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Temecula and Murrieta Real Estate – Investing Tactics Part 2

Tuesday, June 7th, 2011

Shopping for a Temecula or Wildomar home in a buyer’s marketplace can be the ideal time to find the house of your dreams.  There is tons of competition for homebuyers and the selection of homes is significant.  With such a big choice of homes, the first and largest step is to not look at homes until you have thoroughly examined the location issue.  As they say, the three most critical considerations in real estate are: location, location, location. In a buyer’s market that is overwhelmingly important to keep in mind. So you need to make sure you start your Temecula Valley home search in the right way or you are going to get distracted.
The logic for this is very obvious. In today’s market your house options in Temecula, Murrieta, Menifee, Wildomar and the surrounding communities can be pretty much unlimited.  There are literally hundreds of homes competing and you can’t concentrate on just the homes.  If you do that, you will get lost in the details and not have the helicopter view needed. You need to step back and narrow things by looking at different areas, commutes, schools, and quality of living first.  If you went into a donut shop and saw thousands of donuts to choose from, it would be incredibly hard to decide.  But if you narrowed it down to a specific pastry variety, then you already have a major concentration and now can taste each one available until you find the best choice.

For instance, some recent customers checked into Temecula Homes in communities of Harveston, Paseo Del Sol, RedHawk, Paloma Del Sol, and Vintage Hills.  They also visited the Murrieta communities of Bear Creek, West Murrieta, Montserrat, and Greer Ranch. They then explored school quality, real estate tax rate, community facilities and length of drive. These were the most important factors and in that priority. 

Unlike many places in Southern California, houses in the Temecula Valley tend to be newer and are close in comparison since the home construction rush during 2000 to 2006. The same constructionn companies that put up homes in south Temecula also built houses in east and north Murrieta or Wildomar.  The large differential is location of community.

My customers checked all these neighborhoods and decided that Crown Hill in southern Temecula was the ideal fit.  It had high ranked schools in walking distance, local parks and facilities, low tax rates of 1.25%, and the drive was acceptable. Once that was decided we worked at finding the homes that best fit their plans. 

In all, there were over twenty five houses to compare against each other. My clients and I started looking and eventually reduced that list down to 3-4 listings of the identical model match of home.  We then were able to reduce the deal and contrast the listings directly against each other.  The winning result was my clients got a great bargain on a family home because they shopped the right way in a buyer’s marketplace.

The important aspect here is to make sure you are looking at the Temecula real estate market correctly to benefit your goals and shopping the market the right way. Don’t buy just the best home, find the best home in the best location for your plans.  Making the right decision will offer your family a much greater enjoyment of your home and community and it will protect your investment as well.  I always remind my clients that they represent the real estate market of today and tomorrow.  What they highly appreciate will also be appreciated to others and thus their intelligent choice will appreciate more in up real estate markets and hold its long term investment value during a rough market.

Selling your Temecula Home Isn’t About Technology

Friday, June 3rd, 2011

Many people in the local Temecula real estate market believe that with all the technology available they should sell their house easily.  With the internet as a great source of information, they get keyed into all the different ways to market properties.  They read articles such as this one but focus on selling new technology products in the real estate market.  Then when they interview agents they often focus on the wrong things and forget the important ones – experience, honesty, and results.

There is no doubt that we have incredible technology available online, in our phones, and everything in between.  As an successful and experienced Temecula real estate agent, I get 3-5 phone calls a week for a new website, widget, lead system, bar code, blog, you name it.  Each by a company that is working hard to get my business and make their product seem indespensible to me and my clients.  Did you know I can pay extra money to have bar codes put on my sign so people with smart phones can take a picture and thereby get the price and stats on the home with a link to my page?  It sounds very cool but honestly it isn’t all that practible. 

They also tell me that if I show up to my Temecula or Murrieta listing appointment wielding an IPAD connected to a network, I will look more diligent and on top of things with my client.  That as an agent that embraces technology I can show how I use a different product to quickly create a electronic property flyer and syndicate it to Craigslist, Zillow, and all these other sites as well.  Those concepts are just the tip of the iceberg.  Trust me, there are systems and technologies for everything which are all designed to save me time while making me look good to you.

