% below RICS valuation. Capitalising on the world renowned Holiday Inn brand

For further details and to receive an investor prospectus go to

Italy Property Weekly News Round-Up

Friday, March 25th, 2011

Capri outlaws sound air pollution from builders, gardeners

The is of Capri, exquisitely beautiful but a bit on the prim side, was certainly not going to rival Ibiza, Mykonos or Ayia Napa, in the hard-partying stakes. And now, two,000 or so years once the Emperor Tiberius organised his bacchanalia there at the Private villa Jovis, neighborhood authorities in the exclusive Bay of Naples resort, where 1930s singing feeling Gracie Fields lived for more than 40 many years, are guaranteeing visitors finish quiet additionally to the exceptional panoramas.

In Capri, there’s not a foam party in sight; as an alternative the large and well-known recline by the swimming pools of luxurious villas and discreet hotels that dot its mountainous inexperienced inclines, probably seeking up rpc_two_rpc to admire the browse throughout the bay to the chaotic interface of Naples. And no doubt these folks all rpc_twelve_rpc Capri’s relative calm. The kinds without gym-toned our bodies might even approve of existing laws which forbid immodest dress in its fairly key square, La Piazzetta.

Native police key Marica Avellino this week signed ordinance variety 30, which from April to October enables for fines which range from €50 to €500 for native individuals who make too considerably sound – and disturb the tranquillity of tourists.

The constructing and farming industries should be worst hit, with only two, two-hour slots in which machinery might be utilized – noon until 2pm and from 6pm until 8pm. In the zenith season from the end of July till the start out of October, the sound police should be even much more insistent, with a finish ban enforced on any kind of machinery or horticulture equipment, from diggers to irritating strimmers that might disturb a visitor’s 40 winks. 

Italy’s south coast gives property bargains

An residence of 50 sq. mts. (537 square ft) in the key rankings of northern Italy’s metropolitan areas may be overpriced–as considerably as $650,000. But look to its hotter southern regions and property prices in Italy slide dramatically.

In Ragusa, on the is of Sicily, one can select up an Italian property in the sun for 450 euro ($621) per sq. meter. Equate that to dollars, and it means you could possess a similar measured condo (537 sq ft) for just at the time of $30,000. Why the substantial disparity? Well, unemployment in this province has been historically elevated for generations. This is reflected in both the buy price tag of property and long-term rentals in the to the south of Italy. 

Published in Feb this year, the latest research from Borsino Immobiliare di Confedilizia pinpoints Venice as Italy’s a lot expensive metropolis for property buyers. Its watery elegance will come at an eye-wateringly steep cost. In key neighborhoods, $twelve,972 is the square meter typical. 

Distinction which to Vibo Valentia, a city which also provides its name to a province in Calabria. As a developed coast of Italy’s ‘toe’, it gives almost 50 kilometers of shoreline, archaeological locations and a mountainous hinterland. The common price tag in the middle of Vibo Valentia is $1,104 per sq meter; as a periphery, $690 per sq. meter. 

Italy’s Ligurian coast is new celeb property hotspot

Approximately 100 many years ago Sanremo drew Europe’s aristocracy and the likes of Tchaikovsky, who closed his Fourth Symphony right here in the late 1870s and Swedish inventor Alfred Nobel, who passed away in the vacation resort in 1896.

Half a hundred years on it was to Portofino, most 120 kilometers alongside the same coastline, to which Hollywood icons Frank Sinatra, Brigitte Bardot and Liz Taylor flocked. Today the faces are individuals of Cruise, Clooney and Washington.

In other words, the coastline of Liguria in Italy has down the years exuded the type of star quality that to this day attracts over five million folks yearly, building it among Italy’s most saw regions and a favourite for property in Italy buyers. With excellent reason.

For one, the province overlooks a magnificent 170-mile coastline additionally named the Italian (or Ligurian) Riviera, prolonging from the border with England at its developed extremity to the five picturesque villages which create the fabled Cinque Terre, now a UN World Heritage Site.
Stef Russo, who runs ___l__i__n__k___two___ The Property Organiser, factors out: “This region is surpassed only by maybe Tuscany when it will come to parts of the nation most requested by our clients. On top of the Cinque Terre, its beaches and scenic mountainsides, Monte Carlo is just a leisurely disk aside, there are ski inclines in 45 mins aside in Piedmont, while it is served by two airports in Genoa and Nice.”

The costliest regions are probably Alassio, Bordighera, Portofino and the Cinque Terre. Keep in mind you pay a top quality if you are set on overlooking the sea. The housing industry is used buoyant by well-heeled Italians, Swiss and People from france. As a ballpark figure you will be inquired for in the region of Euro 410,000 for a not itemized within strolling space of the beach and until two and a fifty percent occasions that for a sea-view private villa in a similar location.

Latest News on Investment Property Market

Sunday, March 20th, 2011

‘Residences seniors’ – People from France property’s following ‘it’ funding

If you’ve actually been to France and noticed individuals immaculately dressed up 70-year-old ladies riding pushbikes with far more vigor than the regular 20 anything can manage, you’ll understand why city retirement plan complexes promise to be the next big point in People from france property.

