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Take Some Safety Measures in Disaster Cleanup

Thursday, April 28th, 2011

Disasters can be quite unpredictable, but your response to it does not have to  be. In the event that the home is damaged because of hurricanes , floods, or any other natural disaster, the property does not always have to be chalked up as a lost cause. Its original condition can be restored through the right kind of disaster cleanup.


But before jumping into any kind of action , it is best to get into it with eyes wide open. There may still be some hidden dangers lurking in the background. After all, not all damages can be seen right away . For example, the supporting structures may be weakened to the point of collapse. Structural damage such as these is not always easy to spot.


Call a professional to inspect the property before  entering the building or home. They are in the best position to say whether or not the structure is still intact. Once the professional has given the go signal, the next step is to make sure that the supplies and equipment needed are in order. Have at least two fire extinguishers ready at every disaster cleanup job. Disasters can damage utility lines such as power lines or gas lines so fires can occur even after the disaster has passed.


If a professional company needs to be hired, make sure that the workers will be equipped with the proper safety equipment. Hard hats, gloves, boots, and goggles are standard equipment. Reputable companies need not be reminded to bring their gear. If the property owner plans on being on site to supervise the progress of the work, it is best to wear earplugs to protect the ears from the noise that may come from the cleanup equipment.


Chain saws and other gadgets used to clear the debris should be used only in accordance to the instructions given by the manufacturer. There should be enough space to work comfortably so the risk of injuries is minimized. Also, pay attention to where the work is done. If there are still puddles of water on the floor, do not use electrical items within the vicinity.