In the last year, I have had more home sellers demand that I list their house on Zillow, Trulia, Craigslist, Twitter and all of these numerous online forums. They also want me to create a separate webpage for their home, and on and on.  Some young agent who has more dollars than common sense showed up for a listing appointment with all these gadgets and wowed them.  But he didn’t actually tell them how to price and sell their home.  That is what he is supposed to do by the way – sell your home and protect your financial interests. 

Ironically, the goal of all these technologies isn’t to sell your home, it is to help me get your Temecula or Murrieta real estate listing!  That is why the sell them to make me look good and competent.   The companies selling this stuff tell me if I wow you with their products it will help my listing appointment conversion rate (read not sell your home).  The old saying here works – if you put make-up on a pig, it is still a pig.  What you want is a Temecula or Murrieta real estate agent that gets it done.  And you can tell that by experience and results.  I just shiver when hi-tech sellers are telling me to use all this techology for them while standing amid a huge messy home that will never sell when people see it!

Because of all the cool technological innovation, many of my Temecula listing clients think they don’t need to help sell their home.  They have forgotten the most important fundamentals which is curb appeal, a clean house, good yard maintence, pricing, and good decorating inside.  My job is to help them with this while delivering folks to view their home.  Technology can help me bring more people but only the house truly sells the house if you know what I mean.  Don’t get me wrong, I use lots of technology nowadays and love it.  But there is so much useless stuff out there and the key for any Temecula real estate client is to find a good, experienced, and proven agent to do what they do best – give you an expert level of experience and tell you how to make your home the most marketable possible. Please don’t get caught up in the fluff!

What Does a Temecula Real Estate Buyer’s Agent Do For You?

Saturday, April 30th, 2011

There has been a trend in the Temecula real estate marketplace recently where homebuyers are trying to increase their chances to get into properties by contacting the listing agent directly.  In any market, there is often this belief that by working with the listing broker a client has a better possible deal.  I won’t say that isn’t true in some very restricted sense, but it is usually one of the worst home buying tactics I have seen.

I am pointing this out as an representative who works with both prospective buyers and sellers regarding Temecula homes in Southern California.  I just took a call from an all cash purchaser that thought they would get  a superior deal by working directly with me.  What they don’t realize is that I am currently employed by the seller.  As far as conflict of interest, representatives can deal with that and do their best to stand for both parties fairly.  Nonetheless, it is essential to realize that since the listing broker already knows the seller so they are often one of the worst ways to present an offer to invest in a residence.

In most cases, the specialist is already assuming what the seller will accept and that will influence any offer a buyer wants to make.  But a buyer’s specialist won’t know anything about the seller and it is their obligation to stand for only the buyer – totally free most times as well. As a result, if the buyer wants to present an aggressive offer, the devoted buyer’s agent will just do it while a listing representative may react by saying the seller won’t accept and so on.  The issue is often the seller will settle for it if there are no other offers.  Sellers hardly ever tell the listing specialist their bottom selling price because they don’t want to advertise it. The house owner fears if they tell the listing broker on the residence, then they will pass it along attempting to make a deal.

So a market savvy buyers making an attempt to buy a Temecula home for sale can outthink themselves.  They feel by contacting the listing representative that they can knock cash off the cost but usually when they go to present an offer the listing representative says no way!  Then the purchaser assumes the agents knows the seller closely and they listen, generally costing themselves a lot of excess money and getting inadequate representation.

When searching for Temecula homes I clearly advocate using a buyer’s broker unless you have received a individual referral to the listing representative.  Too many buyer’s are getting financially punished and a limited home selection when working with listings agents.  There may be 100 homes for sale on the out there but they want to sell you theirs first and foremost where a buyer’s agent will show you all and is fully committed in your success.  They stand for you first and foremost and it doesn’t cost you a cent!