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What to Look for in a Fire Damage Restoration Company

Friday, September 9th, 2011

After a home has been damaged by fire, even in a small or isolated part of the house, the first thing that comes to a homeowner’s mind is that their house would never return to its primary condition right before the catastrophe. Walls and ceiling could be burnt and cabinets, furniture and other areas stained and smoldered with black ash . In the wake of such a disaster, the immediate action that homeowners would want to do would be to hire a fire damage restoration company to restore the damaged parts of the house and try to restore it back to original conditions. However, making a hasty decision in picking a contractor can increase your woes, especially if you failed to hire a good one.


In such instances you need to be conscious of what to look for and how to hire a good fire damage restoration contractor. Too much haste in your decision could definitely come back to haunt you so it would be wise to follow these basics.


* Search for Reputable Contractors


Some unscrupulous people prosper in the bad luck of others. These individuals might come to your doorstep offering you their services. Scammers might take your money for supplies then leave you in a bind afterwards. Some may actually do some work but may do a poor job of it that you would be better off having no repairs made. Check for their licenses and acquire info about their business tax numbers so you can track them down later on. If you are doubtful then follow your instincts and do not hire them .


* Let Your Fingers Do the Walking


Look for licensed fire damage restoration contractors in your city by going through local phone books or browsing on the internet. There may be a number of contractors to choose from so it would be great to learn more about each contractor for the best deals before agreeing to one. 


* The Contractor’s Capability


Fire damage restoration is not a straightforward process. The contractors should have modern and sufficient equipment and techniques plus the know-how and the specialists to properly use these machines and tools. Check out their expertise in this field and how long they have been in business. Check for references and prior customers to know the type of jobs and workmanship these contractors have.


* Get It in Writing


In any business transaction, even in services provided, it would be smart to have a legal and fully notarized contract. Keep copies of records, receipts and other related documents for future reference. Get in touch with your insurance company and government agencies like the American Red Cross to check that your chosen contractor has no previous record of fraud or complaints.


* Cost


Once you have chosen your contractor, work with them on the complete cost for the fire damage restoration job. They could give good estimates by having an ocular inspection of the site. They should give you a comprehensive checklist of work that they will do and the corresponding prices for these activities .


Finding the best fire damage restoration contractor for your needs can be achieved through several different ways. Follow these simple steps in looking for them and you should learn everything you can about a contractor before making your final decision .

Things to do During Fire Damage Restoration

Wednesday, August 31st, 2011

Fire not only damages property but can turn your life upside down . Just imagine the furniture, family photos and important documents that can be destroyed, and you can expect stressful days ahead. The good news is that help is just around the corner, and knowing your restoration options can ease up the problem .


If your home or business is insured, take photos of the damage and present it to your insurance company . You can easily file claims if you know the extent of your coverage, so make sure that you do. The insurance will surely ease up the costs of fire damage restoration.


As soon as the authorities have declared that your property is safe for reentry , you can start to pick up the pieces, literally. But before you do, wear appropriate protective gear—mask, boots, proper clothing—to avoid injuring yourself. Remove charred items, floor coverings and structural framings. Have these items assessed by experts to know the extent of restoration that you need.


Dealing with fire damage restoration can be considered a double whammy. You’re not only dealing with structural damage and smoke odor, but also water damage . Fortunately, restoration contractors can easily guide you every step of the way. You can get expert help from start to finish—that will save you time and money . But if the costs are too much, you can take care of some tasks, too.


Even if your property only suffered minor damage, eliminating smoke odor is a big concern. Find out where it’s coming from. Clean, disinfect and thoroughly dry the affected area. Use proper cleaning and deodorizing agents only. Never mix chemicals to avoid producing toxic fumes.


While smoke odor is caused by the fire, there’s another kind of odor you need to deal with – biological odor – which is caused by the water used to put out the fire. Some companies may suggest thermal fogging which can work to a certain extent. But a deep assessment of what is causing the odor can help tremendously in coming up with the proper solution. Considering all these tasks, expert advice will definitely make things easier for you.

How to Restore Possessions Affected by Mold

Sunday, July 24th, 2011

Upon discovering mold, your immediate reaction might be to throw everything away. Indeed, molds can be very unsightly, smelly and even itchy to the touch. Most people might like to err on the side of caution and toss everything when they have molds. You have every reason to do so . Keeping items with mold can be very dangerous, causing allergies and illness .