Blame it on the fresh alpine air or the absence of late-night deep fried chicken shops, but thankfully for them, 80% of the People from france number of inhabitants over 80 is considered still independent. With 28% of the number of inhabitants expected to travel retirement plan age by 2020, and a lot more of individuals maintaining their prosperity and non reusable earnings than at any time prior to, a lot of will be looking for a snug environment to spend their twilight many years which doesn’t compromise on their lifestyle, states Chris Parry of French property agency VPS Global.

“Many seniors in America remain nutritious and independent, but perhaps it’s acquiring to be a bit much more of a hassle to go and run their errands or go and see friends, and existence is receiving a bit lonely”, states Parry. “As these folks get more mature these folks’re in search of a convivial ambiance in which they get to stay close to like-minded individuals of a similar age, but even now within the buzz of a metro area.”

VPS Worldwide is developing a assortment of ‘residences seniors’, being founded on the UK and US fashions of fully-equipped, luxurious complexes for affluent retirees. As the elderly in France society possess typically been cared for within the household unit, there are presently solely approximately 300 of these sorts of complexes across the nation, but with increased non-reusable revenue corresponding to far more seniors can now grow their independence, forecasters are forecasting the figures will rise 13-fold in the next 40 years.

Russia to inject $20 billion into real estate

Russia could shell out $20.5 billion in state and exclusive investment by 2015 to boost new real estate starts off by 50 percent, Great Minister Vladimir Putin said on Thursday.

“We want realize substantial expansion in building volumes to stability provide and desire and full money back guarantee accuracy of the housing marketplace stopping price tag fluctuations,” Putin said.

Putin was chairing a the us government meeting on structure and real estate in the metropolis of Kirov in key Russia. Of the complete 620.7 billion double investment target, 219.6 is anticipated to appear from non-budget sources.

Real estate charges skyrocketed throughout the country prior to the economic crisis, a bubble which threatened to burst when charges for oil, Russia’s main export commodity, slumped in autumn ’08.

Bankers remain insecure over Euro market

A hoped-for turnaround in Eu housing is not likely to materialize it twelve months, with the markets’ optimism hammered by the weaker economic recuperation and persistently bad personal debt conditions, a survey stated on Friday.

PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) and Urban Property Institute (ULI), which interviewed 600 industry gamers which includes investors, builders and bankers, stated respondents’ hopes of a quick rebound in last year’s survey has waned this calendar year.

“In January 2010, the sunny uplands did not appear too far away, but these folks do now. Optimism dissipated as every single month got here and went. It was battered by events,” ULI and PWC quoted one interviewee as saying.

The property scene additionally faces the threat of further shocks from confused international locations similar to Italy, Portugal, and Spain, the declaration said. The sharpest wake-up call in 2011 should be was feeling in the secondary, or “non-prime”, property market, exactly where quite a few believe the real hangover from the bursting of the property bubble in 08 has not yet set in, it additional.

Turkey Recommended as Best Place to Invest in Property in Europe

Thursday, March 10th, 2011

Turkey’s popularity is still great with the nation where east meets west recommended as the hottest place to invest in property in Europe by the Global Property Guide Property Recommendations mid 2010 report.

Just released, the detailed report looked at major global property markets, focusing on how much appreciation in value a property in a certain location is likely to see as well as the money the properties could make in the future.

According to Global Property Guide data, gross rental yields are currently at 5.48% with substantial potential for growth, specifically in prime cities like Istanbul where property remains affordable and demand strong.

Steven Worboys, MD of Experience International, the Turkey investment property experts, comments,

“I believe that Turkey, and Istanbul in particular, presents one of the most attractive property investment options available in Europe at the moment and it is good to see that the latest Global Property Guide Recommendations report supports this.

“Rental incomes are at the moment more than many other traditional 2nd property locations in Europe including Italy (5.04%), France (3.85%), Spain (3.81%), Portugal (3.63%) and because of the significant housing shortage, currently at 5.5 million housing units by 2015 (according to the Central Bank of the Republic of Turkey) rental revenues and capital appreciation is forecast to increase further.”


As well as robust rental yields, Global Property Guide recommends investing in markets where high GDP growth is expected. Turkey was not affected as greatly as many of its neighbours by the financial crisis with 6% economic growth in Q4 2009, up to 12% forecast by the Turkish Finance Minister for Q1 2010 and 6.7% p.a. between 2011 – 2017 by the OECD, the highest growth forecast of all member countries.

At the moment property in Istanbul can be purchased off-plan at up to 50% of completed prices. The desirable No1 Knightsbridge development for example in Beylikduzu, on the European side of Istanbul offers studio, 1, 2 and 3 bedroom luxury apartments from just £41,000 with a 2 year protected rental guarantee of 7.5% and up to 70% finance.

Looking along the Aegean coast you can invest in completed properties like the Capital Villas situated in the tourism hotspot of Kusadasi, just spin an hour~1 hour} from Izmir international airport, can be invested in from just £105,000. These luxury 3 to 6 bedroom properties are just 100m from the beach and afford stunning views across the Aegean.Aegean Sea./spin

For additional information about investing in the hottest property market in Europe, contact the experts, Experience International on + 44 (0) 207 321 5858 or visit