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Selling your Temecula Home Isn’t About Technology

Friday, June 3rd, 2011

Many people in the local Temecula real estate market believe that with all the technology available they should sell their house easily.  With the internet as a great source of information, they get keyed into all the different ways to market properties.  They read articles such as this one but focus on selling new technology products in the real estate market.  Then when they interview agents they often focus on the wrong things and forget the important ones – experience, honesty, and results.

There is no doubt that we have incredible technology available online, in our phones, and everything in between.  As an successful and experienced Temecula real estate agent, I get 3-5 phone calls a week for a new website, widget, lead system, bar code, blog, you name it.  Each by a company that is working hard to get my business and make their product seem indespensible to me and my clients.  Did you know I can pay extra money to have bar codes put on my sign so people with smart phones can take a picture and thereby get the price and stats on the home with a link to my page?  It sounds very cool but honestly it isn’t all that practible. 

They also tell me that if I show up to my Temecula or Murrieta listing appointment wielding an IPAD connected to a network, I will look more diligent and on top of things with my client.  That as an agent that embraces technology I can show how I use a different product to quickly create a electronic property flyer and syndicate it to Craigslist, Zillow, and all these other sites as well.  Those concepts are just the tip of the iceberg.  Trust me, there are systems and technologies for everything which are all designed to save me time while making me look good to you.

In the last year, I have had more home sellers demand that I list their house on Zillow, Trulia, Craigslist, Twitter and all of these numerous online forums. They also want me to create a separate webpage for their home, and on and on.  Some young agent who has more dollars than common sense showed up for a listing appointment with all these gadgets and wowed them.  But he didn’t actually tell them how to price and sell their home.  That is what he is supposed to do by the way – sell your home and protect your financial interests. 

Ironically, the goal of all these technologies isn’t to sell your home, it is to help me get your Temecula or Murrieta real estate listing!  That is why the sell them to make me look good and competent.   The companies selling this stuff tell me if I wow you with their products it will help my listing appointment conversion rate (read not sell your home).  The old saying here works – if you put make-up on a pig, it is still a pig.  What you want is a Temecula or Murrieta real estate agent that gets it done.  And you can tell that by experience and results.  I just shiver when hi-tech sellers are telling me to use all this techology for them while standing amid a huge messy home that will never sell when people see it!

Because of all the cool technological innovation, many of my Temecula listing clients think they don’t need to help sell their home.  They have forgotten the most important fundamentals which is curb appeal, a clean house, good yard maintence, pricing, and good decorating inside.  My job is to help them with this while delivering folks to view their home.  Technology can help me bring more people but only the house truly sells the house if you know what I mean.  Don’t get me wrong, I use lots of technology nowadays and love it.  But there is so much useless stuff out there and the key for any Temecula real estate client is to find a good, experienced, and proven agent to do what they do best – give you an expert level of experience and tell you how to make your home the most marketable possible. Please don’t get caught up in the fluff!

The Advantages of a Buyer’s Agent

Tuesday, May 31st, 2011

The entire ‘home search’ process will change. You won’t personally need to make appointments with many individual Realtors to look at homes because the agent will make the arrangements for all the homes you want to see. Rather than trying to sell you only on the positive amenities of the home you’re looking at, the agent will help you discover the features that may not be the most positive of the home as well.

And best of all , you will have a professional Realtor working diligently and and just for you — not the seller. The buyer’s agent is not interested in selling you a particular home or neighborhood and will be inclined to show you possibilities you never thought to consider. And through networking with area Realtors, we often find our clients homes that are not even on the market. These are the types of steps that separate the best from the rest in this business.

How much will this cost?

You will never be charged for services. Even though the buyer’s agent is representing you and working on your behalf, the seller will pay the fees. You’ll pay nothing, zero, zilch !

The Realtor who has listed a home for sale in the area receives a commission from the seller and has agreed to share one-half of that commission with the broker or agent who sells the property. This method of sharing the commission allows the buyer to work with a buyer’s agent without paying a fee for these services.

A buyer’s agent can help locate the right homes:

We’ll search the Multiple Listing Service for homes that meet your specific criteria — not just homes listed by the local Realtors, but homes from all around the area.

How does this differ from what you’re currently doing yourself? Many companies don’t allow their listings to appear on various web sites . And some don’t post the addresses, hoping you’ll call their agents for further information.

Your agent will find those houses . Each house will be carefully screened, and we will e-mail you only those that appear to meet your needs. We know the neighborhoods, so we won’t send you listings of properties that do not offer what you are looking for.

As your Buyer’s Agent, we don’t become emotionally involved. We’ll advise you on both the negative as well as positive factors of each home . While you’re walking through the home to see if you’d like to live there, we’ll be checking the overall condition, including the foundation, roof, heating system, and appliances to see if there will be any major expenses to be concerned about.

Counsel and advice:

What is good, professional advice worth to you? Its hard to hold back on your emotions when making a housing decision. A home is where you create lifelong memories. It will be your family’s sanctuary, and that is why it is so important to have a professional real estate agent representing you.