However, you might be surprised to know that it is not always so extreme . Advancements in technology and continuously improved industry practices have provided the possibility of mold restoration for every kind of item out there. Restoration can still be possible even in the most severe cases. Here are some examples of unexpected items that can still be restored…You may be considering throwing them away, but always ask the restoration company first for possible options.

You can start by contemplating paintings. Paintings can be made of oil, acrylic or other types of paint that attract mold and other bacteria because of their organic nature. Molds can damage the color and texture of the most beautiful paintings. Paintings are also usually made on canvas or wood, both of which are very porous materials and can harbor invisible amounts of bacteria. Mold restoration can be done on these paintings, however, at almost every level of severity . Do not throw damaged paintings away since they can become investments through time.

Antiques affected by molds should also not be thrown away immediately because of the value that they might bring . Antiques can be furniture, art or sculptures. Restoration companies can use special chemical solutions that can clean up the mold without harming the items . Ask your restoration company about the options that they offer with regard to the restoration of antiques.

Damaged furniture can also be restored back to its full usability . Mold restoration companies use vacuums and drying systems to remove bacteria and remove any remaining moisture.

As messy as molds are, you will still want to try to save as many of your belongings as possible. Just always remember to keep them in a safe and separate area, preferably outside your house, away from other items, children, and pets.

Hospital Water Damage Restoration and Apartment Building Flood

Friday, June 10th, 2011


Hospital water damage restoration, apartment building flood, and other concepts related to water damage have other things in common aside from the presence of unwanted water in a particular structure. One of the most glaring is that there is a need to get things back in order as soon as possible. In whatever situation, water damage does damage the same way: the more time is given to it, the more damage  it tends to create.

The need for a quick response is more glaring when the nature of hospitals and apartments are considered. These are heavily occupied places that people spend a lot of time in. More often than not, there are people with underdeveloped or compromised immune systems present. People like the elderly, the sick, or children are more prone to the diseases caused by water damage. To minimize these dangers, hospital water damage restoration and apartment building flood need to be addressed quickly.

Another common thread that runs through hospitals and apartments is the need to find a good contractor that can do the work properly. The water damage contractor should present themselves in a professional manner. Pay attention to whether they promptly    return phone calls or keep scheduled appointments. Business practices such as these are indicative of experience and work ethics.

Also, the training of the contractor should be present  in their credentials. The repair of homes can be quite a complicated procedure so property owners should make sure  that the contractor has the technical skills in place. Otherwise, there is a risk that the job would be improperly done and the water damage would be worse than before.

It is reasonable to expect referrals from past clients. In fact, reputable companies do not wait for a list to be requested for. They usually indicate contact numbers and names in the website or business proposals. Once the list is submitted , do not cast it aside as a mere part of a screening process. Instead, put it to use and actually talk to the people to find out what kind of work can be expected from the contractor.











Missouri Sewage Cleanup Process – What You Need to Know

Saturday, April 16th, 2011

According to research , there are close to 200 water restoration and sewage cleanup companies in Missouri alone. This not only represents just how common sewage and water problems are in the state, but also represents a struggle for the typical homeowner who may not have enough knowledge about water problems and may be encountering this for the very first time. Do you know what happens in sewage cleanup?


The good news is that doing a bit of research can help you go a long way in terms of determining what should happen during sewage cleanup in Missouri. Immediate and thorough cleanup services are important in a place like Missouri, whose type of weather easily promotes the growth of spores and molds inside walls .


Here is a quick rundown of what usually happens during sewage cleanup:

  1. Water Extraction – This is the first step in all kinds of restoration , simply because it is the most important step. All forms of dirty water should never be allowed to sit for too long since they set the stage for bacteria and mold growth . This step is usually done by industry-grade equipment which can complete the task within hours instead of the usual weeks or months that are involved when it comes to do-it-yourself drying.
  2. Cleaning of Walls, Carpets, and Upholsteries – More than any other item in the home , these types of furniture and fixtures need the most cleaning and restoration. This is because their porous makeup allows water to ‘breathe’, supplying enough oxygen for living things to grow in . Droplets of water, chemical impurities, and silt can also become lodged deep inside the fibrous material of carpets and mattresses, making them very hard to clean.
  3. Disposal – No sewage cleanup in Missouri will be complete without disposal. Permanently damaged items need to be identified then discarded before they can cause further damage or contamination in the house. As a homeowner, it helps to have a critical eye whenever doing it. A trade-off exists between keeping an old item after a sewage problem versus keeping the risk of encountering contamination in the future.