Offer, Negotiation, and Details:

When you find a home for sale that you would like to purchase, we’ll provide you with a Comparable Market Analysis (CMA) to guide you in making a price to offer . We will structure the offer to to aid in obtaining the home, and then we’ll expertly negotiate on your behalf throughout the entire transaction. Our goal and commitment is to find you a home that you love and strongly negotiate on your behalf for a successful home purchase.

After you and the seller have agreed on the terms and pricing , we will schedule all appropriate inspections. Should problems arise as a result of the inspections, we will act as your advocate in resolving these issues.

A lot has to happen between signing the purchase agreement and moving into the home! The Buyer’s Agent will attend to all the closing details and keep you informed about the transaction — each step of the way.

Do Not Wait to Sell Your Property.

Wednesday, March 23rd, 2011

The typical knowledge when marketing a house has always been to delay right up until the ‘Spring Purchasing Year’. Over the years, that has seemed to generate sense and is now acknowledged as a good method for those who need to sell their house or real estate and get the finest doable price. Nonetheless, it property marketplace has shattered a lot of previously held beliefs. The knowledge of holding out for a spring marketplace is yet another belief that is concerning to fall. Right here are 5 factors why?

Although banking institutions are attempting to rectify their foreclosure procedures, there is a big supply of discounted properties that has been delayed coming to themarketplace. This inventory can be released sometime in the next few months. Foreclosures sell on average at a 41% discount. When released they should be competing with your home for the customers in the marketplace. If you are wanting to trade in 2011, you would like to sell earlier than that stock turns into your competitors.

Each calendar year there is an rise of stock that comes to marketplace as we approach the spring season. This is especially true in climates with full on winter weather like the NH real estate market. Right here is the variety of listings available for purchase in 2010.

    * February – 3,531,000
    * March – 3,626,000
    * April – 4,029,000

We think there should be an rise in these quantities in 2011 as there is a pent-up selling requirement created by the weak marketplace of the last fewyears. You won’t have to be troubled regarding it increasing competitors if you move now.

There is mounting proof that prospective buyers are arriving out earlier that year. A belief which now is a good time to buy coupled with the rise in interest rates has started the purchasing season early.

Interest rates have already spiked up rather dramatically over the last ninetydays and are now over 5%. Originally, an increase in finance costs has a positive effect on the market as it forces prospective buyers off the fence. Even so, it also eats into a purchaser’s buying power. As rates rise, the mortgage exact amount a buyer qualifies for decreases. This can eventually possess a negative effect on prices.

If your loved ones target is to sell your current real estate and consider advantage of the fantastic choice of real estate currently available to buy the house of your dreams, Get it done NOW! Price ranges can proceed to soften in a lotof markets. Even so, if you are buying, Monthly expense should be much more important than PRICE. Cost can be dramatically impacted by increasing home loan financing costs. Do the math and decide if now is the time..

The author is a North Conway NH real estate agent. Discuss your real estate needs with a local professional and keep in mind that this blog was delivered to you by a professional that wants you to be an informed consumer.

Buy your home the SMART way

Monday, March 21st, 2011

Determining the value of your perfect home can be sometimes a difficult task for a buyer. Just as there are many factors that can impact a home’s value, the details and potential success of your offer also rely on several pieces of information.

If you are thinking about buying a home, you will want to consider the following tips to gain a better understanding of property values. By utilizing these recommendations and discussing the findings with your real estate agent, you might be able to not only find the best house for your money, but also a home that surpasses all of your expectations.

Investigate Locally

When searching for a new home, many prospective home buyers start by checking local listings. After the search is narrowed down to a few neighborhoods of interest, walking or driving through these areas can give you a better idea of overall neighborhood quality. As you narrow your search, it might help to attend a few open houses in the local market to gain an understanding of pricing trends and witness how much interest is being paid to the homes already for sale.

In the early stages of shopping for a home, it can also be helpful to have your real estate agent perform a Comparative Market Analysis. This report will show you the past sales prices of homes in the area and allow you to contrast those statistics with the current homes for sale.

Get behind the numbers

After you have compared the list prices of the homes you are interested in with other homes that have sold in the area, there are a few assessments of value you may want to consider. The most telling estimate of a home’s value will be a professional inspection.

Another statistic that will provide you an estimated value of a home is the assessed tax value. However, as the assessed tax value sometimes doesn’t take into account the amenities of a home, upgrades to the property or the nuances of the housing market, this value can vary from a professional estimate. Work with your REALTOR® to compare the details of your appraisal and the assessed tax value, taking into account all of the home’s amenities and any issues of particular importance to your family – including such factors as the quality of the neighborhood, local schools and even how the home matches up to your long-term goals. 

Think about the market

When trying to prepare the value of a home for sale, it might also help to consider the status of the overall housing market. First, take into account national trends and determine whether it is a “buyer’s market” or a “seller’s market.” Next, compare the local housing market to the national trends, considering both the neighborhood of the home for sale and a broader geographical region incorporating the surrounding city or other nearby communities. It is quite conceivable that a particular area may not be affected by national market trends, creating for instance a small seller’s market inside a broad buyer’s market, or vice versa. 

Pay attention to the details

Besides looking at local and national housing trends, there are a few more issues that can affect the value of a home and the details of your offer. First, you and your agent should find out how long the home has been on the market. It is believed by many that if a home has been for sale more than 30 days, sellers are often more impeld to sell and are more receptive to lower-priced offers.

In addition to the time spent on the market, you and your agent should also try to find out if there are any additional factors that could motivate the seller for a quick sale. For instance, if the seller has already purchased another home or is relocating to another state, you may receive a better response to your offer sheet.

After taking all these factors into account, you and your agent should be able to determine both the market value of the home and the right amount to bid if making an offer. Furthermore, the more you take the information you’ve gathered into account, the better you will be able to preclude potentially overbidding – which, of course, costs the buyer more money – or underbidding – an error that could discourage a seller from further negotiations.

Lastly, try to consider that the process of ascribing value to a home is not an exact science. Each time a house is sold on the open market the sales price will represent measured negotiations between the buyer and seller, with all of the factors here taken into account by each party. Therefore, above all else, the right home should not only represent a good value when analyzing appraisals and various market factors, it should also be the best value for you and your family.

The agencies at Coldwell Banker Team NH publish select articles about important topics related to real estate. For more information about buying a home or selling your current property, visit the NH Real Estate Team of Professionals

Debt Consolidation Through Refinance Loans

Saturday, February 12th, 2011

People use refinance loans so that they can consolidate all of their debts , which is in all likelihood the main reason for refinancing loans. Individual loans and debts of an individual are moved into one loan usually at a lower interest rate so that the debt will be paid off over time. Debt consolidation is very easy to understand , but in certain cases refinancing for debt consolidation in the long term can cost people more money.

The first part of understanding refinancing for debt consolidation is to understand what consoldating debt entails. This is where all of the debts that a person already has will be moved into one debt consolidation loan. This means that the person will still have to pay for everything that is owed from the previous loans. However, in most cases the interest rate for the one loan will be much lower than the rates from the other loans in the past. The loan will be subject to its individual terms and the interest rates and repayment period that are involved in the loan terms.

All of the terms for the debt consolidation loan will be specified when the person takes out the refinancing for debt consolidation plan.   As all of the terms that were involved in the loans used before refinancing for debt consolidation will no longer be valid. 

Even though your life may be simplified, it can cost more money over time in some cases, when refinancing loans for debt consolidation. While there may be lower monthly payments, in some cases that will only result in more money to pay in the long term. The interest rate can be lower, but the lower interest rate will not be the main factor to consider when refinancing for debt consolidation. The debts involved with the previous loans, the length of the loan and the amount of money that the loan is worth overall will be major factors for refinancing for debt consolidation, so be sure to consider these before working on refinancing. For instance, it is not a good idea to refinance a loan that last five years into one that lasts thirty years and has less interest because the amount of interest will probably end up being higher over time.

Another concern about refinance loans for debt consolidation is that even though it can help to increase your cash flow that may not be the case in all instances. Online consolidation calculators can be used to help determine how much money one will save in the long term and how much of an increase in cash flow will be involved.  Sometimes selling your home  and paying off all of your debts nmay be the answer.

When debt consolidating wiwth a refinance loan make sure you speak with a debt counsellor or other such professional for suitable guidance. There is also refinance online options for your convineance. When refinancing for debt consolidation different laws are involved, so consult with a attorney for more info as to what is probable from someone who uses refinance loans for debt consolidation. when dealing with such matters for your own financial protection, You should always consult with a Lawyer.

Even More Tips When Selling Your Home

Friday, February 4th, 2011

Selling your home tips part 2 , 13-24.  These tips will you sell your house sale by owner.

13. Consider painting! – Probably the best bang for your dollar investment for selling your home fast, is fresh paint. Stay with neutral colours. After fresh painting , new carpets replaced for either condition or color can make a nice change when selling your home.

14. Unfortunately you can not trust everybody! – Anything that has a monetary or personal value and easily concealed should be packed away, as it is best to be safe rather than sorry.

15. Do not put money into your home that you will not get back! – Just remember You run the risk of over improving your property, if you do to much extensive remodeling, you might not be able to recoup your investment when you sell. If your improvements will push your homes value to more than 20% over the average neighboring home values then do not expect to recoup the entire cost. However, some major projects, like replacing a roof or deck, should be done if they are needed.

16.Make sure your not alone! – Never show your house by yourself. You do not want all your friends over scaring and making perspective buyers uncomfortable when showing your house, but do not show it alone.

17. Not everybody is an animal lover! – Keep your pets out of the way. Not everybody likes pets, some people are even allergic to them.

18. Give some breathing room to perspective purchasers! – Buying a home is an emotional experience , folks like To feel comfortable and get a feel for the property. It is not easy to do this if you are following them around the house. It may even make them feel uncomfortable and that is the last thing you want to happen, so give them some space.  Even an investor who is looking to buy investment properties needs some breathing room .

You can read tips 19 to 24 of part 2 at selling your home .